Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

He was so handsome,

and I loved him so.

But he never returned it,

Not even a look.

For he loved another,

One of the living dead.

She is my reincarnation,

But still not my equal.

She was pretty yes,

But has a heart of evil.

On the outside she looked caring,

But on the inside,

Lays a beast so terrifying,

That no one likes.

Yet he still loves her,

With all of his heart.

I do not understand,

Why he loves her still.

She pinned him to a tree,

For a good fifty years.

But still after all of that,

He still loves her so.

What will it take,

To get through to him?

I will still work on it,

Cause I can't stand to lose him.

For I love him so,

Even though he doesn't return it.

I will still love him so

Ok well there was my first shot at writing a poem. My friend upside-down-boat write lots of them and she is where I got my insperation. This is the first of 3poems. This ofcourse is a Inuyasha/Kagome one and the next ones will be Sesshoumaru/Kagome.

Also this poem has been edited by my beta reader xXxInvisible-FreakxXx so I hope yall like it so please review review review/