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The cold air whipped my hair in front of my eyes while I skimmed over the asphalt, hurrying down the street to get home. One of the lonely street lamps flickered when a wave of wind hit the metal, I could tell that they were about to cut off. I wrapped my arms across my chest and gained walking speed. My eyes moved back and forth as I observed the neighborhood. Almost every light in the houses were off, only a few left with night life.

As the wind grew stronger I tightened my jacket around myself. I knew that I should have let Angela's dad give me a ride home. I was too stubborn saying that I needed the 'exercise'. I rolled my eyes regretting turning down her offer instantly. Exercise? What the hell was wrong with me? A distant car sound captured my attention immediately.

I hadn't seen a single car pass by in the small town of forks yet. It was 12 a.m. nobody was really out. An icy cold sensation poured down my back and I couldn't help but gasp. I knew that it wasn't because of the harsh weather. It was something else…Something that I could not explain nor understand. I slowly averted my eyes to the ground, following the glimmering light, the almost ruined street lamps glow captured in the wet surface. I drew the loose strands of hair, whirling in my face, behind my ear.

I already forgot about the strange sensation that happened just a moment ago, that is until it happened again. This time I stopped dead in my tracks, and started gasping for air. It felt like I had been stabbed by ice sickles. Just then a stronger light came from behind me and I saw my shadow enlarge in front of me. I quickly turned around, drawing my hand up to shield my eyes from the sharp light the car sent straight at me.

I felt ice cold, much worse than likely. The weather wasn't that bad. There had to be another reason. My eyes widened at the sight of the car, my heart pounded painfully fast all of a sudden. All my senses were screaming for me to get away, but I was star struck. I flinched when a door opened and then slammed shut. I should run, I needed to run. Why was I just standing here like an idiot? I just couldn't recover from the frozen position that I was in.

Tears were on the verge of being released when I saw a clear person, silhouetted by shadows, standing in front of the bright lights. I saw a silvery sharp object in the person's hand. The flat side of the object got turned enough to let the light from one of the lamps hit the silvery blade, and it was sent directly into my face. I blinked a couple of times, dizziness washed over me.

Someone's footsteps quickened, but remained calm, narrowing the distance between the stranger and I. I needed to run. My eyes flickered open, stinging, as if I had been sitting by the computer through a night without sleeping. I ran, finally, pushing myself to the limit of speed. A second later I heard someone putting their foot on the gas pedal. Was it that person? Male I assumed because of what I saw. It wasn't a woman.

He couldn't have gotten into the car that fast. I pushed myself more, the hair now hot against my skin. I could hear the car catching up with me; the terrible thoughts welled up in my eyes, sending tears straight down my damped cheeks. I quickened a little bit more; I wanted to make a run for the small road to take me away from the main street. But the black car drove right in front of me, my stomach and chest collided with the car as I hit it.

I fell to the ground, breathless, pain souring through me. I clenched my fists when I heard the car doors open, then close. Slow, tauntingly footsteps strolled to my side. I glanced up horrified, worried of what my eyes would meet. A guy towered above me. A cold smirk playing his lips, playing me. His eyes kept thunders in them, lightnings…fire. Emptiness. In the form of a dark red color, shining with amusement of the sight by his feet.

His skin was pale white like mine and his hair an interesting shade of reddish/ brown – almost copper like. The lines of his face were hard and sharp and he looked as if God created him. The look in his eyes was hostile though. I gasped louder than intended and struggled to get up. I heard a lot of stories about kidnapping, rape and torture near Seattle, but I never imagined that it would happen around here. I wobbled my way up on my knees, before I was pulled up by strong, cold hands.

"Let me go!" I thrashed around in his arms, only to pull his lips more and more into a sadistic smile, full with secrets and plans. He pulled me close to him, tangling my arms behind my back, pulling them upwards if I struggled. I had to stop, the power he had over my arms could make them break like a twig. My chest never was satisfied with the amount of air I brought to my lungs, my breath was quick, sending shivers everywhere. This couldn't be happening to me, none of this ever happened in forks.

"Let me go! Please…" The use of the word 'please' seemed to work a little. His hands softened the grip on my arms, "That's a good start…I'll promise you will use that word again, when I take you." His whisper stabbed my heart and soul hard. I let out cries from my lips.

