Authors Note: Harry is 8 and Gaara is 10. Temari is 13. Dakun is my own character but he isn't going to play a big role. I just needed someone to find Harry. The rest you will need to read to find out. Thanks for all the reviews and sorry this has taken so long… I moved… and a lot of other stuff happened. Oh and I don't own any of this stuff… or really anything at all.

Gaara didn't come back once Dakun left but Harry never got over the feeling that he was being watched. It wasn't a bad feeling but Harry just couldn't shake it. The fact that the village had people watching him the previous day wasn't helping the feeling much either. Harry only got a few hours sleep before he was woken up again this time by a girl but that was ok. He was use to little sleep.

She was a blond headed girl with four pig tails. She seemed familiar but the unevenness of her dress through Harry off completely. He had never seen anyone with a long fish net sock on one leg and a sock that went to her knee on the other. The Dursley's would have a panic attack at the unnatural look of her outfit but Harry almost liked it.

"Hello Harry-kun," She said with a formal bow. Harry nodded not knowing how to react. She had seemed to flash in and out of formality. "My name is Temari and I will be your guide. If you go ahead and get ready we can be on our way." She didn't mention were they were going and she didn't excuse herself from the room for him to change but there were a fresh mound of clothes on the counter.

Harry got up painlessly. A lot of time had passed since he could last do that and it made him feel good. He felt like stretching but didn't because he didn't want to seem foolish in front of Temari. Turning his back to her he lifted off his hospital gown. He knew she wasn't watching but he was a little embarrassed about the scars on his body. The Dursley's had told him only bad boys have scars. That they were to remind him and everyone else he was a bad boy.

Temari knew that the boy had been treated badly but the scars on his back made her furious. They were old by appearance and the child was only eight. That was younger than her own brother. She kept the anger inside though. It wouldn't do to act inappropriate around the Kazekage and she was a ninja. Ninja didn't respond with anger.

The clothes felt odd on him. They were simple. Fish net under clothes, baggy brown pants, and a black tee-shirt but they fit. Harry wasn't use to clothes fitting and the under clothes hung tight to his body. He felt almost naked without the roles of extra material.

"You ready?" Temari asked falling out of her formal attitude. Her hand was on her hips and her eyes were bright but she quickly reversed that. Suddenly she was the formal version once again. Lady like and delicate. Harry liked the other Temari better but he was just happy that she wasn't ignoring him. He nodded and Temari lead the way wondering if the child could talk at all. She really didn't care. He was just going to be another one of the Kazekage's projects. He would end up just like her brother.

Harry followed Temari through the crowded streets with care. He didn't want her to forget him. He was sure that if he got lost in the crazy mess of people that he would never resurface again. The walk wasn't far. He really couldn't gage how far it was because everything really looked the same to him but it couldn't have been more than an half an hour before they reached the circular structure.

"I have orders from the Kazekage," Temari said to the guard. She was the formal Temari so she had no problems dealing with the man. He just nodded behind bandages and they were let in. The security seemed rather lax but Harry still had that feeling of being watched but it wasn't Gaara. He had figured out the differences between being watched by Gaara and being watched by others. He didn't know how but it was almost a smell and almost a taste. It was something odd and in between. He liked the smell Gaara gave.

She never referred to him as father, just sir. He gave up the title of father a long time ago when he killed their mother. Temari didn't hate him he was just not her father any more. "Sir," she said approaching him. She bowed low as expected when facing the Kazekage. If he smiled behind the mask she didn't know but he did lift his hand to shoo away his guards. He was confident of his abilities but had them remain in the shadows of the room. He was confident but not stupid.

"Temari," He said. He didn't even fake father ship over her. It wasn't really wanted or appropriate. "I see you have brought me Harry-kun," He motioned towards Harry who at this point was very confused. The man was dressed completely in white minus a blue stripe and a hat with a weird symbol on it. "You can call me Kazekage, Harry-kun."

Harry didn't really get a good feeling from the man but he swallowed it. This man had saved him from the Dursley's and for that he owed the man. "Hello Kazekage," he said meekly while fidgeting.

Harry was too meek. That was the first thing that would have to be worked on. It was expected but still a disappointment. "So do you like it here in Suna?" he asked the child. "Is everything acceptable?"

"Oh yes, sir," Harry said lowering his eyes. He was foolish for seeming ungrateful. The Dursley's never stood for his ungrateful attitude. He hoped that this man was kinder. He thought of a way to show the man that he was truly grateful and went forward with it. "Everything is wonderful. I am very grateful towards you." He flinched readying himself for the hit. Hopefully his words would be enough to soften the blow.

It never came but the action didn't get past Kazekage. The boy would need to be transferred to a normal family structure but that was hard to come by in Suna. "I am having your things moved to a new location," Kazekage said. There really wasn't much that the boy owned. "Temari will take you to your new home after the match." Kazekage hoped that the boy wasn't damaged so much to be useless. Ninjas weren't meek.

"I… I'm really staying here?" Harry asked. He still found it hard to believe. No more Dursley's or sleeping in a cupboard. "I really don't have to go back?"

"Of course not. Their treatment was unacceptable and you are now a ward of Suna. You don't ever have to go back to England," He said. Harry looked up at Temari for assurance. She held eye contact and nodded with a slight smile on her face.

