BABE. Not Morelli friendly...he's only going to be mentioned once or twice, and that's it.

Warnings: Minor Language, heavy petting, smut in later chapters... don't know about violence... probably not.

All recognized Plum characters/settings/plots belong to Janet Evanovich.

NOTE: The characters are slightly OOC...I'm sure Steph has been on a plane before, but just go with it people...think of it as poetic license...or whatever.

Chapter 9


"Where are we going?" I wondered, my body tingling as his hand tightened on mine.

"Somewhere private," he answered, opening the car door and depositing me in my seat, quickly buckling me in. A thrill shot through my body as his dark eyes met my blue. A second passed before his lips crashed into mine and we shared a heated kiss.

Cat calls and whistles echoed from the door of the Pub.

Tearing his lips from mine, his knuckles softly ran along my cheek as he pulled away, closing my door.

I laughed as he flipped everyone off while he walked to the driver's door.

Once inside, he firmly placed my hand on his thigh. Shifting gears, the tires spun as he sped out of the small car park.

My hand strayed upwards and I stroked his hard cock through his pants, smiling as he groaned and captured my hand tightly in his.

We drove along in a tense silence, electricity zinging between us as our gazes occasionally met. He brought my hand to his lips every so often, kissing or licking each one of my fingers before resettling our intertwined hands on his thigh, or the gear shift.

I had no idea where we were, but we were at least twenty minutes out from the tiny town, traveling along a narrow dirt road that seemed to be heading nowhere.

A small patch of trees encompassed a bend we passed and Carlos swiftly swung the vehicle to a stop on the other side.

We would be sheltered from the view of others; able to hear them long before they approached.

"Stay here, Steph. I'll be back in a minute." His fingers sunk into my hair and his lips brushed against mine, once, twice, before he silently escaped from the vehicle. I sat in a daze, my mind whirling, my heart racing with excitement.

I heard him pop the back door and sort through some of the camping gear. When the door shut, I jumped slightly, and then felt the car move as he climbed on top.

Three minutes later, he was beside my door, helping me out.

His lips found mine again, this time for a slow, drawn out, passionate kiss. When I was gasping for air, Carlos lifted me up, so my legs could wrap around his waist. My arms locked tightly around his neck and suddenly, he was quickly climbing up the car.

He laid my body down, covering my body with his. I was surprised by the soft texture of sleeping bags beneath us, instead of the cool roof.

I smiled softly as his eyes burned into mine, his fingers ghosting over my face, chest and arms.

Carefully, he slid my top up and over my head, dropping it beside us.

His gentle smile as he gazed at my body reminded me of his love.

Carlos meticulously licked, suckled and kissed every scrap of skin revealed from my waist up. My breasts, which were unfortunately covered by my bra, received no attention.

I was squirming under him, begging for the pleasure I had been privy to only once before. It wasn't something I was likely to forget. He really had ruined me for all men. His attention as a lover left me quaking, with just the thought of what he could do to me, how he could raise my body to such tremendous heights again and again.

I hadn't realized I was frantically panting and moaning until his mouth covered mine and he swallowed every one of my mewling sounds.

His hands slid under my back, arching me towards him, before he pinched the clasp on my bra, releasing my breasts from their confines.

I drew in a sharp breath as he discarded my bra and stared intently at my breasts.

"Perfection," he muttered, both hands encompassing my breasts, massaging them gently.

Soon his mouth set to work on one, gently suckling and nipping. His stubble grazed my soft skin, drawing continuous whimpers of pleasure from me. He caressed each one thoroughly, not satisfied until my skin was completely flushed, my breathing erratic and my body on the point of release.

Carlos' hands grasped my waist lightly, his lips brushing against mine once again.

"Soon, querida. I promise." I shivered as his rough voice washed over me, goose bumps erupting all over my skin.

My fingers shook as I worked on the buttons of his shirt, his mouth drawing moans from me as he teased a particularly sensitive spot on my neck.

His shirt finally fell open and he quickly shrugged it off, sliding his body against mine. We groaned in unison as our skin burned each other's flesh. His chest pressed forcefully against my breasts as his tongue dove into my mouth.

I bucked my hips upwards into his, crying out as he ground back, his erection hot and hard against my throbbing center.

My hands ran up and down the smooth, toned expanse of his back; my nails scraping lightly when he sporadically ground his hips into mine.

