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Nagihiko walked into the royal garden after getting a text message from Rima asking him to meet her there. "I'm sorry I'm late Rima-chan" says Nagihiko looking around the royal garden.

The door of the royal garden then slammed shut. "Huh?" Nagihiko says turning around to see the door was not shut. "Rima? Is that you?" asks Nagihiko confused that no one is here. "Must be the wind..." says Nagihiko aloud.

Know your stars...Know your stars...Know your stars...

"Huh? Is that you Rima?" says Nagihiko looking around the royal garden for the voice.

Fujisaki Nagihiko...or should I say Nadeshiko? a freaky boy who wishes he was a girl...

"Who's there? Rima..if this is your idea of a joke it isn't funny" says Nagihiko.

Fujisaki Nagihiko or Nadeshiko is in love with the king's chair Tadase...

"Umm whoever is there I'm a boy..meaning I do not love Tadase" says Nagihiko with a sweat-drop behind his head.

Fujisaki Nagihiko, loves cross-dressing so much he secretly does it now...

"I am not a cross-dresser, it is japanese tradition for the male of the family to dress like a female, so he knows what its like to dance like a girl" says Nagihiko.

That would be true...if we lived in the last century...wake up dude its the 21st century...or should I say babe

"You better shut-up about how I used to dress like a girl" says Nagihiko twitching with a dark arua around him.

Fujisaki Nagihiko, really went to Europe for a sex change

"I really suggest that you quit this insolence now and just let me go" says Nagihiko flames surrounding him. in love with the shrimp Rima

"Rima is *twitch* NOT *twitch*a shrimp" says Nagihiko.

..You didn't even deny being in love with her...

"Umm I-umm" stutters Nagihiko blushing.

Fujisaki Nagihiko...his parents wanted a girl and that's why they made his dress like one..

"You are..*twitch* dead when I find you *twitch*" says Nagihiko growling.

Fujisaki Nagihiko...has had a love affair with Kukai and Tadase..and maybe even Ikuto...

Nagihiko is too angry for words that he is now just twitching on the floor with flames surrounding him.

..Hey I have a question...

"WHAT!" screams Nagihiko very angry now.

What was it like wearing a skirt?...

"Do you really want to know?" asks Nagihiko a creepy and evil smile forming on his face.

Uh kinda...that's why I asked...

"Ok..Temari Character Change" shouts Nagihiko. Temari then pops out of nowhere and says "Ok Nagihiko, Chin, Ton, Shan!" Nagihiko is now holding a sythe-like weapon, complete anger shown on his face.

"YOU ARE DEAD!I'M GOING TO SLICE YOU INTO PIECES! YOU WILL NEVER SWALLOW AGAIN! BUT FIRST I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU TRY ON THIS SKIRT!" yells Nagihiko slashing his weapon around and holding a red skirt in the other hand.

...wait how did Temari get in here...and where did that skirt come from...

"I HAVE MY WAYS! NOW SHOW YOURSELF COWARD" shouts Nagihiko still in his chara change.

And now you know Fujisaki Nagihiko or Nadeshiko...the boy who wishes he was a girl that he went to Europe for a sex change ,in love with Tadase and Rima,still cross-dresses,had a secret love affair with Kukai,Tadase and maybe Ikuto..and goes crazy if you ask what wearing a skirt was like...

"YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WALK AGAIN!" screams Nagihiko still slicing everything around the royal garden in search for the voice.

And now you know...Fujisaki Nagihiko...or Nadeshiko


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