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There are some events in your life that you will most likely never forget, and it varies from person to person. Maybe it was your first bike ride. Your first day of school. Even your first kiss. But for me, it was the first time I saw Bella Swan.

I don't think I will ever forget that day for as long as I live.

I remember I was sitting on my piano bench, completely thoughtless and lacking in any inspiration. I had played the usual piano pieces, but nothing was…moving me. I was in a funk. My composition book hadn't been touched in weeks, maybe longer, and it lay open, waiting for me to snap out of it. As I sat slumped over the keys, my head resting on top of the piano, I closed my eyes and wished for something to wake me up. I wished for something to shake my life up a bit. I should have listened to the old adage of "be careful what you wished for."

The complete and still silence of the house allowed me to hear the purr of Carlisle's car as he pulled into the driveway. I waited for him to come in, but he didn't. He was still outside and was apparently talking to someone.

I rose off of the piano bench and walked to the window, drawing back the curtains to take a peek at whom he was talking to. Carlisle was talking to Chief Swan, our next-door neighbor, and…someone else. It was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long, curly, chestnut brown hair that hung just below her shoulders. She wore jeans, a plaid shirt, and converses. From her porcelain skin to her brown hair to her smile and the way it brightened when she talked to Carlisle…I couldn't tear my eyes away from her.

My stomach dropped when I saw her wave goodbye to Carlisle and walk back into her house with Charlie.

"Hey, son," Carlisle said as he shut the front door.

"Hey, Dad," I replied, still leaning against the window.

He dropped his doctor's bag and leaned against the back of the couch, facing me.

"I was just talking to Charlie and his daughter, Bella."

"Yeah, I uh…noticed."

"Well, she just moved here two weeks ago from Phoenix. She decided to live with Charlie for her senior year of high school. You'll be classmates."

I stood there with my back to the window, my hands gripping the windowsill. Bella.

"Son, are you okay?" Carlisle had a look of concern on his face. He walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." I shot a reassuring smile at him, but I don't think he bought it.

"Well…okay." He paused for a second. "Listen, you should go introduce yourself to Bella, get to know her a little bit. I'm sure she would love to know a friendly face when you both start school." Carlisle patted me on the shoulder and then walked into the kitchen.

I stayed rooted to the spot. I DID have to meet her, but not just because it was the nice, neighborly thing to do. I wanted to know more about the woman who had suddenly lit a fire inside of me. I didn't know what it was, but I felt this unusual feeling of longing…of desire, to not only get to know her but also to understand her and to be with her.


It had been two weeks since Carlisle talked to Bella and Charlie, and I still had yet to introduce myself. Call me a coward, but I hadn't been able to summon up the courage to go talk to her. Ever since I saw her for the first time, I hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. She permeated my mind and heart, her vision making a lasting print on my activities throughout the days. I would look out the front windows of the house whenever she left to go somewhere. The loud rumble of her ancient pick-up truck would always alert me when she left or pulled back into her driveway.

I had not seen her for the past day or two, and it was driving me crazy. I missed seeing her, even if it was from a distance. I didn't want to forget her image…like I ever could. She hadn't come out of her house, and I couldn't blame her. A heat wave had rolled into Forks, and it was hot. Too hot. The heat kept me inside and locked me in my own prison of thought and wonder. I kept thinking about Bella.

As I paced the floor of the living room, the images of Bella in my head gave me a sudden surge of inspiration, and I quickly settled myself on the piano bench. Placing my hands on the keys, I began to play, the images and my feelings for Bella as my only guide.

I started playing softly, unsure of the intensity of the notes. I played for a couple of seconds and then increased the tempo of the music, keeping the notes soft and ethereal…just like Bella.

I continued to play, and it was surprising as to how easy the music flowed. Making music wasn't hard when I was thinking of Bella. It came naturally…easy. I reached a crescendo in the piece and abruptly stopped, reaching for my leather composition journal. I began to write out the piece I had created, careful to make sure I remembered all of the notes and changes in tempo. I was going to play this for Bella.

One day.

I sat on the piano bench with the completed score in front of me. I hadn't been sure how much use I was going to get out of this journal, but I am glad I got it. It was a birthday present from my parents, and it was engraved on the front with my initials-"EAMC". I picked the pencil back up and began tapping out the beat of Bella's song…her lullaby…on the pages of the journal.

I got fidgety. I began to bounce in place and my foot began to shake.

I realized I couldn't wait any longer. I had to meet Bella. But how? Do I just walk over there like the next-door creep and introduce myself?

