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This is set just after New Moon.

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It was 10 o'clock at night and I was in my garage working on my Rabbit. I hadn't seen Bella since the bloodsucker she loved so much came back. I couldn't bear the thought of seeing them together. She had sent me notes and I ignored them at first but they just kept coming so I knew I needed to let her know that things hadn't changed and that we could no longer be friends.

I had hardly slept since, I would just lay in my bed and every time I closed my eyes, she was there. Every time I tried to think of something else, she was there. Everything I did, she was there in my head and it was like a nightmare that I could never wake up from.

So I got up out of bed and went into my garage to do something that I liked best, working on cars. I was glad I wasn't on patrol that night, I wanted my thoughts to myself and I was pretty sure the rest of the pack was sick of seeing Bella in my head as well as their own. But I couldn't help it, it was as if the last time I saw her was forever printed on my mind like a scar.

But I wasn't the only one having problems. I had heard that since her fathers death, Leah hadn't been doing so good. She became more bitter and angrier and lashed out at the people that loved her. I knew that feeling, I was grieving too, over Bella. And I had also lost a parent, even though I was very young when mom died, it still hurts to think about the fact that she isn't here anymore.

I felt exactly the way Leah was feeling, she had lost the only person she had ever loved to someone else. She lost her father in the most sudden way and that only added more salt to her wounds. It must have been hard to get by after that, having to face everyone and try to put up a front to fool them into thinking everything is fine. But you can't do that when you are a Werewolf, not when your minds are connected and they can think what you think.

Leah had been missing for six weeks now. She didn't tell anyone where she went or even said goodbye, she just packed a bag and left without a trace. She had started drinking heavily and going out clubbing and not coming back after two days. Everyone thought that she was out on a bender again, but it had been six weeks, the longest time she had ever been gone for.

The whole pack tried looking for her, trying to pick up her scent from anywhere but there was nothing. Then we assumed that she was no where near La Push, we had no idea where she could have gone.

I saw the pain in Sue Clearwater's eyes every day, she had lost her husband and now she had lost her daughter. Too much bad shit was happening all at once and I couldn't take it anymore, I was so sick of all the stress. I thought about the times before I was a Werewolf, how much simpler life was then. But thanks to those filthy bloodsuckers coming back, our lives had changed for the worse.

Imprinting had already ruined one persons life, how much more damage could it do? Sam and Emily walked around without a care in the world and it pissed me off because it didn't look like they cared about Leah's disappearance at all.

I shouldn't even care that much, Leah and I weren't the best of pals but I could relate to her in so many ways that it was hard not to feel sorry for her. Sam could have at least shown some remorse at what Leah had been through, but there was nothing in his eyes that shown that. It was wrong.

Every time we were on patrol, all he thought about was Emily and no one else. I hadn't imprinted yet, but thanks to him I didn't want to. I didn't want my thoughts clouded by the same thing, I wanted my mind to be intact so I could concentrate on other things.

I hadn't imprinted on Bella and yet my mind was always focused on her. It was annoying to see in Sam's mind and see how happy he was and how the rest of us were miserable. I wanted to dwell on my misery but I couldn't do that if all I could see was him and Emily happy all the time.

I couldn't imagine what it must have been like for Leah, having to seem them all lovey dovey with each other every time she saw them, no wonder she left.

My garage door was open and all I could hear was the sounds of the wind lashing against the trees, it was just so quiet and peaceful. As I lifted up my car bonnet to check the engine, the sound of high heeled shoes clapping against the ground got my attention.

I dropped my tool onto my table and went to see where the sound was coming from. As I walked outside, I bumped into someone and apologized. I didn't recognize them at first but when I took a second glance, my jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

Her hair was spiking up in all directions and it looked like it hadn't been brushed for weeks, Her eye make- up had ran from her eyes and it left her with huge panda eyes that made her look like the living dead, Her short black dress was tattered and ripped and her shoes were hanging off her feet.

I looked at her face, she had a huge cut on her bottom lip and it looked like someone had punched her, she had a black eye and her eyes were red and watering. She looked like she hadn't seen a decent meal in weeks, her cheeks had sunken into her face and she looked so thin. She had always been the perfect build, she had curves and her body was toned and athletic, but not anymore.

I took a few steps towards her and reached out to her but she flinched backwards. I couldn't tell if she was hammered or not but her eyes were half open and were drooping. There was no emotion on her face whatsoever, she looked at me as if she was looking right through me.

"Leah, whats happened to you?"

She didn't respond, she just carried on looking at me as if she was catatonic. I knew I needed to help her, whether she liked it or not. So I grabbed hold of her arm and lead her towards my house.

