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I've had this part of the story in my head since Demyx entered the picture, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to stick this in during the middle of the climax. So here is what REALLY happened inside of Vexen's lab…

Deep within the Castle that Never Was, two cloaked and hooded Nobodies were quietly sneaking down a hallway. One of the figures, a girl, defensively gripped a Keyblade in her hand. The other moved carefully along one of the walls, inadvertently humming a spy song just a little too loudly.

"Demyx…" the girl whispered cautiously. "Are you sure about this?"
The man stopped humming long enough to flash a thumbs-up to the girl and whisper, "Of course! Trust me, Xion! This is gonna be a piece of cake!"

Number Fourteen nodded nervously and followed Number Nine down the hallway. Soon, the duo heard voices.

"I must thank you again for coming down to assist us, Number Seven," they heard Vexen's voice say from around the corner. "This seal has been an extremely difficult one to crack."

From under her hood, Xion's eyes widened. What if they find us? she worried. We'll be in so much trouble!

Thankfully, the two Nobodies heard the footsteps and the voices fading away.

Demyx waited for a moment before motioning Xion to follow him. They snuck around the left corner and came face-to-face with what appeared to be a solid steal door with the Roman numerals IV engraved at the top.

Demyx nodded to Xion. "Go ahead; do your thing!"

The girl nodded and raised her Keyblade. The tip shone brightly, and so did the keyhole on the door. A small click! echoed through the empty hallway.

Once again, Demyx flashed a thumbs up to Xion. "Thanks!"

The other Nobody smiled half-heartedly. "Don't mention it," she said as she turned to go.

"Don't worry; I won't," assured Demyx as he carefully opened the door to Vexen's lab. As soon as the door was fully opened, Demyx was hit with the fumes of a thousand different chemicals. The Nobody staggered backward, blinking his already watery eyes.

Whoa! thought Demyx. What does Vexen keep in here?!

The golden-haired Nobody soon found out.

Once Demyx had fully entered the lab, he gawked at its size. He immediately regretted it, and pulled his cloak over his nose and mouth to protect them from the fumes. The reason for his being in the lab was momentarily forgotten as he surveyed the room.

The laboratory was massive, nearly the size of the Nobodies' lounge, though the ceiling was much lower. The grey walls were lined with shelves, and on them, sat beakers of chemicals in every color imaginable. Demyx was awestruck by the fancy containers holding powders and other minerals, as well as some cages holding animals. Several examination tables sat in the middle of the room, as well as some counters for conducting experiments. The only sounds were the hum of some odd machines sitting under or even on some shelves and the squeaking of the nervous and hungry mice.

The Nobody walked farther into the room, gawking at everything around him. Then, he noticed some rather gruesome looking instruments hanging on the far wall. He shivered involuntarily as he looked away. He didn't even want to THINK about what Vexen did in here when he was bored…especially to those cute little mice in the cage over there…or what those huge, human-sized capsules in the far-right corner were for... *

Demyx shook his head to clear it of the disturbing images that were trying to invade it. He looked around the room, and his gaze fell upon a beaker full of the most beautiful shade of indigo that Demyx had ever seen. He felt instantly drawn to it and found himself walking towards it.

"Pretty…" he whispered to no one in particular as he picked up the vile. Number Nine examined it, turning it this way and that. "Hmm…what does it do?" he wondered aloud. It didn't take long for the curious Nobody to find out, because the next moment, some of the potion splashed on the floor. Demyx's eyes widened in horror as he watched what had to be an acid eat through the metal flooring. He yelped in surprised and jumped away from the hole, accidentally knocking the shelves and causing more potions to spill onto the floor! Some chemicals turned the floor orange, others ate away at it, and other potions mixed with a hissing sound and created a cloud of black smog.

Demyx's jaw dropped in fear. Great, he thought. How do I clean this up?! The answer presented itself immediately to Demyx. I've got it! I'll just use some water and that mop over there and I'll be done in a jiffy!

The Nobody carefully put the purple potion back on the shelf before he summoned his sitar.

"Dance water, dance!" he commanded. Nothing happened. Puzzled, he tried again.

"Dance water, dance!" Still, no water came to his aid.

Demyx frowned. "I said, DANCE WATER, DANCE!!!!"

This time, the Melodious Nocturne heard something creak and break above his head. He barely had time to look up before water from an overhead pipe spilled onto him and into the room!

"Gah, blech!" spat Demyx as he tried to rid his mouth of the foul taste. Then, he saw the murky, brown water collecting on the floor. Oh boy, he thought. Vexen isn't going to be very happy about this…

The water continued to pour into the room.

"Ah! Um…stop water, stop!!!!" yelled Demyx. He waved his hands wildly, trying to get the water to stop pouring onto the floor and go back into the pipe where it belonged. The liquid just ended up being flung across all across the room and onto the strange machines!

Demyx's jaw dropped as the machines sputtered…crackled…and died. Everything in the room was still, save for the water. Even the mice were watching the clumsy newcomer in anticipation.

"Oh…Vexen's gonna kill me!" Demyx cried as his sitar vanished and he held his head in his hands. "How'm I gonna fix this?" He glanced back up at the pipe, but it was broken cleanly in half. Even if Demyx was able to get the water to flow back into the pipe, he'd have to stay there long enough and concentrate hard on it to keep it there until someone came back to fix it…and Demyx did not want to be there when Vexen arrived!

