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A Different Type of Contest

Chapter 1-Sneaking Around

"Right… it's just across this lake." whispered Lixxy.
"This is a bad idea. No-one has ever got in there without an invitation." said the Arcanine behind her.
"And has anyone ever tried, dear Metela?" purred the voice of a Milotic, silently waiting in the water. "Lix has the right to try. Besides, it should be fun."
"Yea, fun like a swarm of rabid beedrills." said a Raichu, also behind them.
"Ooh, beedrills? How fun! That would be great, if I was an idiot." said a Bayleef.
"Viretha, Raphael, there's no point. They're not listening." said Metela, the Arcanine.

A spash of water struck the Arcanine.
"Ciel?" asked Metela, with gritted teeth.
"Hehe.." said a Lunatone with a laugh. "Stop being so serious. Good luck, Lix! Bring back a nice friend!"

Lixxy blew the Lunatone a kiss, and dived quietly into the water. Mimaru followed her, the two moving through the water silently.

Towards Blackthorns Dragon's Den.

* * *

"Sh…" said Lixxy. "Be vewy vewy quiet…"
"Stop quoting cartoons, Lix." whispered Mimaru.

The two were now actually inside the Den, still swimming, still undetected. Lixxy was about fourteen, pretty, long brown hair curly, partway down her back. She was currently wearing a swimsuit and a belt, whereas normally she'd have a skirt and a t-shirt, maybe even a cloak.
They were looking for a Dragon type. After a contest in Goldenrod, Lixxy had become obsessed with the idea of becoming a master co-ordinator. This required going to Hoenn next. She also said that starting with a beautiful pokemon would make everything easier.

So they were looking for a Dragonair.

And it was hard..

They'd found a couple of magikarp, even a few seadra. But no dragons.
Of course, Lixxy's complaining was the cue for one.

"Why aren't there any?"
"Lix, there's one behind you."

She turned in the water, subconsciously reaching for the translator she wore in her ear. It was there, working.

"Hello." she said. "What's your name?"
The Dragonair in front of her blinked, and drew back.
"Umm… hello…" said the Dragonair quietly. It was clearly a she. "I'm… Dream."
"Hello, Dream." said Lixxy. "I've been wondering if there are any Dragonair around who'd like to go on a journey."

Dream wasn't sure about that… she'd heard bad things about some trainers… but only good ones were allowed in here… And it did sound interesting. And she did seem nice… and that was a Milotic… a Milotic?

They were rare, and took a lot of care and attention to look after.
Maybe she would… maybe…
"Um… I'd be honoured." said Dream.

Lixxy grinned, pulling a pokeball from the belt she wore.
"I need you to touch this. I'll let you out in a minute, but there are legal issues." she said, holding out the pokeball.

Tentatively, Dream touched it with her nose, and vanished in a flash of red light.
Lixxy immediately opened it.
"Welcome." said Lixxy. "We really should go now."
"Wh… why?" stammered Dream.
"Because I snuck in against Clair's explicit commands." said Lixxy simply. "Let's go."

Umm… oops? Thought Dream. Well, she still seems nice…

It was as they were heading for the exit that there was a splash behind them.
They turned.

"That's one of the trainers…" sighed Lixxy. "We're probably going to have the beat them."

It was, a follower of the almost religious group of dragon users. He shouted something unintelligible, throwing a pokeball into the water.

With a flash of red light, a Kingdra materialised.

"Sorry about this." said Lixxy cheerily, and turned to Mimaru.
Two pulses of blue-grey energy and the Kingdra was unconscious. Dragon Pulses.

The trainer was silent for a second, and then he turned to run, returning his unconscious pokemon as he screamed for help.

"I think we should leave faster." said Lixxy.

* * *

Lixxy was halfway to Hoenn when the message came through on her pokegear.
She was banned from Blackthorn City.
"Oh well." she said. "Worth it."
"What's up, Lix?" asked Raphael.

The rest of her pokemon were getting to know Dream a little better.
"Oh, nothing. Just a little cause an affect. Go get to know Dream."

The Raichu did so.

Lixxy gazed upon the ocean as they travelled. Her mind was already in Hoenn, and in her mind she was already the best co-ordinator.

In her eyes, it was simply a matter of time.

* * *

Heh. Lix. Thank you for that name, Thornsie.