Thought I'd try a little Robin/Star piece.

The show is called Teen Titans
It is a work of fiction
It is not mine, though this I wrote
Using people, tone, and diction.

Leap of Trust

"I wanna take you somewhere."

Starfire turned to find herself face to face with the mysterious foggy mask of her boyfriend. He wasn't smiling and he wasn't looking at her; only a shallow dip of his eyebrows hinted at his feelings.

She brought her cheeks into a smile. "I would love to go somewhere with you, Robin."

He took her by the hand and guided her out of the main room.


Starfire had green eyes.

She had yet to see what colour Robin's eyes were, but she was confident he would tell her when he was ready. He didn't like to talk about himself much, which she found somewhat disturbing and a little insulting at times. Now she wondered if he had something important to tell her.

As they pulled up to a large circus tent, she figured what Robin was about to do was for more than entertainment purposes.

The tent was green, and wide. People toppled through the door, dodging stilted clowns and cotton candy vendors. Near the welcome sign, a young boy cried and pointed to the air where his balloon danced towards the clouds.

"We are… seeing the show?" she asked.

Robin nodded and started forwards. She followed him into the tent.

They sat in the back, secluded behind a large man and his young daughter. Robin sat stiffly in his chair. He was breathing deeper than Starfire remembered being normal, so she placed a warm hand over his glove. He coiled his fingers around her own.

"I used to do this act," he said. He did not elaborate.

The show was wonderful. Starfire cheered with the crowd as a tall, wobbly clown executed a perfect back flip. She gasped and ooed at a flimsy looking strongman lifting an automobile. It brought joy to her heart that Robin would desire to share something like this with her, but she also took note that he had not moved the entire show.

It wasn't until the final act that he showed any signs of having seen the performance.

The lights dimmed and an announcer stood centre ring. He played to the crowd, his booming voice declaring the next performers to be stunt masters excelling in acrobatic talent. Robin stiffened as spotlights glared into the faces of a family of three: a mother, a father, and a daughter. They waved to the audience and dove into action.

The parents did most of the work, the mother swinging and leaping back and forth into the protective arms of her husband. As the act began to wind down, the daughter jumped in, performing a summersault into her mother's waiting hands. She swung under her for a moment before swinging back to the platform. She watched her parents from her safety spot. She then got back into the show, this time flipping two times before being caught. The crowd roared, and she beamed with delight.

Then she let go, tucked into herself, and bounced off the safety net, performing another flip and landing gracefully on her feet, arms stretched into the air. As the crowd rewarded her with another wave of cheers, her parents followed suit to join their daughter on the floor.

Starfire looked at Robin as he swallowed thickly. She squeezed his hand.

"We didn't have a safety net when we did it."

And Starfire knew in that moment that Robin, in his own small way, was opening up to her. She leaned over and pulled him into a warm embrace.

"It is… okay."

The End