Chapter Forty:

"Have you talked with Graham?" asked Sara as she rubbed her tummy.

"He's been putting in a lot of hours in at the clinic," said Grissom as he eyed her.

"Has he gotten to visit Bobby since he was placed in the group home?" she asked.

"Once or twice."

"I'm sure they would let Graham visit regularly if…"

"It's not them. It's Richard," explained Grissom.

Sara grew angry. "He's washing his hands of Bobby, isn't he? It got too hard and he's decided to…"

"He's having a hard time visiting Bobby in the group home," clarified Grissom quietly. "It reminds him…"

"Of the group home he was in," finished Sara. "Is he…still in counseling?"

"Yes, it's helped....but Bobby doesn't understand."

"Why not?" but then Sara realized that Graham had never told Bobby about his past.

"Why doesn't he tell Bobby about what happened to him?" asked Sara.

"I don't think he's ever told anyone…except you," said Grissom.

"Not even Melissa?"


Sara continued to rub her abdomen.

"Is he kicking?" he asked.

"All the time," she breathed. "I would evict him but it's too soon."

"Sara, maybe we should consider having you take medical leave early."

"No way."

"I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine…frustrated…but fine."

"Frustrated?" he asked.

"These hormones…or whatever it is! I want nothing more than to strip you naked and…well my body won't cooperate."

Grissom chuckled. "You seem to do just fine."

Sara licked her lips. "Yeah, well in another month or so, we are not going to be able to do that much longer."

"Then I'll hold you," he said as he leaned over and kissed her.

"I guess we have gotten good at different positions," she replied with a grin.

Grissom returned the smile.

He loved her more than life.

Oh, he was sure he would miss their lovemaking but just being with her was more than enough.

These last few months they had grown much closer and more intimate.

He had found a note or two at work from his seductive wife ordering him to the basement.

He had gone down there to find her completely naked, sitting in his seat waiting for him.

Her sexual appetite had increased tenfold since the pregnancy.

He wasn't complaining but rather thankful for the chance to make up for the years he had denied them this bliss.

Grissom was surprised when he stepped into the lab to find Graham sitting in the waiting area.

"I'm sorry I had to come here but I need your help," he pleaded.

Graham glanced around worriedly. "I tried to call you but your phone must be off."

Grissom checked and frowned.

He remembered turnning it off after they were interrupted in the middle of their foreplay.

"I wouldn't be here if this wasn't important," Graham added.

Sara rounded the corner and watched as Graham followed Grissom.

It was obvious Graham was upset, almost on the verge of breaking down.

Grissom escorted him down to the basement.

As soon as they were in the hallway, clear of anyone he turned to Graham.

Graham began to babble. "A relative has stepped forward to take Bobby….he's just as bad as the parents. He's even got an arrest warrant. He can't go back to that hell. I won't let him!"

"Richard, you may not have a choice. If no one else claims Bobby then…"

"He's not a piece of property! He's a frightened boy that just needs a chance!"

"Maybe you're his chance," retorted Grissom.

Graham sucked in air.

"What are you more afraid of?" asked Grissom. "Are you afraid of disappointing Bobby by applying to be a foster parent and getting turned down or stepping up and taking responsibility for another human being?"

"Violence breeds violence," whispered Graham.

Grissom stared at his brother.

"Do you honestly think you could hurt Bobby? You love that boy," said Grissom.

"Look what… I did to… Sara," he cried.

"Want my forgiveness?" asked Sara.

Both men jumped from the sound of her voice.

"You have the chance to stop the cycle of abuse for a little boy. What's your decision?" she asked.

"I'll need references," he began. "The only persons I know are the people I work with and I'm their boss."

Grissom and Sara looked at one another.

"We'll be your references," said Sara. "Any more excuses?"

Graham shook his head.

Sara disappeared.

Sara felt warm hands around her waist.

She knew it was Grissom by his scent.

She smiled when his lips gently kissed her on the temple.

"I thought you were going to sleep in?" he asked.

"I missed you," she purred.

He grinned. "You should be sore."

"I should be satisfied," she whispered back and it left him gawking at her backside as she strolled back to the basement.

Grissom glanced around and then down at his watch.

I always knew coming into work two hours early was good for something…

Weeks later they were awakened in the middle of the day by Grissom's phone.

It was Graham.

"Bobby is coming home….with me," he announced.

It had been a hard fight but with a few connections, Graham had successfully won the right to be a foster parent for Bobby only.

"I have to skip our dinner tonight," Graham said. "We've got to get school clothes and…"



"Congratulations," announced Grissom as his hand caressed Sara's distended belly.

"Gil, thank you…for everything."

Grissom hung up the phone.

"Good news?"

"Bobby is going to live with Graham."

Sara smiled. "He'll be good for Bobby."

"Sara…have you thought about the implications?"

She tried to roll over to face him but gave up.

He grinned as he adjusted himself in the bed. "Emma is going to want to spend time with Bobby. He may be here sometimes."

"What's wrong with that?" she asked.

One word…Graham.

