I told you there would be a sequel…this is all totally Andrea (Lilleloius) fault she wrote this I beta'd it..And you know it wouldn't be here without her.…I love it and I hope you do too…no I don't hope I know you will enjoy.

A car honked and shocked him from his daze. Dean glanced over, but ignored it when the driver moved on. These days the world seemed to be slowing down, a great heat wave had rolled in over most of South Dakota and suffocated everything in warmth. Dean was slowly starting to hate it. His brother did as well. Two grown, and very large men, got very hot, very quickly that meant a lot of sweating, especially from Sam. Now it seemed he never really moved without a water bottle near.

Dean quietly cursed when he noticed the state of his car. Dirt had gathered in the lining between the windshield and the dash where the two met. Light brown dirt and Dean couldn't help but shiver over why it was brown. Flies had decided to join the pigsty and die among the dirt. So dead flies and a thin line of light brown dirt caked his dash and bottom windshield. The only reassurance he had was the fact that his dashboard was tan and not black or white.

Sam ambled back out of the post office. He had a bunch of letters in his hand so Dean figured at least one of them would hold their new credit cards. Sam was already sweating profusely. His t-shirt was drenched and Dean suddenly fretted for his upholstery. Sam slid in and almost squeaked against the leather.

Dean grimaced, but decided to keep his mouth shut. They were both sweaty and gross.

"Okay, so we got a lot this month," Sam started sifting through the small bunch of letters in his hands. Dean waited with the same mildly dissatisfied frown on his face. Sam handed him two letters containing new credit cards. Dean's frown almost vanished as he unpacked them. Sam then suddenly stopped when he reached a certain letter in the small pile.

"Who's that from?" Dean pointed to the messy note scribbled as return address.

"Ben," Sam said and held it up for Dean.

He opened it carefully and read with Sam's eyes glued to the letters before him. "Jesus…." Dean's face fell and Sam's worry spiked.


"He's moved out from home," Dean said and turned the letter to read the back.

"What? Out of Lisa's? Why?"

"Doesn't say why. Just says he and she couldn't work it out and now he's moved out to his grand dad in Florida," Dean dropped the paper and stared blindly through the wind shield.

Sam snagged the letter to read it himself. "What the hell….." Did Lisa mention anything to you the last time you talked to her?"

"That was almost two months ago," Dean said, with his eyes still glued to a point in front of the car.

"Don't you think you should call her?"

Dean frowned at the accusatory tone in his brother's voice, but didn't mention it. "Not my business,"

"Are you kidding me?!" He flung the letters back and stepped out of the car. "If you won't call her to ask about your son, I will!"

"Sam! Wait! Stop! Stop. Just hang on a minute, Sam." Dean grabbed Sam's phone and took a breath. "If you don't mind I'd rather not deal with her unless I have to," He said with such weariness in his voice that Sam instantly felt guilty. He nodded and Dean nodded back. After a seconds pause he flipped open the phone and dialled a number from heart.

"You change your mind?"

"I'm not calling her, I'm calling him." Dean pressed the phone to his ear and turned to get some distance from his eavesdropping brother.


"Hey, Ben. Guess who," Dean said without trace of humour in his voice. To his annoyance Ben played it cool and pretended everything was fine.

"Hey, Dean. How's everything?"

Dean cursed mentally as he always did when his son refused to call him dad. Seemed a lifetime of half truths from his mother and absence from his father had left deeper scars than Dean initially thought. "Well I got your letter. Wanna tell me why you didn't call me about it?"

"I didn't need your help,"

"No? Too bad, Ben. You're still a kid - still my kid - and you're gonna get it whether you like it or not." Ben huffed on the other line, but Dean didn't pause long enough to let him interrupt. "And what's this about you living with your grandpa?"

Ben snorted. "Don't worry. Bill is a great guy-"

"You hardly ever met the guy, Ben! Lisa told me all about her falling out with her family,"

The silence on the other end of the line was deafening.

"Ben?" Dean's voice softened and he prayed to every major deity that his brother wasn't listening in. "You wanna tell me why you're running?"

Again there was a pause and when he answered his voice almost broke Dean in half. "Everything's just screwed up,"

Dean ran a hand down his face. "I know, kiddo. Life does that sometimes,"

Ben huffed again. "Yeah,"

"Would you mind if we came to visit?"

"In Florida?"


