Perfume and Promises

A Private Practice fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Perfume and Promises

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There was a crack in Addison's smile as she asked, "Who would have thought you would turn out to be the nice guy?"

Pete wiped off the solitary tear running down her cheek, almost as if she was too tired to cry anymore, before staring off into space. "Not Violet," he answered, depressed.

Addison looked over at her companion, placing her hand on top of his hands, which clasped with her other hand. He was really disappointed that Violet turned him down. She put her head on his shoulder.

"Do you love her?" Addison asked. She squeezed Pete's hands to let him know he could confide in her.

"I don't know anymore," Pete sighed. "I told her I did, but I think I may have said that in a last-ditch effort to not lose another person here."

Addison raised her head. "Who else did you lose?"

Pete fixed his gaze on the redheaded woman sitting next to him. "I never told you this, but do you remember that day the cop came to visit you at work and I told you to go for it?"

Addison nodded, remembering their conversation and how disappointed she'd felt when he told her to accept the cop's offer. "What about it?"

"That night I stood on your porch for two hours, waiting for you to come home so I could make it up to you for being such a screw up. I wanted to tell you why I stood you up, that it had nothing to do with you at all. But you never came home." Pete saw a hint of guilt flash in Addison's eyes. "What?"

"Nothing, I just wish I had come home earlier. I was on a date with Kevin," Addison confessed. "If I knew you were at my house, I would have come home sooner. You know that." Addison thought for a moment before speaking again. "And you didn't lose me."

Pete smiled, knowing she was referring to their comfortably close friendship. After a few minutes of silence, he repeated her question. "Do you love him?"

Addison didn't hesitate in answering, "No. Not enough to break up a family."

Pete caught the slip. "But you love him a little?"

It took a bit longer for her to answer this time. "I honestly can't tell. I might love him a little, but it might just be blind lust. It has been a while since I've, well, you know."

"So, long story short, we're both a couple of confused idiots who can't sort out our feelings?" Pete confirmed, smiling a little bit.

Addison let out a hollow laugh. "I guess so." She put her head back on Pete's shoulder and closed her eyes. "Can we just stay here for a little bit longer?"

Pete rested his head against hers comfortably and also closed his eyes. "We can stay like this for as long as you want."


Pete opened his eyes to a dark office. Squinting at the clock, he realized he had fallen asleep for four hours--and that Addison was lying on top of him.

"Addison," he whispered, shaking her arm softly. "Addison, wake up. We fell asleep."

Addison's head jerked up, slurping up the bit of drool that was threatening to fall on Pete's shirt. "What time is it?" she asked groggily.

"Two-thirty in the morning," Pete answered.

Addison suddenly erected herself from her lazy position, pushing her body up with her arms and effectively straddling Pete's body in the process, to peer out the window of the office, looking for and finding a blinking light at the end of the hall. "Damn it. The alarm is on."

"Do you know the code?" Pete asked, trying not to let Addison onto the fact that he could see right down her dress, especially since her chest almost touched his face. She failed to realize that she was making it very difficult for Pete to remain a gentleman.

"No. Only Dell and Naomi know the code. We'll set it off if we open the door to my office. We're stuck here until morning," Addison declared with a heavy sigh, her chest rising and falling anxiously.

Pete finally gave up ignoring her breasts. "Um, Addison? It may be dark, but it's definitely light enough for me to see what's going on under your dress when it hangs down like that."

Addison's hand shot up to press the neckline of the dress to her chest, laughing as she moved back down so she could see Pete's expression. The moonlight filtered in through the window, settling on the curves of Addison's face, and for a single moment, Pete wondered why he hadn't fought for her.

Addison must have seen something in Pete's eyes, because her laughter died off. Thoughts flew through Addison's head, regretting her decision to cut Pete out of her love life after he didn't show, wishing she hadn't always counted on keeping her heart safe.

For the first time in almost a year, Addison decided to throw caution to the wind. She stopped looking for commitment, for marriage. She just did what she wanted for once and not what she thought she should want at her age.

She kissed him.

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