I abruptly woke up to someone calling my name. I quickly scanned the room looking for the source of the voice.

"Edward?" I called out hoping that it was him. No response came.

"Anybody there?" I asked. I then heard a faint creak from outside the door. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down.

"Whoever's out there stop fucking around, and answer me!" No other sounds came from outside. I slowly crept out of bed and threw on yesterdays clothes before slowly creeping towards the door, and opening it slowly, just wide enough to look through the door.

I felt my skin crawl, I started panicking, not knowing who or what was creeping around. I could only hope that I was imagining shit. I decided that I needed to find somebody Edward or Death; Hell I'd even be happy to see Jasper. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door all the way, and slowly made my way down the hallway.

I had no idea where the fuck I was going, every time that I walked through this maze of a house, I had somebody guide me to where I was supposed to go. My leg's felt wobbly as I slowly walked around clueless. As I had made my way through this maze, I came across a flight of stairs which went down.

Feeling like I was getting somewhere, I quickly went down the stairs and as I reached the ground, I looked in every direction hoping to find somebody soon. I started to look around downstairs trying to seek out Edward or the others. They were nowhere near. I stopped walking, and leant back on a wall.

"Edward, Jasper…Death…where are you? Please come to me…" I called out desperately. I then heard the sound of a door opening. Quickly standing up straight I looked towards the direction it came from, and slowly made my way towards it. I came across two giant doors that were slightly open. I opened them both and could feel the wind coming in, from outside. All I could see was the crosses outside. Getting angry I demanded that whoever was messing with me show themselves.

Suddenly a gust of wind made my hair blow in front of my eyes, and then low voices soon surrounded me. The mysterious nightly air scared me and I stumbled back. Being a powerful angel and all, I wasn't really prepared: I was afraid. The once careful wind seemed to grow a bit stronger around me and my hair twirled in every direction. It was as if the wind kept me from going anywhere. Either that or it was only my curiosity. Listening closer, I could hear words. Words that were begging for help. Making a decision, I walked away from the massive building and drowned myself in the increasing volume of voices. When nearing the numerous crosses, my head was pounding insanely in confusion. I fell down suddenly, supporting myself against a cross. A cross that seemed to be screaming. My ears hurt, my head still in pain. Forcing myself up on my feet, I looked up at the cross while covering my ears.

"What's going on!" I shouted to no one in particular. Was I the only one hearing the voices? Were they even voices? I remembered how Jasper acted towards me earlier, when I tried confronting him with the sound I had heard from the crosses. He was acting weird, I remembered. A piercing scream made me fall down on the ground in shock, staring wide eyed at the tomb stone. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, closing my eyes.

I then felt something grab me, and felt myself spinning, and then everything went still and silent. My breathing was heavy and I kept my eyes closed too scared to open them. A few minutes passed and I didn't even realize that a pair of arms were around me until I felt them pulling away from my waist from behind. I instantly turned around not knowing, who was behind me. I felt a tear stream down my face as I saw that it was Death. I stared at him in shock and he looked extremely confused.

Letting out a deep breath, I ran towards him and hugged him with tears streaming down my face, and sobbing uncontrollably. Never would I have thought I would be so grateful to see him. I continued to sob into his shoulder, shaking and everything. I felt his hand slowly rub up and down my back, allowing me to let it all out. As I calmed down I pulled away from him stared at him. He turned his back towards me and waved his hand. A black smoke appeared, and as it disappeared there were two big arm chairs sitting there. He slowly walked towards them and sat in one. Death looked at me and beckoned me to sit next to him. I slowly walked towards him and sat down next to him.

"You want to tell me what happened out there Bella?" Tears began to stream down my face again and I looked at him confused. "You didn't hear the screaming?" I asked.

"Yeah I heard you screaming, but I'm asking why…"

"NO NOT ME, IT WAS COMING FROM THE CROSSES!" I screamed out annoyed. "I mean I feel like I'm going crazy, I mean how would there be voices from those crosses, they're obviously dead."

Death stared at me and then started to laugh. I stared at him in disbelief, not understanding how the hell he could be laughing at me. I could then feel anger building up inside of me, but kept it under control. "Do you mind telling me what you're laughing at?" Stopping his laughter he looked at me, and smiled.

"Bella, you're not going crazy, you hearing those voices is completely normal." I just continued to stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

"The bodies underneath those crosses are not dead. Those are the leaders of different species within our worlds that I have captured."


"There's a lot I still need to teach you…I think I'm going to delay today's mission I had planned. You just have to learn to ignore those voices."

"Will you just tell me about those damn crosses?"

"Yes, Bella. Those crosses, are not for dead bodies. They are basically prisons. Every specie has a leader, the first of that specie. For example, the vampires. They have a leader who was the first of their kind. This vampire has ultimate power and has every other vampire under his/her rule. Without this first vampire, none of the other vampire's would be alive. Don't ask why that is, that's a story for another time. So those vampire's underneath his/her rule have no choice but to obey. Without a leader they lose order. Now, I want complete control over every specie belonging to the underworld. In order to do this, I can't kill them of course, because as I explained, that would wipe out the entire specie. How I gain leadership over them is to capture their leader. I have done that to all specie's except one, and all those crosses you see, are leaders of various specie's that I have captured. Make sense?"

"So they're not dead. Just trapped under there as long as you are rule over their kind?"

"Exactly." Death replied with a smug smile on his face. "I deserve to have complete control over the underworld, and with their leaders still roaming around I wasn't able to do it."

"That just seems horrible…"

"Well Bella, get used to it. You're a Death Angel, and it's about time you start to get thicker skin. I know that it takes female's longer to adjust to this than males, and trust me I'm trying to be patient, but you have to start getting used to this. It's been quite some time now." He said leaning over and stroking my cheek. "I know that you can be a better angel of mine than Edward and Jasper combined, but I need you to start stepping up your game. Okay?" I nodded my head slowly, finally coming to terms that I really have no choice in this matter anymore.

"Good." He said standing up and stretching out his hand towards me. "There's still quite a few things I need you to know, before sending you out on this mission."

I grabbed Death's hand and he pulled me closer, and wrapped his arms around my waist and as I looked down I saw some black smoke forming around his feet, and we began to spin in circles and everything blurred around us. Finally the blur, and spinning stopped, and Death let go of me as we were in a different location. I looked around and tensed up as I saw that we were in the office, where Jasper and Edward first filled out my slave profile before selling me. Death began to rub my back slowly. I then turned my head and saw Edward and Jasper sitting around the desk.

"You two finished here?" Death began to question.

"Yeah, we just finished up, what's up?" Edward replied.

"I need you two to do something for me." He said while leading me towards the two.

"Of course, anything sir."

Death smiled and looked directly at Jasper as if it was some kind of inside joke. "I need you two, to show our lovely Bella my ex-angels and tell their story" Jasper's eyes lit up and instantly stood up. Death began to push me towards them. Edward slowly stood up, with no expression on his face.

"With pleasure sir, you know how I love this story." Jasper said with a smirk, stretching his hand out for mine. I took Jasper's hand, worried about this story.

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