There was another pause that almost killed Dean. "Dean, it's not necessary-"

"Ben, stop. I want to. Sam wants to see you again and you know what….. he's gettin' too big for me to stop." Dean tried with a grin and earned a huff from his son. He glanced back and saw Sam leaning against the car watching the ground. Dean knew he was too far away to listen in on Dean's conversation. "Please, Ben."

There was a long silence where all Dean heard was the noise from the other end of the line. Cars driving by as far as he could hear. "Yeah, alright. Guess I could spare you guys a day or two from my busy schedule."


"So when do you wanna come by?"

"We're in S.D. right now so it might be a couple days. We'll call before we get there,"


"Great." Ben hung up a second before Dean and he spent the next three seconds staring at the phone, wondering how he had grown so estranged to his own son. He looked up and caught Sam's eye and snapped back to attention.

"So?" Sam was anxious, Dean could see that much.

"He said it'd be alright if we dropped by a couple days,"

"How did he sound?"

Dean glared at his brother and handed him back his phone. "Like a little old lady with a severe lisp,"


"He sounded fine, Sam…. Normal," Dean finished with a sad note and got into the car.

Sam followed and didn't mention it the whole ride.

The landscape slid by and the brothers each sat in silence. They had grown apart in the past years. Sam had bumped into Sara and re-established contact with her.

One month earlier…

Sara had become one of the most powerful women in New York. She ran a prestigious antique house on the Upper East Side. Her father had retired and left most of his estate and money for her to expand on. She had done just that and thrived. Sam was no where near the same as the first time they met, but she seemed fine with that.

Sam and she re slowly getting their lives back together. Like a puzzle they were slowly and unconsciously moulding their lives to fit with one another.

Sam had started hunting along years back. He and Dean split up when they found coinciding hunts. So far only the occasional ghost or lone demon. The number of demons had lessened severely in the years after Lucifer had supposedly been released.

The first years had been spent in a panic, trying to find any and all demons with information. Dean had again and again tried calling for Castiel with no result.

Slowly, but surely the hunters around the world forgot about the devastating event that was supposed to have passed. Slowly but surely everybody forgot the Devil was loose on the earth. Sam and Dean stopped talking because it turned out there was too much that needed to be discussed.


The air lightened and blew into the old car through open windows. Each brother was in their own mind, but neither contemplating the only things that really mattered. The reason for Dean and Sam growing apart was Dean's irreparable stubborn streak. That and his insistence that the only real Sam was the big, oafy, little brother-"Sam" he knew way back. He had never outright told that to his brother, but pulled back in lack of it.

Sam had responded in kind by simply shutting off. They had started hunting separately on occasion. That had turned into "hunting together on occasion" instead. Dean hated it, but as human nature dictated he had learned to live with the things he couldn't fix.

This was one of the rare occasions where the brothers got together and took on a hunt for old time's sake. Dean would never admit but each time his brother left after the hunts, he felt another part of him die. The separation was slowly and surely killing him.

As the years had passed so had Sam's life. To Dean it felt like he was still in the exact same place this day as he was ten years back, before the gates of hell had opened. It seemed like he was the same, sad excuse for a man he always had been.


Sam was the only one evolving. His life was expanding. He moved in with Sara. He had bought his own car a while back when they started splitting up to go on hunts. A truck like his dad. Sam remembered the look on his brother's face when Sam arrived at the rendezvous point in his big "Daddy-lookalike truck". Dean's heart broke, it seemed, that night. They drove in separate cars to the next anonymous motel they would sleep in for the night.

Sara was at home alone and Sam couldn't help feel like he was being pulled every which way. He knew there were certain things he had neglected and certain things that called for his immediate and unwavering attention.

His brother was one of the things he didn't have time to fix. Sara was one of the things he needed to make time for.

But the one thing that kept him working till the dead of night; the one thing that still made him wake up screaming at night, only to be comforted by her, was the memories of his past deeds. In every one of his dreams a bright beam of light blinded and burned him.

Every night he woke up shivering and crying over everything he had lost. Everything he had done. He never told Sara more than she needed, but she was always there. She would curl her warm body around his and whisper soothing words into his ears until the tears stopped. She was the only one he had left.

How was he supposed to survive without her?


They pulled into Ben's grandfather's driveway. It was bright outside and fresh. Not as stuffy as S.D. and definitely a change Dean needed. They knocked and were greeted by Ben. Dean almost broke when he was greeted the same way he figured Ben greeted his friends.

