Bones and Soul

by Amy L. Hull


for commentfic meme at bertie456's LJ, in response to a prompt from forensicmama, set during the opening five minutes of "Fire in the Ice"

exactly 250 words


"Hold still! I want to write on your cast!" Parker's tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrated.

"Gentle, Parker. The broken bones in your father's--"

"It's fine!" Booth grimaced.

Parker continued writing. "See? Nothing hurts dad."

Booth glared at Brennan, gesturing silence while the Sharpie squeaked.

"There!" Parker announced. "Now it's your turn, Dr. Bones!"

"I don't know--"

"Go ahead, Bones. My bones should have encouragement from my Bones. Get it? My bones, Bones," he wiggled his eyebrows, pointing to his arm, then his partner.

She just frowned while Parker giggled.

Next to Parker's "Best Dad Ever!!!" she wrote, "Heal well. Bones."

"Can you rotate your arm slightly toward me?"

Booth looked up, blinked, then moved his arm, ignoring the lance of pain through his wrist. Bones shifted her weight so that she was facing him and took hold of the cast. She moved the Sharpie with her careful precision, making fourteen lines before capping the marker.

Parker, who had stood, staring raptly as Bones wrote, squealed and said, "Daddy! It looks like your tattoo!"

"It does, bub. Just like it." He looked from her to the carefully drawn symbol on the inside wrist of his cast. "Bones--"

She smiled a bit shyly then shrugged. "I just thought you might miss it with it covered for six weeks."

His breath caught slightly. His Bones writing to heal his bones was one thing. With one finger, he lightly touched where she'd written "Soul."