Chapter 1

'Sorry about this, mate. It's only for a couple of hours.'

Jack Sparrow looked down at the gagged and tied up man with understanding. He, himself, had been tied up many times and it wasn't comfortable. But sometimes it was necessary. Tonight, Jack planned on entering the Governor's mansion as Sir Walter Savage; rob some important documents such as maps and valuables and then hightail it out of there. It would indeed scupper his plans if the real Walter Savage came to the party so he needed to be dealt with.

Stowing away on Savage's ship, Jack had heard many details to craft this plot. One, Savage had never met the Governor before. They had only written as part of a business procedure. What the business procedure was, Jack didn't know. Two, the Governor like all other Governors, was rich. But this was due to the fact that the Governor of Port Carmen had many merchant vessels which he owned and profited majorly from, due to what only could be shady dealings. Three, the Governor had invited Savage to a New Year's Eve ball where they could finally meet in person and arrange a very important business deal. Deciding that he could profit himself from these facts, Jack followed Walter to the inn in which he was staying and an hour before the ball, pounced. He tied the man up and borrowed his clothes for a more refined look. He took off his kohl, tied his hair back sans bandana and removed his rings and trinkets. Ready to go, Jack left the tied up man in the room and went to the Governor's mansion.

Entering the mansion, Jack was surprised at the vastness of it, even for a Governor. The decor was ornate with marble sculptures and a giant crystal chandelier ordaining the foyer. Jack couldn't begin to guess the number of rooms the place held. It was a real palace.

How long is it gonna take me to find the bloody office? Jack thought as he looked at his surroundings.

'Can I help you, sir?' An elderly butler asked him, rather snootily in Jack's opinion.

Putting on his finest British accent, Jack answered. 'My name is CaptainWalter Savage. I was invited by the Governor.' Jack put the invitation on the tray the man was holding, and did so rather snootily right back.

'Oh, yes.' The butler agreed. 'You've been expected. If you'll follow me.'

The butler led Jack into the ballroom where all the other people had been going and straight up to a man, Jack assumed was the Governor.

'Sir,' the butler began and the Governor turned. 'Allow me to introduce Captain Walter Savage.'

'Ah, yes! Walter. So nice to finally meet you.' The Governor said jovially. He was a stocky man with a ruddy red face and Jack realised he had no idea what his name was.

'It's a pleasure to meet you, Governor.' Jack said in his accent.

Talk for a few minutes, and then excuse yourself.

'Allow me to introduce you to my wife, Lady Harrison and my daughter Evelyn.' Jack looked over at the two blonde women and he couldn't help but notice how pleasing the daughter was for the eye. He also couldn't help but notice how she was smirking at him...Saucily?

Jack took the wife's hand and kissed it and then Evelyn's. 'It's a pleasure to meet you both.'

'And you, Captain Savage.' Evelyn purred.

Maybe I could add one more thing to my list of things to do before I leave. Jack thought.

'I think it would be best if we discuss business in my office, Captain.' The Governor said and Jack turned back to him, plastering a smile onto his face. 'That way, we can enjoy the festivities unimpeded with something as fowl as business.'

'Lead the way, my good man.'

Jack and the Governor left the ballroom and walked upstairs and through a very long hallway only to enter a room whose location Jack would find hard to remember. The Governor sat in the chair behind the desk and Jack, the one in front.

'Now, I trust that you agree to the terms in my letters?' The Governor asked.

Not having a clue as to what he was talking about, Jack just nodded. 'Oh, yes. I found them very...Agreeable.'

'Oh, good! Now, I know I told you in the letter that it would be fifty but now I must tell you that the number has been raised to seventy five.'

'Seventy five? I'm sure that'll be fine.' Jack had no idea what he was agreeing to but didn't really consider it his problem.

'Are you sure there'll be enough room?' The Governor looked slightly dubious.

Jack smiled nervously. 'Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. They don't take up a lot of room.'

The Governor chuckled. 'That's true, I suppose. They never really get to be on deck anyway.'

Jack became confused even more at this. 'Hmm?'

'The slaves. They aren't usually allowed walk around.'

Jack's fake smile dropped. Slaves? That was the cargo? Now he was glad he was ruining this plan, just like he had ruined the last one like this he had been involved in.

'Oh, of course.'

'I have to say, Savage - if you can get me those workers and I get to expand the workforce on this new sugar plantation, I daresay we are going to be very, very rich men.' The Governor smirked, signing some documents.

Jack looked around at the office, the paintings and the silverworks catching his attention the most. 'Richer, I would say.'


'Nothing.' He turned back to the Governor. 'Well I'm sure there'll be no problems. Now let's shake on it so we can return to your grand party.'

The Governor chuckled and the men shook on it, Jack signed the same documents and both stood up to leave the room.

'Savage, you're a travelled man; let me show you something.' Harrison said, walking over to a bureau and opening it. 'This beauty cost more than most men will see in a lifetime.'

Especially your slaves. Jack thought but said nothing. He watched as Harrison put an ornate wooden box on his desk and took out a key, opening it. He gently lifted the lid and turned the ox so Jack could see the contents. Inside was an absolutely magnificent double-blanded dagger and scabbard sitting in purple silk. Both the pommel and scabbard were golden brass with ornate carvings of stars and flowers decorating them. Embedded in the centre of the flowers were small red stones.