Harry suddenly felt like hugging someone and a spike of energy went through the room. He couldn't ever remember be that happy before. The Kazekage smiled as he felt the energy. It was faint and a little different then Chakra but it was strong. He didn't know how to teach Harry to reach the full potential of the energy but he would be damned if he didn't try.

"Thank you, sir," Harry said. "I'll remember this forever." Harry all of a sudden looked serious and determined. "What can I do to earn my keep, sir?" He was slightly afraid but determined. He would be a good boy with this new chance. It would be different this time. He wouldn't be a freak again.

The Kazekage smiled. He already had the boy's loyalty. He recognized that look in the boy's eye. "My village is a ninja village. How much do you know about ninjas?"

"Not much, sir," Harry said thinking back to the books he had read. "They are some sort of band of people who fight for money right? They use stealth and … strength. Martial arts, right sir?"

"Close enough, we are ninjas. We protect this village and work outside of the village on assignments for income for the village," the Kazekage said. "You have plenty of time to learn about us. I'm enrolling you in school for ninjas. I expect you to be one of our best."

Harry understood. He was to be a tool for the village and in return he was protected. He was a tool to the Dursley's too but they didn't treat him this well. He smiled and nodded his head. "I will be the best tool for you I can be, sir,"

Temari was a little shocked at the boy's understanding. Her eyes widened and looked between Harry and the Kazekage. This child was an odd one. She decided to keep an eye on him. She was curious at what would become of him.

"Good," the Kazekage said. He raised his hand and his guards returned. They had never really left in the first place. "Now, Temari. Take Harry-kun to box A2. He wouldn't want to miss this exam. It will be a good one."

The exam was the most amazing thing Harry had ever seen. These people were like him only they had control. They could make the weird things happen at will and were so fast. It was thrilling to watch them fight. The tension was thick in the air and the haze almost made him sick to his stomach but every nerve on his body tingled. It made him hyper, alert, and nervous at the same time. Some matches were fast but many more lasted an unknown but long time.

By midday they were half way done and Gaara opened the door to the A2 box. His sister looked alarmed but tried to suppress it. In a few months they would be a genin team. There could be no outer fear or teamwork wouldn't work.

"Hi Gaara!" Harry said waving his entire arm at the boy. Everyone turned to look at the new boy shocked at this display but Harry was too hyper to notice their uncomfortable behavior. "You missed an awesome fight. This guy made the ground rise up and swallow the other guy but he dodged it by shooting ice at them!"

Gaara just nodded and walked over to where Harry was. He didn't take a seat but instead stood beside Harry his gourd taking up too much space to truly sit. Temari looked at the odd child and shook her head. "Maybe if Gaara can warm up to Harry he won't kill us," Temari muttered to low for anyone to hear it.

Harry spent the rest of the afternoon amazed at the ability of the ninjas. He was committed after watching the exam that he was going to be a great ninja. He almost felt like it was what he was meant to do.

The Kazekage waited on Dakun to arrive. He had already sent Harry away with his daughter to watch the exam but there still were some things that needed to be straighten out. The man arrived on time but not early. He looked a little flustered but regained restraint.

"Sir," Dakun said bowing bringing his clip board with him. "I have monitored Harry and am here for report."

"Good," the Kazekage said. "What did the medical report say?" he causally glanced over to the first fight. It was a low class fight between two weak individuals, not important.

"Again proof of abuse but also malnutrition. He is going to have to be on a strict high carb diet. He is under weight and height. He is also… mentally damaged as you probably have seen." He was talking about the boy's obsession that he indeed was a freak. It must have been drilled into his head.

"And what about Chakra?" the Kazekage asked. He hadn't really sensed much chakra in the boy but that was not his specialty.

"Completely normal levels. At his age this can be increased but his capacity would probably never allow him to do high level ninjutsu. Although he might be able to with a lot of practice, it's hard to tell at that age," Dakun said. His chakra wasn't what Kazekage really cared about. Anyone caught early enough could learn chakra control. "The main thing is a different type of energy. We don't really know what it is but it's like chakra. It's less tied into his life energy though and truthfully none of the medics had ever seen it before. It's why he healed so well."

The Kazekage rubbed his chin. This boy was a puzzle. "He already agreed to be a ninja. I need to place him in a home. I also need to find a chakra specialist to work with him. If that energy is really like chakra then the best way for him to learn to use it is a chakra specialist. Find a list of them and put them on my desk by tomorrow," He said. He paused. "Do you know of a family that would take the child in?"

"They are a few families that would love the honor or taking in a child as special as Harry, but…" Dakun paused. "I don't think it would last long. The monster Gaara has taken an interest in Harry and Harry has been acting kind to him. That reaction could be trained out of Harry but Gaara's interest is still there."

"Once again make a list of possible families that would take him in but I want that list before the end of the exam. I must have a home for the boy by nightfall. It's important," Kazekage said. "I have someone else taking on your original duties. You are dismissed." Dakun left as Kazekage turned his attention to the exam. The few that he was interested in had not fought yet. He wondered if he should encourage or discourage the relationship between Gaara and Harry. It might bring out the best in them or it could make two monsters. He decided to wait to see.

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