Prompt: #16. Dawn
Character(s): Lawrence/Horo
Timeframe: Season 2
Originally Written: 8.01.2009

There's nothing left.

Not Yoitsu, not Lawrence, not even her pride. Especially her pride.

No matter how pure his intentions had been, this pathetic excuse for a man – this bleeding heart who poured new life into her – lacerated her soul, allowing everything she held close to her to come flooding out. Driven to hysteria by grief, she said things she truly wishes to take back –

"Mate with me"

– but there's no going back. There is simply nowhere to go from this point on.

In spite of this, she doesn't want harm to befall him. Doesn't want him to leave her here, vulnerable and liable to break at the lightest breeze. She knows – she knows, because she's Horo and she (thinks she) knows these things – that there is a concern reserved for her that is deeply rooted inside of his very being. The inability to hate him vexes her to no end. How could she ever hate him? He is a Craft Lawrence, not a human. Is that why she feels such a profound lo- warmth towards him?




The pain is searing as the blood pounds in her ears, drowning out the cries and cheers from the streets outside.

Sleep doesn't visit her tonight; she's left to dwell upon every foolish mistake she's ever made until the dawn arrives, bringing no comfort with its light.

The desire for sleep burns at his eyes.

There is no escape, no release from this guilt. Even if her suspicions were untrue, it was too harsh to ever give her any reason to suspect something so horrible. He knows that her fear of being alone is crippling at times, and he still chooses to give her reasons to doubt his motives.

Why? Why is he so compelled to keep secrets from her?

This would be so easy if she were unlikeable. He would have no problem admitting that he doesn't want her company. But she is Horo, and a Horo is likeable by default; infuriating at times, but likeable all the same.


The warm oranges and yellows of dawn begin to show themselves, and he is still alone.