"Oh geez I'm late late late!" I said as I brushed out my bouncy brown curls.

I looked at my closet to think about finding what to wear. I slung through about every single thing in my closet until there was a mountain of clothes beside my bed. I finally decided on a black corset top with red lacing. I paired that with my black short sleeved renaissance inspired t-shirt and my dark wash skinny jeans, and my black high top converse. To top off the look I added my black sheer vs. black cotton, zebra stripped light scarf. When I looked at the time to see it was…

"OMG it's 7:50 I have ten minutes to get to school, and on my first day! God!"

I quickly ran downstairs, grabbed a muffin and tried to head out the door when my mother stopped me.

"Young lady that is not an appropriate outfit for the first day of school!"

"But Mom, This is my favorite outfit! And I am going to be late if I do change!"

"Well then," she said with a smirk, "you'll just have to hurry, and besides you could wear that outfit tomorrow. Now go get something from the other side of your closet."

My closets all had one thing in common; I always split my cloths into 'Mom' appropriate attire, and my clothes. Now normally she doesn't care about my fashion choices but, for my first day, she has three strict rules:

Wear pastels

A blazer or sweater is a must


And I was breaking all three. I only tried because I knew what people would think of me wearing that. So I simply put on my black blazer with the school's emblem on it. Although I did take off all the cool decals off that I had on it. I paired it with a light blue cami and a short navy blue skirt with my black oxford heels. I paired it with the scarf that I was going wear except that it was white.

As I finished dressing I looked at the clock and noticed it was…

"OMG 7:57, I have three minutes to get to school. I ran downstairs grabbed my gym bag, pocketbook, and my book bag. I grabbed the keys to my new silver Lexus IS 350C and sped off to my first day at Kohona High.