She was limping and leaned on me for balance as she walked, I figured it was the killer heels she was wearing that were making her walk like that. We walked into my house and I tried to be as quiet as possible because my dad was sound asleep in his room and I didn't want to wake him.

I guided her to my couch and she slowly sat herself down on it, it looked like she was having back trouble. I sat myself down on the floor in front of her and thats when I noticed her legs. There were huge cuts all over them and some were still bleeding. There was dirt and mud inside them and it looked like she had been dragged through a forest. I gulped and I got up and walked towards the kitchen.

I grabbed a huge plastic bowl and filled it with hot water, her cuts needed to be cleaned before they got infected. I walked back in the living room with the bowl and a glass of water. I gave her the glass and she necked it in seconds, the poor girl must have been parched.

"I'm going to clean your cuts for you OK? I need to get the dirt out."

There was still no response from her, she just sat at the edge of the couch looking down. I noticed a tear fall from her eye and drop on to her thigh, something terrible must have happened to her.

I began to take her heels off and she winced, I noticed there were thick blisters all over her feet and some were bleeding quite heavily. There were also tiny pieces of glass near her ankle that needed to be pulled out. I grabbed a pair of tweezers and began pulling out the glass and she moaned in pain.

"I'm sorry Lea, but I need to get it out."

After I had got it all out, I set her foot on my knee and dipped the sponge into the hot water.

"This might sting a little but it needs to be done." I told her as I slowly let the sponge touch her skin.

She cried out quietly to the pain and I shushed her and told her how sorry I was for doing this. As I cleaned her cuts, I was getting more curious as to what had happened to her.

"Where are your things Leah? Your other clothes? Where is the bag you took with you?" I asked while I cleaned her legs.

She didn't even look on me so I set my eyes back to washing her feet. But then she finally spoke to me.

"I left them in a bar." She said very quietly, her voice sounded so hoarse and her throat sounded sore. "I just wanted to get away, meet new people and change the scenery. I just wanted the pain to go away but it got worse."

"How?" I asked wanting to know more. Her eyes suddenly soaked with tears and they dripped down her cheeks and splashed onto her legs.

She opened her mouth to speak but there was a knock at the door that interrupted us. I growled in anger and set her sore legs onto the floor and stood back up on my feet.

"Don't worry, I'll get rid of them." I said as I stroked her head and walked out the living room.

I opened the door to find Sam on my porch, the last person Leah needed to see right now.

"What's up?" I asked trying my best to act casual.

"Is she here?" He asked sounding very shaken up.

"Is who here?"

"You know who Jake, Leah." He said getting a little angrier.

"Yes she is."

"Paul said he saw her walking by your house while he was in the woods on patrol and that she looked like she had been... attacked." He said as he hesitated on the last word.

"She isn't doing too good Sam, but I don't think your going to help by being here." I said as I shut the door behind me so Leah couldn't hear.

"I just need to see her, it's my fault she's like this." He said as he tried to get passed me to get to her.

"It will make her worse, please just leave it till tomorrow. She's hardly talking anyway, I think she just needs some rest." I said as I stopped him.

"OK, but I will be back first thing in the morning to see how she is." He stomped down the porch steps and headed towards the woods to phase.

I shut the door behind me and walked quickly back in the living room. She was still sat in the same spot with her arms folded across her stomach.

"That was Sam, he wanted to see you but I got rid of him. I figured that he's the last person you wanted to see." I said as I sat down beside her on the couch. "Should I tell Sue that you're here?" She slowly shook her head and another tear fell down her face. "But she should know that you're here and that you are safe."

"No." She said with no emotion. I had to tell Sue sooner or later because the poor woman was going out of her mind with worry.

I changed the subject and moved her hair out of her eyes, she had a new style which was probably why I didn't recognize her at first. It was now more of a bob cut where it was long at the sides and short at the back.

I wanted her to continue about what had happened to her, I wanted to know what made her like this. Grabbed hold of her legs yet again and continued washing them with the warm sponge. As I lifted one of her legs to my knee, I could see that she wasn't wearing underwear and it confused me.

"What happened to you Leah? Tell me."

She swallowed hard and took a deep breath before she began. "Someone once told me, the way to get over someone is to get under someone else. I thought that would help me, I thought that if I found someone new, my pain would be gone. I met some guys in a bar and I let them have their way with me, all four of them."

I looked at her with a disgusted expression, she let some guys have her way with her? It was so unlike her and I couldn't believe that she was so naive to think that would help her. I guessed that it made her worse.

"Why would you do that Lea? Why?"

"I don't know.... I hated myself after it." She said as she broke down into quiet sobs. "I didn't want to do it again but they made me."