Suddenly, a question popped into Demyx's mind. "Wait…what am I supposed to be doing in here?" He thought for a moment. Let's see…Axel and Roxas wanted me to help with something…hmm…didn't it have something to do with that bear?

While Demyx thought, he was completely oblivious to the water filling the room. It was now nearly knee-high!

What was his name again…? Umm…Pooh! Pooh Bear! Demyx snapped his fingers. That's it! I'm looking for his storybook so we can send him home! The Nobody glanced around the room. There it is! He waded through the water to the middle examination table. Why didn't I notice this before? he wondered. The Nobody carefully picked up the book and examined it. It looks ok…I don't think Vexen, Zexion, or Saix got into it…It's hard to believe that that bear came out of this small book! Demyx turned the book over in his hands. Wow…

Then, something brushed Demyx's leg! The Nobody involuntarily yelped and jumped to the side. It was one of Zexion's books that had fallen into the rising water.

Oh boy…this has gotten out of control…well, maybe if I raise the water a little bit, it could distract them while I get out of here…

Number Nine surveyed the room. It was in total disarray, nothing like the orderly state it had been in when Demyx arrived. Books, tools, and beakers were floating in the multicolored liquid. Demyx wasn't even sure what he was standing in could be considered water because of all the chemicals that had been dumped into it…

As he watched, the cage of mice floated by him. It almost looked like they were waving at him… Demyx blamed this on the strange fumes he'd breathed in, although he found himself waving back at them.

"Alright, now to get to work!" Demyx tucked Pooh's storybook safely inside a pocket and rolled up his sleeves.


About five minutes later, Demyx was finished. He had found a big bottle of dishwashing liquid and poured it into the waist-high water. He splashed around a bit, creating large bubbles and a lot of foam. It was almost like a giant bubble bath! (Except that Demyx was sure the water wasn't safe to drink… **)

Next, Demyx cracked the door open while simultaneously holding back the water to keep it from spilling into the hallway. The Melodious Nocturne carefully created what could be called a castle of books on the top shelf near the doorway. (Don't ask how he got up there. I'll just tell you that Vexen needs almost an entire wall of shelves fixed). The main balance point of the castle was the door, so that if the door moved at all, the heavy textbooks would come crashing down on whoever was unlucky enough to open it.

Demyx stood back an admired his work, a proud grin on his face.

Not bad, he thought. Not bad at all!

Now, all Demyx had to do was leave.

Demyx frowned as he looked at the doorway…at first, he didn't think that he'd be able to squeeze out…but he made it. He was just a little late…


Meanwhile, Vexen, Saix, and Zexion were heading back to the lab after they had gotten a quick drink. The three of them were still contemplating exactly how to get Pooh's storybook open.

"Perhaps if we asked Larxene to—" began Saix, but he was cut off by Zexion, who had stopped walking.

"Shh…do you hear that?" Number Six asked.

The other Nobodies stopped walking. They heard the faint sound of running water…

Vexen crossed his arms. "No doubt Demyx is causing some sort of trouble again. I'm sure Lord Xemnas will take care of it. Now, what were you saying, Saix?" The three resumed their walking. As they neared the labs, however, the sound of rushing water became louder.

Vexen felt himself pale. No, not my laboratory… His pace quickened, and so did his companions'.

When they arrived at the labs, the trio hardly noticed the ninth member of the Organization scurrying away. All they saw was the catastrophe inside Vexen's lab.

"My laboratory!" gasped Vexen. He seized the handle of the lab's door and flew through the door into his annihilated lab. The near waist-high water was released from its bond (courtesy of Demyx's good timing) and crashed into Vexen, Zexion, and Saix. The trio was knocked instantly from their feet. Almost the second after they had fallen to the ground, the castle of books fell from their perch and landed right on Saix's face! (X marks the spot!)

Zexion blinked, still startled from the sudden onslaught of water. Then, he picked himself up, brushed the bubbles off of himself, and wrung out his coat.

"It seems Demyx has outdone himself this time," Number Six commented dryly.

Vexen was in shock, looking around his poor, demolished lab as a father looks at his son's casket.

"No…this…this cannot be happening…" sputtered the fourth member of the Organization.

Saix, on the other hand, skipped the stage of denial and jumped right to anger.

"DEMYX!" the blue-haired Nobody screamed in rage, grabbing a nearby book and ripping it in half.

Zexion raised his eyebrows. "Calm down, Saix! That was a perfectly good, albeit wet, book. Now I have to find another copy…"

"How can you be so…so calm? My laboratory is in RUINS! And what's worse, that little ruffian has taken the book!" roared Vexen, nearly as infuriated. He turned down the hallway to Demyx's retreating figure. "NUMBER NINE!" he called, beginning to walk briskly after him. Saix wasn't far behind, his azure hair nearly standing on end from rage.

Zexion sighed. I guess I'll have to get the book back while the other two take care of Demyx…

"Demyx, I must insist that you give us back that book! The Superior demands that we release the seal on it!" Zexion yelled down the hallway as he walked quickly to catch up with the rest of the "hunting party".

And thus begins "The Hunt for Demyx". You guys know how it all ends… (;^)

*Those capsules were used in Vexen's cloning experiments…at least, in my mind they were.

**XD Demyx drinks the bathtub water…now, doesn't that explain a lot?

Demyx, you are such a klutz! ^.^ But we love ya anyway. *huggles*

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