A simple head nod and an outstretched hand.

Dean had thought he counted as more. "Hey, guys,"

"Hi, Ben." Sam said after shaking his hand with a glance at his big brother.

"Come on in," Ben stepped aside and Dean and Sam walked into the one story house with great reverence. Dean was afraid to touch anything in fear it would break. Knickknacks littered the bookshelves and tea tables. Doilies everywhere and ashtrays. One old leather chair in the same colour as the dirt in Dean's car. A green, quilt draped over it and a mushy, old pillow sitting in it.

"Where's Bill?" Sam asked with a look around the living room.

"Out on his Tuesday morning senior gym-thing."

"Seriously?" Dean turned with a grin.

"Yeah," Ben smiled back and went to the kitchen. "I know the place looks like something left behind from the fifties, but it's nice and central." He poured them a cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen table.

Sam's phone buzzed and vibrated. He flinched back and tried to excavate it from his deep pockets. "Oh, shit. That's Sara. I gotta take this," He said and hurried into the living room, leaving Ben and Dean behind.

It suited Dean fine. He was done playing nice and pretending like everything was fine. "You wanna tell me why you left your mother?" He asked without niceties. Ben's expression softened and for a second Dean recognized the boy he had saved so many years back.

"Not really, no."

"Oh I'm sorry. I meant: You're gonna tell me why you left your mother. How was that?"

Ben ground his jaw and the defiant, cold stranger was back. "I told you; I needed a change,"

"Bullshit," Dean stepped closer and straightened his back. Ben reacted similarly. "When you need a change you get a haircut-"

"You didn't,"

"And I thought I was the last person you wanted to be like?" Dean said with an arched brow.

Ben's bravado faltered again and he looked down.

"You need to tell me what's going on,"


"Because I'm your father!" Dean said with disbelief in his eyes over the question.

"Who are you kidding, Dean. You were never my father," Ben's expression was one of cold cynicism.

"I know I wasn't around when you were growing up, but you have to understand why that is…?"

Ben nodded and huffed humourlessly. "I know, Dean. You didn't know and my mom lied to you like she did to me,"

"She had her reasons, Ben."

"You honestly think that?!"

"I know that! She did what she did for her own reasons and I could walk around blaming her, but I choose not to,"

"Oh yeah, I forgot; you're so perfect-"

"I'm not perfect, Ben. I'm an adult!" He stepped right up to his son and looked down at him through dark eyes. "If you can't find it in you to forgive her you're not as grown up as you think-"

"Funny, I thought growing up was about responsibility-"

"It is-"

"So TAKE SOME!!!" He hollered and backed away from Dean. "Admit you didn't mean what you told me back when we first found out. Admit that you never wanted to get to know anything about me."

"That's not true-"

"BULLSHIT!" Ben hurled the cup into the wall and started pacing. Dean wasn't fazed knowing how many times he had blown up like that. "You drop by every once in awhile, sure. You stayed two days after I found out you were my dad. How the hell was I supposed to know what I wanted in two days??!!!"

Dean ground his jaw and tried not to react like Ben. "I'm sorry if you think you come before everyone else in the world! I'm sorry if you think your life is the only on I have to look after!! YES, you're my son, but that doesn't mean I can suddenly drop everything else!"

Tears were gathering in Ben's eyes, but true to the Winchester way he refused to let them fall. "Where the hell did you go that was so important?!"

2 years earlier…

Dean turned after saying goodbye to his son. He suddenly felt hope return. He felt more alive than he had for years. He had a son. He had a son who wanted to know him. Despite Dean's impatience he knew he had to let Ben come to him when he was ready. He couldn't imagine how it felt to have your life turned upside down like that.

How it felt to find out your mother; the person you trusted most in the world, had spent your entire life lying to you. He passed her on his way through the house, but she didn't greet him. She sat with her back to him and her eyes on the world outside her kitchen window. She didn't turn or speak when he passed, but he moved over to her side.

"Why didn't you tell me…?" His sad voice brought on another hiccup from her.

"I thought he would turn into you," She admitted with sorrow in her voice. "The worst… and the best possible thing to happen to him." She looked up with earnest eyes.

Dean nodded. A part of him understood, but his emotions were telling him to hold a grudge.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could change it," Another hiccup escaped her. "It obviously didn't change anything; he's still gonna become a hunter-" A sob ripped from her chest and she leaned into her arms, over the table. "Oh God…"

Dean put a hand on her shoulder and rubbed in slow circles. "It's ok. It's gonna be ok."

