The Way Toph Sees It

"I don't get why everyone was so mad.

"I mean, they argue all the time. And not mean arguing, either. It's that, 'Pay Attention to Me!' kind of arguing, the kind that sounds more like teasing. You know, what's the word? FLIRTATIOUS!! That's the one. They were always so flirtatious.

"And, it's not like I had the visual clues anyone else would have. I don't know nothing about eye color, or hair color, or skin tone, or facial structure, or any of that junk. Well, I guess I would know about faces, but I wasn't about to be asking to put my hands all over their mugs when we had just met. It's not polite, you know? So all that evidence went out the door.

"And, I mean, I didn't get out much. I didn't know what lovers acted like, or what siblings acted like, because honestly I'd never had friends, never mind boyfriends, and unless my parents were really good at keeping secrets, I didn't have any brothers or sisters. So, cut me a little slack, right?

"Anyway, if things were so innocent, I don't know why everyone freaked out like that. It's not like I said anything dirty, which I could have, if I wanted to. I just asked, all innocent-like, if Sokka and Katara were dating.

"That's no excuse to call me names."