'Roman.' Harrison was saying. 'I think they call it a pugit or something…'

'A pugio.' Jack corrected. 'And it's real?'

'As the nose on your face. Old, very old. And expensive.'

Jack could see that. He wanted it instantly.

'My pride and joy at the moment.' Harrison said, closing the box and locking it up again. He placed it back in the bureau and turned back to Jack.

'Now, back to the festivities.'

When they got back to the ballroom, Jack separated from the Governor in the crowd and snuck back upstairs.

'So many bloody rooms...' He said to himself while walking quietly through the hallway. He was surprised when he heard a soft laugh coming from a slightly open door.

His curiosity niggling at him, Jack looked in the room to see a girl in what he assumed was her early to mid-twenties wearing an exquisite pale blue ball gown and looking at herself in the mirror. The girl looked away from her gown in the mirror and spotted Jack's reflection. Quickly turning around, her eyes widened in shock at the man watching her. Jack slowly entered the room and put his hands up.

'Don't worry, luv. I ain't going to hurt you. I got meself lost.' He said, forgetting about his accent. He only remembered when the girl looked at him strangely.

'How could you get lost? Shouldn't you be in the ballroom?' Jack looked at the girl closer and realised how filled with beautiful women this mansion was. She was even prettier than the other daughter. Her hair was dark as her sister's was light; chocolate-coloured soft curly tresses down to her mid-back. Her pale skin was like porcelain, with light hazel-green eyes and rosey pink pillowy-soft lips. Although she was in a beautiful ball gown, Jack noticed that her was still undone and she looked nowhere ready to actually go down yet. She wore no jewellery, save for a simple silver pendant on a chain that Jack could see was a heart with a crown sitting on the top and hands holding it on the sides.

She's not just pretty, she's beautiful.

'I was doing business with your father in his office.'

The girl's eyebrows furrowed. 'My father?' Jack nodded. He was surprised when the confused look left the girl's face as quick as could be, replaced with a nervous smile. 'Oh, of course. You must be that business associate he had been talking about. You'll forgive me but your name escapes me.'

Jack walked over and stood in front of her. 'Captain Ja...Walter Savage.' The girl looked at him curiously which made Jack nervous so he walked over to her, and went to take her hand. Only when he raised it up, he noticed there was a cloth wrapped around it, as if she'd injured it. She pulled it away quickly so he only got a glimpse.

'I…Horseriding injury.' She said quickly, holding her hand by her shoulder and had her other one covering it.

'Ah, have to be careful. Luckily, God gave us two.' He said, taking her left hand instead of and kissing it with a smirk. 'And what may I ask is the name of a vision such as yourself?'

The girl looked at him sceptically again but with a hint of a smile. 'It is not proper for a lady to introduce herself.'

'But if I do not know it, how will I decide that its beauty matches your own?' He saw her blush a little and knew his little tricks were working. She seemed to realise it too and took her hand away from his.

'It is also not proper for a man to come into a lady's room, especially unsupervised. Why are you upstairs?'

'Your father and I were attending to business for the sugar plantation.'

He saw her tense a little. 'Your business has to do with the plantation?'

'It does.' Jack frowned.

Quick as a flash, she stood up straighter and any hint of blushing or amiability was gone. 'I feel I need to repeat the inappropriateness of your presence in my room, Captain Savage. I think it's for the best if you return to the ball now.'

She went to walk away but Jack got up too and grabbed her arm. 'You can't…?'

Jack surveyed her. 'You know, don't you? What it is your father conscripted me for?'

'Captain Savage…'

'Are ye' still in here?! I will murder you girlie, for lollygaging any…' The two turned at the sound of a voice and a second later, a middle aged, chubby maid entered the room. She froze when she saw Jack, especially standing so close to the young girl. 'What is going on here?'

'Hilda.' The girl said, stepping back from Jack and turning slightly away from him. 'Eh…This is Captain Walter Savage. He's lost.' The girl blurted out.

The woman looked at Jack. 'Is that right? Well sir, I can assure you that the ballroom ain't upstairs. Down you go and it will be easy enough to find. We won't say a word about your…Detour if you don't.'

Jack nodded and bowed to both, realising this protective maid could mean a lot of trouble for him if he didn't leave quickly; she seemed like the type who knew exactly what he was actually up to in that room. He looked at the girl again but she wouldn't face him, her stony expression letting him know she felt the same as he really did about the entire deal he'd just pretended to strike. Returning to the office, Jack found everything he was looking for and also pocketed some valuable things lying around that would be good for selling. Last but definitely not least, Jack walked over to the bureau and opened it. Taking out the box, he walked over to the window and opened it. He reached his arm out and left the box fall into the bushes below where he could retrieve it in a few minutes. After retrieving the key from the desk drawer, he made sure everything looked the way it had been before leaving the office again. As he was walking back down the hallway, he looked at the now closed door to Miss Harrison's room.


Bit quick to judge though.

She doesn't like slavery; makes a nice change for these kinds of people.

He half wanted to go back to the ballroom and search for her, maybe learn her name, but knew he had to get out of there as soon as possible. He had quite the fortune waiting for him in the bushes outside. Maybe he'd see her again.

Little did he know soon and how odd the circumstances would be.