My White Wedding

I'm standing at the altar in my beautiful white wedding dress, the only problem is I'm marrying the wrong man.

I remember when I was a little girl planning my dream wedding. Every little girl does the same. I planned for a simple but beautiful place, I always wanted to get married on a little island in Malta, with a nice strapless dress that would make me look like royalty and maybe even the queen, I even pictured how my husband would look, he would be gorgeous and he would be the person I loved the most in the world, I even drawed him out on a peace of paper in my back garden. It's funny thinking back to that day as I'm now standing up the halter with that beautiful wedding dress on that I pictured, no I didn't ever get that pretty little island arranged, but most of all I wan't marrying the man I loved either, so it didn't really matter. He could never have my heart, because my true love was Nate Archibald.

Nate was the boy that could make me cry, laugh, and most importantly love him. We went out for over 4 years, but then he left town and took my heart with him. I had to move on because I couldn't live a life being depressed over him. That's when I met Jaiden we met through work, I only started going out with him because he was way different to Nate that's probably the only reason in the first place why I went out with him. We went out on a couple of dates first before anything serious, then after a while we got sick of just being friends and going out so we decided to make it official, then 9 months later he proposed to me, even though I felt no spark or connection with him I knew Nate would never come back. We were going to get married in the winter, but Jaiden wanted a earlier wedding in the summer so we arranged it for then.

Jaiden was a good guy don't get me wrong, I mean my dad liked him, and Dan eventually came around to. But he just wasn't the guy for me, that's why I'm about to say the 'I DO' part, but before I do I turn around quickly to see the guests reactions and find the man of my life Nate sitting at the back. He See's me looking at him and he doesn't look upset, he looks happy for me and gives me a smile as to say go ahead. Then in seconds I've said that word that changes everything, well accept one thing. I may be married now, but that's not going to change the fact Nate Archibald is my destiny husband. And when I actually said I do all I could think of was Nate thoughs words were meant for him.

So it was just a short oneshot. But you never know it might come a story one day I'll see, review I love your opions of the story.