"What do you mean they made you?" I asked sounding angrier by the second. I hoped to god she didn't mean what I thought she meant.

She didn't respond, she couldn't even look me in the eye. I could see that she felt disgusted in herself too much to see my response.

"Did they do this to you?" I said as I pointed to all her cuts and bruises.

She nodded and still couldn't look at me. I could taste acid in my mouth, I felt physically sick.

"It's my fault." She suddenly said as she sniffed up through her blocked nose.

"No it isn't! They forced themselves onto you Lea, they were wrong to do that!"

"But I let them at first, I was acting like a whore. I brought it onto myself."

I slowly moved her into an embrace and my arms buried around her. She sobbed against my chest and soaked it with her tears.

"I don't want anyone to know Jake, please don't tell anyone." She begged.

"I won't tell a soul Leah, I promise." I said as I stroked her head and rocked her in my arms.

I knew she needed to see a doctor, Leah hadn't been right since Sam left her but she just went completely over the edge after Harry died. She wasn't acting like herself and she was doing things that she would never do.

I was going to let her stay here for the night, I knew that she couldn't face her mother just yet. Sue would have an aneurysm if she saw her like this and I needed to get her cleaned up before I took her home.

I filled the bath for her and she hesitated to get in at first because it would hurt her sores. She asked me to stay with her because she was scared of being on her own. When I walked in the bathroom, she was sat in the bath with her back to me. It was covered in more cuts and bruises and it looked like she had a bite mark too. I wanted to kill the sick bastards that had done this to her.

I washed her back and waited for her in the bedroom. She came out with a towel wrapped around her and I gave her one of my old T-shirts for bed.

"Thank you for helping me Jake, even though I don't deserve it." She said as she wiped her fresh tears from her eyes.

"You do deserve it Leah, I can understand why you lost it. You lost your first love and your father all in short period of time. I don't judge you for any of this, I know how you are feeling."

She looked at me and put her smooth hand on my cheek. "No girl deserves you Jake, you are too good for anyone."

I leaned into her hand and kissed it. We suddenly stared at each other for the longest time and a weird feeling came over me, something I had never felt for Leah before. I started to see her in a new light, I suddenly noticed how beautiful she really was. She looked at me the same way, as if she was looking into my very soul.

I don't know why, but I broke the gaze and got up off the bed. Leah looked down to the ground awkwardly.

"You need rest, I'm guessing you haven't had a decent night sleep in a long time." I bent down to her and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes as my lips brushed her and when I began to walk out of the door, I could feel her eyes burning into my back.

I closed the door after me and slumped myself onto my couch. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and tried to clear my mind so I could sleep. It didn't work, instead of my thoughts clouding around Bella, they were filled with Leah. It pained me to know about what had happened to her, she really had touched rock bottom. But they say, when you hit the ground the only way to go is up again.

I hoped to god that Leah would get better and go back to the way she was when she was with Sam, she was so much happier then. But I knew it was going to be hard for her, too much shit had happened and it was only enough for one person to take. And if she needed someone to help her get through it, I was going to make sure that I would be that guy for her.

As I let my eyes close and tried my best to fall asleep, I heard a cry. I could hear her from a few doors down, sobbing her heart out. It pained me to hear it and I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that she was in their upset. I suddenly wanted to comfort her, I wanted to hold her in my arms again and let her get it all out. I only wished that I had the power to take away someones pain.

Without thinking, I got up from the couch and walked back into my room. Her head was buried into the pillow, she was trying to quieten her hysterical cry. I walked over to the bed and let my body lie next to her. She noticed my presence and looked shocked to see me lying in the bed with her.

"Jake?" She whispered. I shushed her by putting my finger to her lips and moved my arms around her stomach so that her body was pressed against me.

I could hear her heart beating against mine, I bet she was wondering what I was doing but I didn't care, she needed someone to be with her. She let her hand rest on my stomach and she began stroking my skin, her touch sent me shivers down my body. I didn't know why I was reacting to her this way, every small thing she did made me crave for her more.

"It's OK, I'm here." I said as I cupped her chin with my fingers. I tear trickled down her nose and splashed onto my arm. Her watering eyes sparkled when the moonlight from outside shown down onto them, she looked beautiful.

She let her head lay onto my chest and I kissed her neck. I couldn't stop, I gave her one kiss after the other and she didn't seem to mind. I wanted to know what she was thinking, I wanted to know if she was starting to feel the same way.

"Leah, what are you feeling?"

Then I heard a slight snore come from her and I realized she didn't respond to my kisses because she was now in a deep sleep. I didn't want to bother her, the poor girl needed her rest.

There was a lot of things I had to face the next day, but none of it mattered right then in that moment. All that mattered, was her...