"I couldn't survive if he died…!" She cried brokenly. "I couldn't survive…" She repeated and sobbed.

Dean knew there was nothing he could say or do to change her mind and he knew there was nothing he could promise her that would make it all ok. "I'm sorry,"

"I wish he never found out," She cried into her own hands.

Dean frowned in sympathy. He knew the fear of losing someone you loved. He knew what lengths people could go to, to hold on. "He won't start hunting, Lisa."

"How can you know…?" She cried openly. "If you don't teach him he'll run out alone at night and get himself killed!" Tears were streaming from her eyes.

Dean cupped both hands around her face and looked deep into her eyes. "I know because I won't let it if I can stop it,"


The next day in Cicero Pines Motel; in Sam and Dean's room…

"Dean! Bobby just called," Sam turned with a horrified look in his eyes. "He says its happening!"


"He says signs are showing up all over the world,"


Sam switched on the TV. A weather channel was showing massive thunder storms hovering all over the US. A massive storm system was moving from Europe over the Atlantic and gathering power. They expected it to hit the east coast in little less than a week. "This is it, Dean. This is what we've been waiting for!" Sam stopped pointing at the screen frantically and started throwing things in his bag.

"Sam, just stop for one second-"

"Dean, this couldn't have come at a worse time, I agree, but it's happening…. Now!"

"Sam just calm down!"

"No! Look, I know you have this whole new family, but if we don't move RIGHT NOW there won't be a family to go home to!" Sam stared at him until Dean could feel the dark cold that came with giving up a fight. He nodded and grabbed his own bag. They threw everything they had into the bags and left without word to Ben or Lisa.


"I had a lot on my plate back then, Ben." Dean looked down sadly.

The young man huffed with tears in his eyes and turned and slammed his hand against the wall in frustration.

"I know it doesn't make it right-"

"Why won't you just tell me what you had to do?!" He shouted with so much emotion.

Dean studied him a little closer and wondered if Sam was still talking to Sara or hiding outside to let the father and son have this moment. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," It was Dean's turn to huff and turn.

Ben moved a little closer; curiosity peaked. "What?"

"Ben, I…." Dean looked closely at his son. This fear that he always felt around him had long ago been identified. It wasn't just because it would sound unbelievable even to the most hardened hunter. It was the fact that even if Ben knew it or not, he was still just a big kid. Even if he didn't think he had any innocence left, Dean knew better. "I can't talk about it with you,"

"More secrets…" Ben sighed with his eyes slowly drying and anger setting in.

"It's not like that-"

"But it is! No matter the reason, it's more fucking secrets!! I can't stand being lied to!!!"

"You're too young-"

"Fuck you!"

Dean rushed over and pushed him against the wall. "No matter what you think of me, you will treat me with a little respect; your mom and my brother as well. We deserve more than your disgust and loathe….!" Dean hissed; a little surprised with his own vehement response. Ben looked shocked, but quickly recovered.

"Respect has to earned,"

"I agree. You earn respect by giving it to others. Things could be so much worse for you. Whether you like it or not, your safety comes first – even if that means keeping you out of the loop."

Ben's expression saddened. "Why can't you just tell me…?"

2 years earlier

"Dean! GET DOWN!" Sam fired the shotgun the second Dean dropped below range. The demon evaporated in a scream of fury.

"Get the salt in NOW!" Dean shouted to the other hunters. The door, windows and vents were slammed shut in sync. A dozen hunters; among them Bobby Singer, ran from door to door laying salt down.

The demon hissed and fizzed around under the ceiling.

"Nowhere to go, you asshole!" Dean shouted in his deep, baritone voice. The demon seemed to hear and stilled. It then stared purring and sank to the ground. A ring of salt had been put in a perfect circle around it. Tamara and a hunter Dean didn't know were busy writing a modernized devil's trap around the salt to avoid contact with the demon.

It spat and hissed.

"Save it, sulphur-breath!" Dean sneered.

The demon stilled when the last protective sigil was drawn on the floorboards. It surged together and took the shape of a kid with hoofs. Dean smirked when the demon sneered.

"Well hello, Lucy."

I hissed again and Dean swore he saw birds lift from the branches outside the window.

"Nice to see you to," He glanced over at Bobby. "This one got a name?"

