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Chapter Two-Hoenn

"Welcome to Slateport. Could all passengers, please disembark?" came the voice over the ships intercom.

"We're here, people!" cried Elix 'Lixxy' Mareva, to the crowded room.
The crowd consisted of Metela, Ciel, Viretha, Raphael, Mimaru and of course, the newest of them, Dream.
"Finally…" muttered Raphael.
"I would never have guessed… what with the not moving." said Viretha.
"Thanks, Lix." said Mimaru.
"…thank you Metela, for pointing it out…" sighed Metela to herself.
"Umm… thank you…" said Dream.

Ciel just giggled.

As they left their cabin and began to exit the boat, almost every single male on the boat stared at Lixxy.

Maybe it was her curly brown hair, or deep brown eyes. It could have been the fact that she winked at every single person who looked her way, and grinned. Quite possibly it was the way she walked, swirling her black skirt around with each confident step. But probably it was the tight black shirt that barely covered her breasts even when fully buttoned-which they weren't, and left nothing to the imagination.

A series of whistles and broken hearts accompanied her exit from the boat, as well as six pokemon ranging from confused through embarrassed through to hysterical laughter.

* * *

"Right." said Lixxy. "I made sure we have access to a map, so-"
"Ahem." interrupted Metela.
"METELA made sure I remembered to get a map, so I am happy to say we can enter our first contest… today. In about half an hour." she said. "Mimaru, are you ready?"

"Always, Lix." said the Milotic, preening his tail feathers with his tongue.
"Then let's go." she said brightly. "Dream hasn't ever seen one of our contests. Should be fun, right Dream?"

"Umm… yes, miss Lixxy…" said the Dragonair, startled.
"Cheer up!" said Lixxy. "Enjoy yourself, you don't need to be so quiet. Smile!"
Dream gave an unsure smile, and Elix hugged her.
"Better!" she laughed.

"Hate to interrupt you." said a boy behind her. He looked about thirteen. "Are you the Saffron Slut?"

Lixxy groaned.
"That's me." she said.
It was a fair nickname. She came from Saffron City, and she'd slept with more people than she could count without a scientific calculator. She used to end her contest victories by picking one of her fans from the crowd to take back to her room and…

Honestly, she quite liked the nickname. But she was BUSY.

"What do you want?" she asked.
"I want a battle." he said. "You're a co-ordinator, I can destroy you!" he said, sending out a Golem.

He looked proud of this pokemon.

Elix snorted, and said.
"Ice Beam."

A blast of cold struck the Golem from Mimaru's mouth, and it rolled over unconscious.

Elix flashed the side of her bag at him, the bag she always wore over her shoulder, at her side. It had upon it a fair few ribbons, and the eight badges of Johto.

"Run along." she said.
He scowled, and took his pokemon towards the pokemon centre.

Lixxy sighed contentedly.
"I love being me." she said.

* * *

"So, are we ready?" asked Lixxy.
"Yeah." said Mimaru. "The act is ready. And we start in…?"
"Twenty minutes." said Metela. "You need to get changed."
Lixxy groaned.

"No, I think I should just wear…"
"Lixxy." said Metela. "Get changed."

Lixxy reached into her bag, grumbling and pulled out something, a piece of clothing that was very, very pink.
It was a dress, the pink dress that had at one point been a mandatory part of contests. Lixxy also had the two hair ribbons.

She absolutely hated the outfit. She thought she looked utterly beautiful in it-and it wasn't JUST arrogance, it did suit her very well-but it took over fifteen minutes to put on. At least it was easy to take off.

She opened the dress up with a sigh, and started to change.

* * *

"Welcome to the Slateport City Pokemon contest!" called the announcer, to resounding applause. "Today, we have many new contestants, including a forerunner from the Johto Circuit, Elix Mareva. First up though, is Leanne Thompson, with her Flareon Blaze!"

More applause as a young girl walked out. She was wearing a dress, a red one that looked almost like a flame as it moved.
Her Flareon leapt forwards with her, spinning through the air in a somersault, sprouting flames from his body. The flames shot off in a wheel, burning the ground, shooting into the sky, narrowly avoiding hitting anyone.

He landed, and instantly threw a fiery blast directly upwards, before leaping up through it.
He climbed and climbed, flying higher into the sky, before turning, and falling.

Flames burst from his fur.

He struck the ground, the earth beneath him shattering, and him vanishing into a deep hole.

A plume of lava erupted from the hole, filling up the deep cracks left by the earth-shattering impact.

There were confused noises, until a camera showed the view from above.
Blaze swam to the surface of the molten rock, now arranged in a symbol, that in an ancient language read 'Blaze'.
The noises changed into applause, and the girl hugged her Flareon to her.

"Well, I don't know if that's going to be matched. What a beginning, ladies and gentlemen." said the announcer, visibly impressed. "Let's see if our Johto friend, Lixxy the Saffron Star, can prove me wrong!"

Lixxy walked out into almost silence, save a few bits of scattered applause, Mimaru following her.
She raised an arm to the sky dramatically, and Mimaru launched an ice beam that struck the cloud cover above them.

In almost an instant, the clouds were frozen into a soft hail that fell for about twenty seconds, leaving behind a patch of blue sky that drew sounds of wonderment, the sun shining down through the gap.

Lixxy smiled.

Mimaru threw a Water Pulse high into the sky, the water glittering in the light, as he struck it with an Ice Beam, freezing it into a single disk.

The icy disk shone in the sunlight.
Mimaru fired an overpowered Attract, a heart shaped blast of energy, after the sphere.

As it reached the apex of its flight upwards, the heart smashed into it, melting a heart shaped hole in the centre. The heat began to spread, stopped by a Powder Snow.

The disk, a heart shaped hole in the middle, fell towards the earth, frozen solid.

It landed on Lixxy. Or, rather, around her, the co-ordinator standing directly in the centre of the heart shapes hole.

She blew a kiss to the audience, and winked.

They went wild.

* * *

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