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Severus's mind was frantic with worry.

What are they making Draco do to him? Draco will never forgive himself if he hurts Harry. I wish they would just-

Severus was jerked out of his thoughts as the door to the cavernous room opened. Severus held his breath, waiting to see how Harry looked. He noticed the red eyes of Voldemort as he walked in first, but quickly averted his gaze.

Harry. Harry.

Severus caught a shadow enter the room. Draco, still under the Imperious was who met Severus's eyes. But the boy in his arms caught his attention. Severus couldn't see much in the shadow of the room and growled in his frustration.

"Put him down." Severus said to Voldermort, knowing that he was the controller.

"Now, now Severus. Is that any way to speak to the person who holds Harry's life in his hands?" Voldermort asked as he made a motion toward Draco.

Severus quickly looked over and saw that Draco had let Harry's feet drop and he was now holding him by the throat. Harry's gasping noises made Severus's chest tighten.

"Okay! Okay! Just, please! Stop!"

Voldemort smiled, again motioning toward Draco, who now picked Harry back up into his arms.

"Please just, give him to me." Severus begged, but felt no shame. He would do anything for Harry.

"As you wish." Voldemort responded, motioning toward Draco once more.

Severus watched as Draco neared the cell door, but Severus didn't dare move and closer to the opening. He didn't want to test Voldemort when he could still hurt his Harry.

The door clicked open and Draco walked one foot in. Severus sat, waiting for Draco to bring him his love. But Draco's eyes flashed dangerously as he threw Harry to the ground. Harry, even in unconsciousness, gasped in pain at the contact.

Severus quickly ran to his love, picking him up gently and holding him in his arms. Before he could look the boy over though, the cell door closing made him look back up.

Draco had returned to Voldermort's side once more. "Don't think that this is over Severus. We will be back. And it will only get worse."

Voldermort turned from the room, Draco following on his heels.

Severus sighed before finally turning his gaze to the boy in his arms. First was his face. He noticed a few cuts and scrapes, but nothing too major. The handprint around his neck stood out as an angry red, making the potions master cringe.

The man then looked down to the boys chest. He opened up the boy's shirt and quickly noticed the boy's ribs.

"Oh Harry." At least three of them have to be broken. And that fall to the ground did nothing to help him.

Severus was for the most part content with his observations. Not wanting to know all that may be wrong with his Harry when he knew that he wouldn't be able to help him. But before he was able to completely avert his eyes, something came to his attention.

Why are his pants unzipped. I know they were zipped up before he left. The only reason they would take them off…

"Oh Harry. I'm so sorry Harry." Severus muttered quietly into the boy's hair, rocking him gently back and forth. "Oh Harry."


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