Bobby was staring straight at the demon which was still staring fixedly at Dean. "Some say Abraxas other sources say Ilu Limnu,"

Dean leaned closer to the snarling demon. "So which one are you?"

It tweaked its head at him and suddenly softened its sneer to a smile. "Ilu…" It hissed with its smile growing bigger. "Dean Winchester…"

It threw its head back in a shrill laugh. The only three people in the room who managed to remain stoic were the three most vulnerable. Sam, Dean and Bobby traded looks.

"We know everything about you, Dean…" It said in a scary child's voice.

Dean nodded slowly with his smile still glued to his face. "Oh really…?"

It chuckled in its smokey voice and looked at Sam. "Don't we, Sam?"

Sam frowned and only managed to make the demon laugh louder.

"Ahh yes… All the little children went to hell, except for Sam; he just smiled as they fell." The demon smiled sweetly at him, but screeched when Dean launched a wave of holy water at it. It shimmered briefly before it found its solid shape once again.

"So you're Ilu Limnu?" Dean glared. "Never heard of ya,"

"Because I leave no one alive to tell,"

"What's with all the rhymes?" Dean asked his brother brazenly.

Sam shrugged and flung a wave of his own holy water at the demon. It screeched again and refocused on Sam. "I'm going to enjoy burning you in hell," It laughed maniacally. "When you released The Gate, did you think you would only get Lucifer?" Its laugh died down to an unnerving chuckle. "There's a whole world of demons down there. Things you've never even heard about- well maybe you have," It pointed to Dean. "Maybe even seen some of them-"

"Christo!" Sam growled and made the demon screech and hunch.

"Question is, how would you like to go back? 'Cause you will if you don't tell us what we want to know," Dean continued, seemingly unaffected.

It growled, making clear that it hated them for threatening it with hell. "I know nothing-"

Another wave of water was sprinkled at it until it flinched back and hit the edge of the devil's trap. A jolt shot from the ground when the demon connected with it and made the hunters pause in surprise. "This is new?" Dean turned to Tamara with an arched brow.

She smiled back. "I perfected it myself,"

"So it does what, exactly?" Sam asked after.

She turned to him with her sadistic smile already fading to a frown. "Hurts."

Dean turned back to the shaken demon with a surprised expression. "Simple. To the point," The demon looked up with an expression of annoyed pain. "I like it."

"I'm going to tell you what you want to hear," Dean's triumphant smile only lasted as long as it took the demon to inhale its next breath. "Only so you can quiver of the things to come."

"Sounds good to me," His smile had faltered, but he was stubbornly maintaining his smug expression.

It turned its eyes to Sam. "Before the war can begin, the chosen one must fall-"

"Already did that," Dean said with a frown.

The demon took a second to smile. "Yes, we know…" Dean's frown fell to barely controlled heartbreak. It tipped its invisible hat at him in greeting. "Glad to have you,"

"Get to the point!" Bobby snapped and recited the opening phrases of the roman ritual.

It hissed and flinched back only to get electrocuted again from its written cage. Dean turned to Tamara with a grin. "REALLY liking the devil's trap!"

"When The Unknowing One falls, he unwillingly opens the door to judgement day," It looked back at Sam. "But the devil will not rise until his arrival has been preordained by divine messengers," It looked at Dean with a secretive sneer. "Servants of God will blow the trumpets that will awaken the devouring light."

"Bullshit," Bobby grumbled with the demon chuckling in the background. "It's lying. Telling us things to scare us,"

"Are you sure?" Tamara asked with a look in his direction.


"Then what are we waiting for?" She asked and grabbed the exorcism book from him.

"Why are you still looking for Lucifer when he is in this very room!?" The demon howled as the exorcism rite began. "When he is in the hearts of those you think will save you. Why do you expect a creature of such grace to be contained in one individual?!" It screamed half way through the exorcism.

Tamara stopped. She glanced at Bobby who waved at her to wait. "What do you mean?"

The demon let its head fall again. "Now I see what He meant. All his horrible whispers were about you," It looked up with huge, black eyes. Greed; was the first thing that came to Dean's mind. "You need not fear Hell for it is already upon You," It turned to Dean again when Tamara started reading. "It will come from your own ranks and devour anything and everything you love." It sneered as hell began pulling it down again. Dean's cockiness was all but gone. "It will come into your homes and kill your children, Dean Winchester!!!"