I walked into the kitchen for a glass of water, trying to still my sudden nerves. Standing at the sink, I ran through scenarios for how to meet Bella. Possibility after possibility ran through my mind, each one more ridiculous than the next. Getting her mail for her…No, she'd think I was being nosy. "Hi I'm Edward Cullen. I've been watching you from my window for weeks now and…" Oh yeah, that doesn't scream stalker… I was wasting time, so I picked the least ridiculous option and opened the cabinet door. Sliding over the brand new bag of sugar my mother Esme had just bought, I reached for a 1-cup measure, closed the cabinet door, and walked out of the kitchen towards the front door.

This is so stupid. Asking for a cup of sugar? Really, Edward?

I opened the front door and the heat slapped me in the face, mocking me for my poor choice of icebreaker. I walked down the porch steps, across our driveways, and up Bella's porch steps.

I went to knock on her door but stopped my hand and inch from making contact with the doorbell. What do I say? I stood there for a moment, thinking about what I was going to do, when I finally got the courage to ring the doorbell. I nervously stuffed my hands in my pockets, my index finger sticking out and holding onto the measuring cup.

I heard a faint "Coming" from inside and I cleared my throat.

The door opened and there stood Bella. She was absolutely gorgeous with beautiful alabaster skin and chestnut hair. It was pulled up into a bun with little pieces sticking out everywhere. Some were curling at the nape of her neck from the heat, and others framed her eyes. Her deep, chocolate eyes.

Her eyes. They were simply mesmerizing. I could have looked into them all day.

Snapping back into reality, I said, ""Hi. I hope I'm not intruding. I'm...Edward Cullen." I'm a smart man and all I could come up with was "Hi"?

"Hi," she said, her voice music to my ears. I looked down into her eyes again and I began to stare…again. I couldn't break away from her eyes. They were like my favorite book that I couldn't put down, and I just wanted to read more and more.

Hoping she hadn't noticed I was staring again, I coughed an "Ahem" and smiled.

"S-Sorry. No…not intruding…I'm Bella Swan," she stammered. She seemed nervous, I'm not sure why, but she waved to me. And it was kind of…cute.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella," I said, smiling again. I don't know why I was smiling so much. I probably was beginning to look like the creeper next door. "I really hope I'm not intruding, but could I borrow, um, a cup of sugar?" Hopefully she won't think of me as an idiot

"Sugar? Uh, yeah, sure, sure…um, come on in." She opened the door wide and…blushed. Her cheeks filled with a beautiful rosy color that lit her whole face up. She was gorgeous when she blushed.

I walked into the hallway and she closed the door behind me. When the door closed I stood there staring at her. But even if I didn't want to look at her, I don't think I could have helped it. Her eyes drew me in. And held me there.

That was, until she spoke again.

"Yeah, just give me a sec." She took the cup from my hand, turned around, and walked down a hallway. I was left standing there, watching her walk away. I was sad that she left, even to get my stupid cup of sugar, but I was glad that she was gone. I was able to have a brief reprieve from the trance she unwillingly had on me; my thoughts returned, and I mentally chastised myself for the lame excuse to meet her.

I kept my hands buried deep in my pockets, bouncing back and forth from one foot to another, waiting for her to come back. She surprised me when she suddenly appeared, my cup of sugar in her hands. She had a small smile on her face and she said, "Here you go. Is that enough?"

I locked on to her eyes again and stuttered out a half intelligent phrase. "Thanks. No…I mean, yeah, yeah it is…um…thanks…Bella." I flashed her another smile, hoping to hide my embarrassment. Carlisle and Esme had raised my siblings and me to be respectful, and I know ogling wasn't in that category. But I couldn't help but to stare into her deep brown eyes. Her eyes.

When I felt my embarrassment peak, I said "Thanks" and backed towards the door. We stood there for a minute longer when I opened the door. "See you soon…Bella," I said and walked back out into the heat.

I didn't turn to look at her again because I knew I would be stopped dead in my tracks. Instead, I swiftly walked back to my house. When I was back inside, I practically ran to the kitchen, one hand over the sugar to keep from spilling it. I threw the cabinet open, dumped the sugar from my cup into a container, and quickly walked to the piano. Sitting on the bench, I grabbed my composition journal and began to finish the piece I had composed for Bella, letting the powerful memory of her serve as my inspiration and my drive.

Meeting her today was going to be something I would never forget. As I placed the notes on the page, humming her song, I suddenly realized that I couldn't forget today…or her. There was something about her. I felt something every time I looked into her eyes and heard her speak. I could feel a change coming, although I was pretty sure I had been changed already.

I had to see her again.

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