Kayka-chan: Okay! I advertised this fic in my other story before and now we (Hotarulover and myself) have finally gotten around to working on it! This is a fic making fun of how dramatic SDK is. No offence is intended because it's just fun! It's set in the modern dayness!

Have fun while reading the very short first chapter!

All My Samurais

Episode 1: That New Chick in Town


Yuya Shiina walked through the streets of the town of Mibu, carrying her only possessions in a fairly large and heavy box. Her gun bounced against her butt every step she took. She casted glances around her most recent residence and then repositioned the box so that she held onto it better.

Mibu, huh? Well, brother, this is it.Yuya thought to herself as she walked up the stairs to her apartment building and knocked on the door with her foot. It left a mud streak across the glass and a person peeked around the corner, frowning at said streak. He walked forward and pushed the door open, holding it for her. He had dark hair with one strand that was longer than all the others and curled slightly at the top. His black eyes were captivating, but Yuya felt somewhat wary of him.

"Thank you." She breathed at him while she re-situated her box again. He smiled at her.

"No problem. I'm Kyoshiro. I live here, too." He explained to her. She nodded and trudged up the stairs. He followed her, talking the whole way. "I'm a Doctor down at the clinic, so if you're ever, you know, mortally wounded, come see me! Oh, and I don't have the spirit of a killer trapped in my body that sometimes comes out as a weird split personality. Could I try to rape you perhaps?"

Yuya froze and looked at him. "What?" she said.

"Surprise!" Kyoshiro cried as he lunged at her. Yuya cried out and dropped her box, reaching behind her and pulling out her gun which she trained onto his forehead.

"What the hell was that?" She yelled at him. He looked at her.

"Um… You… weren't seducing me?" he said ineptly. Yuya cocked her eyebrow and blinked at him.


"Oh. Well. This is awkward."


"So… You're new here?"


"Sweetcakes! What brings you to Mibu?"

Yuya glared at him. She was so tempted to pull the trigger and put an end to her misery. She didn't though. She pointed it right next to his head and fired. The bullet grazed past pieces of hair as it passed and Kyoshiro gulped, throwing his head to the side. A hole appeared in the wall.

"Nothing, really, I just wanted a change of scenery." She answered him smartly as she bent down and picked up her fallen box before she turned back to the door to her new room and finished twisting the key. She twisted the knob and bumped it open with her rear.

"Do you want me to come in and help you unpack?" Kyoshiro asked her innocently. Yuya turned and looked at him.

"No." She said shortly and slammed the door. Yuya walked over to the already supplied kitchen table and set her box on it. She had heard that this town had a problem with gangs and thugs but she didn't think that she would live next to one.

God dammit. It's just my luck, isn't it brother?

But it was okay, because this was only temporary. Soon she would have revenge. Revenge on the evil, evil being who murdered her brother.


She laughed evilly and quite insanely before sighing and falling asleep on the dusty couch.

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