"Ho ho ho! What would you like for Christmas, little girl?"

Five-year-old Ryugu Rena didn't move.

"Go on, Rena," Chie-sensei prompted. "Don't be shy!"

Rena's eyes narrowed.

"But it isn't Santa."

"I am Santa!"

"Chie-sensei, don't listen to him! It's that old policeman – the one who ogles the pretty girls at Angel Mort!"

"Don't be silly, Rena. He's Santa!"

"No he's not!"

"Yes I am."

"Santa's not a pervert!"

"I'm not a pervert," 'Santa' – a.k.a. Ooishi, who'd been persuaded by Chie to act as Santa for the little kids at her school – hissed. "I'm jolly old St. Nick."