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It always came too soon. The day students bustled about, collecting hugs, gathering suitcases. Professors wandered the halls in search of a student to bid farewell to instead of giving them a detention. Each person was carefree and excited, ready for the summer, family and fun.

That is, all except a certain scar-headed boy.

Harry never really was excited to leave Hogwarts. His true carefree attitude that he had here could never be present at the Dursley's. Any smile would get smacked right off of his face. But Harry did not tell anyone that. Besides, he deserved it.

Didn't he?

After all of the shit I have put the Wizarding World through. And Sirius. And looking into Snape's pensieve. And making the Dursley's put up with me all of these years. I don't blame them for wanting to hit me. As long as the glamour holds, I am fine with it all.

As Harry reflected all of this while sitting on his 4 post bed, he failed to notice his surroundings. Even as his red headed and bushy haired friends entered the room, hands clasped.

"Harry. Hello!" Ron yelled at his friend, shaking his free hand in front of Harry's glasses. Harry was shaken from his stupor at the sudden burst of noise. He looked up to see two hands holing each other. A confused, yet knowing smile encroached upon his lips.

As if he didn't see this coming.

"Congratulations you two." Harry said, forcing a smile on his face while gesturing to the hands. Ron and Hermione smiled and blushed as they mumbled a quiet thank you.

Harry gazed off, dreaming of finding his own true love. His own companion to hold on to and to tell everything to. If only. If only another man could lover me like that. If…

"Harry!" Ron yelled." I swear it is as if you are in some other world today. What has gotten into you mate?" Looking up into the eyes of his best friends, Harry told at least the partial truth, "I just wish I didn't have to go back to the Dursley's. That's all." Hermione and Ron nodded, knowing that Harry wasn't treated very well while at the Dursley's.

"You'll be okay Harry." Hermione said," Before you know it school will start back up again and everything will be back to normal." Hermione smiled and squeezed Ron's hand. "Yeah mate. She's right. Just relax. You'll be fine." Ron gave his trademark reassuring Weasley grin.

The three friends smiled and Harry accompanied them out of the room to head down to the feast.

Oh if only they knew.

Harry had swam at all of the noise upon entering the Great Hall. His eyes scanned the room and saw every face either laughing or smiling, even the Slytherins. The trio sat down by Seamus and the gang who all awaited the feast. After Dumbledore's speech of course. Harry was kind of out of it though. He didn't rejoice and smile with his friends, unless knocked out of his reverie for a split second. All he could think about was his summer ahead and how he hoped he would be able to come back for his graduation feast the following year.

Unbeknownst to the emerald-eyed boy, a pair of onyx eyes were watching his moves closely. Something is definitely with that insufferable boy today. Probably too high and mighty to be around these people and ready to go home and be spoiled by his relatives. He is just like his father. Snape looked away from the boy with a disgusting scowl on his face. He looked down at his empty plate waiting for his food.

But another person in the room was thinking the same thoughts. Stupid Potter. Always trying to be the center of attention. Look at him, wallowing in self-pity for lord knows why so that everyone will feel sorry for him. Get over yourself Potter! He went back to talking with his friends and making fun of Ravenclaws that walked by.

Harry attempted to be part of the party at his table. Even though as everyone else were celebrating summer, he would be celebrating beatings.

The Hall went quiet at Dumbledore took the podium in front of the teacher's table. After applying the megaphone charm, he said, " We have come to the end of another year at Hogwarts School or Witchcraft and Wizardry. The graduation seventh years," he motioned with his hand to all of the kids wearing wizard hats," are embarking on their life beginning after tonight. I and the rest of the professors wish you all the best of luck." Everyone clapped until the leader put his hand up for silence. "As next year comes around, the new seventh years," his eyes stopped on Harry," will be beginning the last chapter at Hogwarts. Along with all of the teachers I want to wish each and everyone of you a happy summer and we all look forward to the next semester. Study hard and let the feast begin!"

Applause erupted as the food appeared on the table. Harry ate quickly and quietly, eating as much as he could because he knew that once he went back to the Dursley's, food like this would never be seen again.

Never once noticing the onyx eyes boring into him, Harry finished his meal and tried enjoying his last conversation with his friends before the Dursley's. Once everyone had finished eating, Dumbledore said for everyone to go up to their dormitories and retrieve their belongings and the head towards the carriages. Harry told Ron and Hermione that he would meet up with them (giving them some time to themselves).

Harry paused as he packed up the scrapbook Sirius had given him the year before and while flipping through the pages he reflected on his last godfather.

Hurriedly wiping his eyes, Harry packed up the scrapbook, closed his suitcase, and headed out of the Gryffindor common rooms. Harry walked slowly toward the Entrance Hall, dreading the ride away from his home.

Not paying attention, Harry stumbled, bumping into a solid figure. He looked up after gaining his balance, only to be greeted by the eyes of his most dreaded professor.


"Watch where you are going Potter." Snape scowled while looking down at this pupil.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled while walking away.

Since when does the boy apologize? Snape wondered confused.

Harry had bigger things to worry about then Snape. And it's not like I hate the man really. But what choice do I have? He has treated me like shit ever since I walked into this school. I only feel this way because of how he treated me. Who knows. We could have actually been friends if it wasn't for his arrogant attitude.

Harry walked down the steps and walked along the pathway until he came upon the carriage with Ron and Hermione occupying it. Luckily the two weren't snogging so he was able to get in without being embarrassed. He sat across from the two and, considering all they wanted to do was stare at each other with googly eyes, he decided to take in the surroundings. He watched the green pastures roll by and the crystal lakes disappear into the distance. He hoped he could at least live long enough to experience these sites again.

But who knows? Harry thought. I might as well say goodbye just in case.


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