Our lips were locked in a heated battle and my hands had just slid below the waist of his pants, squeezing his impeccably toned ass when...

My cell phone rang.

It vibrated between us for a moment, pulling a deep groan from Carlos' throat, before the music started playing. Then it was my turn to groan. I was going to kill him for calling at this moment... although Carlos might want that right himself...

"Babe. The funeral march?" Carlos panted into my neck, fishing my phone out of my front pocket, making sure he touched me in some very interesting places before actually extracting it.

"Morelli's calling," I replied, panting beneath him.

"Fucker," I thought I heard Carlos mutter before flipping the phone open and answering with a "Yo!"

I watched as Carlos' expression remained blank as he listened, and then he slid the phone between his shoulder and ear, glancing at me with a wicked smile.

Oh boy!

I shivered as he ran his hands up my legs slowly, before splaying them out on my stomach. He slowly drew the zipper on my jeans down and within seconds had my panties, jeans, and shoes stripped off me in almost one swift movement.

He paused, his eyes sweeping up from my toes, pausing on my, surely dripping, center, moving upwards and resting on my breasts, and then, with agonizingly slowness, he met my eyes. His were obsidian pools of lust, desire and love.

Carlos efficiently toed off his boots and socks and slid his jeans off.

He crawled up my body, his cock rubbing up and down my slit as I clamped a hand over my mouth, trying to muffle my sounds.

"Hang up the phone!" I begged quietly, my mind clouded with desire for the man above me.

Carlos shook his head no, another glinting smile spreading across his face. He held himself just above me on one elbow and I squirmed as his free hand moved down to my aching core.

"Don't you dar– uh!" My protest morphed into a moan as his fingers traced circles around my clit. I cried out as his fingers suddenly plunged inside me; my back arched and my nipples brushed against his chest, a whimper escaping me.

I heard Morelli shout something through the phone, not catching the words as Carlos' fingers curled inside me, hitting my sweet spot. I did, however, catch Carlos' aggressive answer.

"No, I'm not fucking her; I'm making love with her. Go fuck yourself."

Without warning, his fingers were removed and his cock thrust into me fully.

"Carlos!" I screamed, unable to hold in my response as his body intruded mine. Pure ecstasy raced through my body, fireworks exploded behind my closed eyelids. I needed Carlos, plain and simple; he completed me in a way no one else, no other man, could.

He froze, unmoving within me, his body trembling above mine.

"Morelli wants to talk to you," he gritted out, holding the phone to my ear.

I was thrashing and panting, begging Carlos to move, urging him with my hands, when I heard Morelli's voice in my ear, yelling. The phone moved away and Carlos was speaking again.

"She seems preoccupied at the moment. She'll call you back in the next decade or two." I growled at Carlos as he chuckled and turned off my phone.

"You think you're funny?" I asked. His hips flexed and his cock plunged into me again.

"I think I'm adorable," he grunted, propelling into me once more, taking my lips in a rough kiss. "I also think I just fucking showed Morelli that you're mine!" I whimpered as he punctuated his last word with a powerful thrust.

His cock moved in and out of me slowly but forcefully, until I was begging him to go faster, lifting my hips urgently to meet his thrusts.

He finally snapped when I started stroking him where we were joined, a feral snarl ripped from his throat. Carlos' movements sped up instantly, the sounds of his balls slapping against my skin echoed around the cool night air.

I found my hands bound in one of his, pressed up above my head. His body weight was almost fully bearing down on mine. One of his hands slid between us, expertly rubbing my clit as he shifted his hips and changed his angle, hitting another spot deep inside me that made me see stars.

My walls clenched around him tightly as I came suddenly; his movements hardly slowed though, and within minutes, I found myself coming a second time. He followed me over the edge, his body tensing as he emptied inside me with a soft spoken 'querida' and a groan.

His full weight bore down on me for a long minute as he recovered before rolling off of me and dragging me into his arms.

I was shaking, exhausted and overwhelmed. My eyes glanced up at the sky and I gasped; I don't think I had ever seen so many stars. They shone so brightly, twinkling against the dark night sky.

"You're crying. Did I hurt you?" His voice was upset as his fingers brushed across my cheeks, his lips pressing against the moisture.

"No. I love you," I murmured gently, snuggling into his embrace, pushing my face into his chest.

"I love you, too, querida," he sighed, shifting me so I was spread out on top of him.

A cool breeze chilled my sweaty skin, and I shivered against him.