"No!" I yelled when he dragged me over to his car, opening the door without touching it. He sat me in, his hands knowing my attempts before I thought of them. Before he slammed the door shut, I yanked backwards in a frightened second when I saw his eyes trace over with a pitch black color. What on earth was he? I jumped over to the door again, finding it locked. The windows were black; I couldn't see anything through them, not even the street lamps. I flinched when I heard him getting into the driver's seat. He turned my way, sending a grin at my weak appearance in the back seat.

"Let me out! You can't do this! Why?!" My words came out in a cracked tone. A black window rolled up before me, trapping me in the back seat… alone. I was completely alone with him. Whatever he was he wasn't human.

I kicked my feet into the door, but of course it wouldn't open. I was completely freaked out, and every possible suggestion that came into my head; I tried out. The stranger must have been driving half an hour or so, when the black glass rolled down slowly. I pushed my back farther into the seat, cringing against the soft material of the back seat. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip.

"We're almost there…" was all he said before he rolled the glass right back up.
"Where?! You can't do this!" I hit my fist against the glass hard, but it only caused me pain. Loss, sorrow, confusion and hate flooded my mind. I felt like I had lost everything, that I wasn't going to see home ever again. It was a strange feeling, because it felt so real, like I could feel the future without those I had been close with. What about Charlie, Renee, I could only imagine how they would feel about this. The rumbling sound of thunder lifted my face toward the ceiling of the car.

"Where are you taking me? Let me out…"

I finally broke, right then and there, releasing the tears into my hands. Because of my crying, I didn't notice the car engine had been turned off. Also that the BMW drives so softly, it's hard to notice. A few seconds later though, I heard clearly when the door to the driver was shut. I quickly moved over to the middle seat, so that I had more control. I couldn't hear anything outside the car now, I knew someone was standing outside; I tried to find out where he was. He could be on either side of the car.

I flinched when the door on my right was opened. I tried to get over to the other side, but I froze when that door opened as well. Two hands reached for me, but in complete fear, I pushed myself face to face with my enemy, I saw that it was the guy that captured me. Wherever I was, it was lighter than close to my home. Where I currently was, was only the beginning of a cold night. This didn't make sense at all. I stopped for a moment when I saw what was behind him; a huge warehouse. What were they? The mob? The guy who held me tightly, smiled at my questioned expression.

"Come with us Miss."
Miss? I lifted an eyebrow, but he didn't explain anything. I almost forgot about the other person, who now came up by my side.
"So this is the new one?" he asked smugly in a light southern accent, while lowering his eyes down my slim figure. The second guy had the same dark eyes as the one who captured me. His complexion was pail too just like the first one. I could also see a few scars up his arms.

"Yeah, she's the new one. We're gonna have lots of requests on her, I think. We must get her ready…"

"Come with us now…If you behave, everything will go fine." He pulled me with him and at the same time holding onto my chin so that he could look at me while he spoke.

"What is this you talk about? I won't go with anyone I don't know, so knock it off!" My words were as pointless as my struggling. I had no option but to watch the warehouse get closer and closer each second. I looked over my shoulder, seeing that other guy with a smile on his face. When I desperately tried to get loose, I could hear him laugh behind me. These two had power over me; they could do anything they wanted. I had no idea what lay behind the doors of the warehouse. Maybe it was just an empty place where they could…rape me.

Now I completely started to flip out, I recalled what the guy said earlier, that he was going to take me. Was he serious, or did he joke just to make it worse.

"Take her legs, now." A moment later the mysterious dark eyes of the second guy was in front of me. I automatically screamed, this just brought a smile to his face. He hurriedly picked up my trembling legs, and walked backwards.
"We don't want to call for attention now, do we?" They quickened, and soon ended up by the warehouse.
"Why didn't we drive closer?"
"I have no idea…you're the driver, dork…" he replied with that light southern accent

The one in front of me opened the door to the warehouse, and entered. I took one last glance outside, before I was brought inside and the door was shut closed. My jaws dropped when I saw young frightened girls everywhere. Some of them sat on the floor, dressed in beautiful dresses, rocking back and forth with tears streaming down their cheeks. I knew where they had taken me; the black market.

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