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Episode 2

Seemingly Harmless

Yuya awoke in a daze. She looked around her bare, new apartment. I really need furniture. She walked out of her apartment in the same outfit she had worn for god knows how long and has never washed. Yuya spotted movement out of the corner of her eye and swung her gun around to meet the threat.

"Woah! Hold on a minute!" Kyoshiro yelled while he stood in a rather strange position the resembled a monkey.

Yuya glared but lowered her gun nonetheless. "What?" she asked with a clipped tone.

"I happen to be looking out my door at the exact same time as you came out and thought that I would offer to come with you even though I have no clue where you are going."

Yuya's conscience told her that it was a bad idea, but like most heroin, she ignored it. "Fine."

Kyoshiro's eyes sparkled with delight as he followed her out of the building. The pair of them walked down the street in a random direction while tossing wary looks at each other.

"So, where are you from?" Yuya asked in an attempt to make conversation.

"Once upon a time!" Kyoshiro began. "There was a man who killed a thousand people. This man who had killed a thousand people was a samurai who killed a thousand people. Many people other than the thousand people he killed were very afraid of him, and the others were envious of this man who killed a thousand people."

"I didn't ask..."

"The man that killed a thousand people was named Demon Eyes Kyo. And Kyo killed a thousand people. That is the story of Demon Eyes Kyo, the man that killed a thousand people."

"What was the point of that?" Yuya was very confused.

"What? Of course I don't have the soul of Demon Eyes Kyo, the man that killed a thousand people, in my body! That's just silly."


Kyoshiro began to whistle and Yuya fell silent. After fifteen minutes of him whistling the same tune, Yuya was desperate for him to stop.

"Do you have an idea of a place where I could buy furniture?" Yuya finally asked.

"Like a bed?" Kyoshiro's interest was peeked.


"You do want me!" Kyoshiro cried while leaping on top of Yuya.


There was a battle of wills while Yuya tried to shove a heavy Kyoshiro off of her. Yuya landed a strangely strong punch for a girl that sent him flying into a wall. Out of nowhere Kyoshiro was tied up and being dragged down the street by Yuya.

"So you don't want me?" He asked disheartened.


"Will I be invited into the bed?"


"Why not?"


"Fine." Kyoshiro said, as he was drug down the street while pouting.

"So do you?" Yuya asked in irritation.

"Well, there's a town down there. Although I have never seen anyone come back out I'm sure that it's perfectly safe."

They made their way out of the city and into the small town. The streets were bare and they saw no people. Suddenly Kyoshiro was untied and walking beside her. They walked a little further down the road while the tension grew in the air.

The turned the corner and there in an alley were dozens of dead bodies with crows pecking at them.

Kyoshiro shrieked like a small animal being tortured by an old woman playing bagpipes.


"That's true. And although this is a clear warning that we should run away, I think we should stay anyways."

Suddenly they were surrounded! Horrible goblins with weapons that seemed to be from another world were attacking them.

"Wow! I sure didn't see this coming!" Yuya yelled as she blocked an attack.

"Yes. And although I am a measly chemist, I shall dodge these attacks with the skills of a pro!" Kyoshiro called as he skillfully avoided the attacks.

The goblins kept on coming. No matter how many times they avoided an attack, there was always another goblin trying to bash in their heads. After this had been going on for quite some time, the goblins found an opening.

Kyoshiro screamed bloody murder as an incredibly ugly goblin swung a clever down to meet his head. The world went black, and he faded into the rainbow of wonder.

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