The soft material of one of the sleeping bags was draped over my body before Carlos' arms tightened around me.

I quickly found myself drifting off to the light sounds of Carlos' breathing and the comforting night noises. It seems I enjoy the quiet of the outback.


I felt her body become completely lax as her breathing slowed and deepened. I pressed her closer to me and buried my nose in her hair.

We couldn't stay out here all night. The temperature was still dropping and we'd both be stiff in the morning if we did. However, I was enjoying the moment too much to move right away.

An hour later, I had Steph dressed in my shirt, her panties, and wrapped in the sleeping bag, safely tucked away on the back seat of the Land Rover.

I had my jeans on and was slowly driving the car back to Jack's house; I didn't want to jostle my Babe too much.

Much to my chagrin, I also had a great big dirty smile on my face.

Making love with Stephanie was like nothing I had ever experienced with another. Her sounds drove me completely wild, her voice, her scent, her responses all made the experience that much more pleasurable. Not to mention the fact that our bodies practically hummed whenever we touched. I loved her too much for words to describe.

Fucking Morelli, always after my Babe. He wasn't fucking getting her back this time, though. She was now forever mine.

I continuously checked on her, making sure she was comfortable.

It took over two hours to make it back to the house. Once parked close to the front door, I noticed the others were back also.

Silently exiting the car, I collected Steph in my arms and walked to the house.

The door opened before I got there and Jack stood nearby with a stupid grin on his face as he allowed us inside. I made sure every inch of my Babe was covered. Only her crazy curls spilled out everywhere, much to my satisfaction.

"See you in the morning," he chuckled. I growled at him as he ruffled Steph's curls and waltzed off.

I climbed up the stairs and laid her down in the middle of our bed. She sighed and curled into a ball, burying her face in a pillow.

Smiling, I shut and locked the door, quietly barricading it with a chair, just to be on the safe side. I wouldn't put it past Lula to come barging in for some reason or another.

Tugging the sleeping bag away from Steph, I dropped it on the floor and undressed her. Shucking my jeans, I drew us both under the blankets. Pressing a few kisses to her face, her body curled into mine.

"Batman?" she mumbled sleepily.

"I'm Batman," I exclaimed softly, watching a smile spread across her face.

"Yeah, you're Batman..." Her breathing evened out again, and I closed my eyes, almost asleep, when she whispered, "I love you, Batman."

I woke in the early morning light to a riot of curls tickling my face.

Steph, my Babe.

I slowly rolled her underneath me, gently kissing her, softly stroking her skin. She stirred slightly, moving with and towards my body. My hands roamed across her stomach, stroking up her sides, her arms and finally her breasts. I trailed little kisses over her face, my fingers playing with her curls, massaging her scalp. I pressed my lips against hers carefully, smiling as hers followed when I moved away again.

I kissed my way to her thighs, encouraged when a moan left her lips. My lips brushed slightly against her clit and I felt her body tense, her breathing change.

Babe was awake.

I crawled over her, my lips kissing her ear before I spoke.

"You're so beautiful, querida. So sexy. I want to be inside you. I love you. Your skin is so incredibly soft and smooth. Your body is so responsive to my touch." I smiled as she whimpered, her arms wrapping around my neck, pulling me close.

Her eyes were still closed as she kissed me sleepily. I quickly deepened the kiss, rocking my hips against hers. She was already wet, the moisture seeping out onto my cock. I slowly pushed forward, burying myself inside her.

We made love slowly, Steph waking up a little more with each thrust until she was moaning and writhing under me.

Our climaxes were gentle as we came together.

"Good morning to you, too," she sighed after we recovered. I kissed her smiling lips, appreciating the gorgeous glow her skin had.

That was all me.

"C'mon, Steph, let's go get some breakfast." I carried her to the shower, where I took her hard and fast against the wall, our sounds echoing loudly around us.

We dressed together, smiles radiant on both our faces.

I swung her up into my arms, delighted by her laugh as we made our way downstairs.

She tensed in my arms as we entered the kitchen. Her jaw became slack and I swear drool pooled in her mouth. I brushed my lips against her ear, chuckling.

"You know, they are only donuts. They're not love," I murmured.

She smacked my arm, kissed me briefly and jumped down from my arms.

"I already have love; I can enjoy donuts all I want!" Her tongue poked out at me from between her lips.

My eyes darkened and my pants tightened.

"Stop giving me ideas, Babe."