"I'm fine with it."

"Are you?"

"He's not the same man who had a complete break when Melissa was killed."

Grissom thought he would never believe it himself but he'd seen the changes in Graham.

He'd seen the lengths at which Graham went to avoid hurting Sara.

Weeks passed as Graham nervously knocked on their front door.

Bobby had come over after school to play with Emma and he had tried in vain to get his assistant to pick up the child but a family emergency had happened causing him no recourse but to come for the child himself.

He'd called in advance to warn Grissom.

Grissom opened the door. "They're in the back yard with Bruno. Sara is taking a nap."

Graham seemed relieved.

"Services told me Bobby's parent's surrendered their parental rights. Bobby will be placed on the adoptive list next month when it is final."

"What do you plan to do about it?"

"I'm going to need an attorney who deals in adoptions," he replied.

Grissom smiled. "Let me give you the name of my attorney. He gave me some information on adoption laws here in Nevada."

Graham followed Grissom into his study.

He opened his desk and began looking for a folder.

Graham stared at the books on the book shelf.

"Quite a variety here," he said as he fumbled with a few of the books.

"I recall you used to read all the time," replied Grissom.

"It was better being by myself than having to fit in with others," he explained.

A title caught his eye and he pulled the book down.

"You're welcome to any of them," said Grissom. "I have a complete collection of Shakespeare."

Graham smiled but it soon faded the moment he opened the book and the paternity results fell out.

Grissom's face lost all expression.

"This is unopened," Graham managed to get out.

Grissom felt as if he had been kicked in the stomach.

Graham stared at Grissom in disbelief.

"You said that a paternity test had already proved you were Emma's father," said Graham.

"Sara's father completed the test. He told Sara the test confirmed I was the father."

"You didn't believe him," he said fingering with the opening of the envelope.

"Sara caught me one night running a test of my own. It hurt her very deeply," grieved Grissom.

"She was afraid I might be Emma's father," choked Graham.

"The test samples were destroyed when she….it took us weeks to get through what I tried to do behind her back. I didn't think she was going to forgive me."

"She didn't want to know the truth?" asked Graham.

"After I began to doubt…so did she."

"Why did you doubt that you're not the father?" Graham asked incredulously.

"Because like Sara's father, I would beg, lie, steal, cheat or even kill to protect my child from harm," gasped Grissom.

Graham saw the love and the fear in his brother's eyes.

"Finally Sara said she couldn't live with not knowing the truth and she made me send that off. When it came, I couldn't open it. I didn't want to open it. I told Sara it had been lost by the lab. Thank God the pregnancy diverted her attention."

Graham stared at the envelope in his hand.

At that moment, Emma and Bobby ran into the study.

"Bruno ate our bug," huffed Emma.

"It was neat," announced Bobby.

Both men still looked shell shocked.

"Ahhh, is it time to go home?" asked Bobby.

Graham nodded.

"Couldn't Bobby stay for a little while longer?" begged Emma.

Graham looked into the child's huge dark eyes.

He saw Sara.

He gulped. "Another hour," Graham whispered.

Emma hugged his legs.

Graham fell to his knees and hugged the child.

It was the first real contact he'd had with her.

"Thanks Uncle Graham," she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

The two children ran out of the room as Graham's hand caressed the kissed area on his cheek while the other held the test results.

Grissom braced himself as Graham stood.

Graham walked over and locked the door.

He pulled out a lighter and Grissom gasped at Graham burned the envelope.

"She's your child," Graham said. "She's yours and Sara's."

Graham dropped the contents into a glass bowl and both watched as the paper turned to ashes.

Grissom came around the desk, intending to shake his brother's hand but got a hug instead.

"I promise you I'll never hurt her again," Graham whispered.

Neither mentioned the paternity test results again as weeks passed and Sara grew uncomfortably large.

Her behavior had become rather odd at times.

She was anxious at times while other times she dreaded the labor.

"Was it difficult with Emma?" he asked.

"Dad would walk me around the room, holding my hand while stroking my hair. Mom was on my other side telling us both to breathe. We were both a mess but Mom kept her cool. We kept walking and walking around the room until it was time."

"I'm glad they were there with you," he whispered.

She stared at her hands.

"I'm going to be there the whole time," he promised.

He was.

One minute she was cursing at Greg for taking the last doughnut and the next she was doubled over from the contraction.

His beeper went off and he ran to her side, taking her hand and gripping it tight through the contraction.

Brass had driven them to the hospital chuckling over Grissom trying to coax Sara to breathe.

Their son came into the world rather loud.

He exercised his lungs to their full capacity and did not stop until he was swaddled in Sara's arms.

She beamed at the sight of their son.

Grissom swiped his eyes and Emma smiled at her baby brother.

He gasped when the small infant curled his lip.

"He's going to have your smile," Grissom whispered.

"I think he's going to have your eyes," announced Sara.

"Can we have another one?" asked Emma.

Grissom winked at Sara.

"Let's keep our options open," he grinned.

Sara gave them that Sidle smile.

The End.

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