Hey guys, now you know me I can never keep to a deadline which is why I didn't have one. Listen I'm saying this once and for all, my writing is atrocious in these first few chapters, and it doesn't get much better. Ai is a mary-sue and I need to change that while on the other end need to get the plot down so needless to say the story if you want it is going to become a rewrite from the start, however from this point it is going to change drastically, and hopefully for the better. Are any of you still here? Well time to turn a new leaf in an interesting read.

A lot has happened. Is the words I can say most clearly in the six months I've been gone. A lot more than I could fit into the email I was going to send, more like attempting to send Gaara before I returned to Japan for the summer. I owed him so many apologies and explanations that I don't know exactly how to do. So thinking back on everything that had happened I tried to formulate the events that led up to me packing my things back in with Saso- dad, still just as hard to say as it is heartwarming, and mom.

After Sasori told me the truth about my parentage and that he was my biological father I just broke down, I couldn't remember how long I cried or how much I wished I could say, but I had a breakdown. Sasori, bless his heart thought he had hurt me somehow and immediately called mom telling her that he had told me the truth. She was needless to say on the next flight over. After that we had a talk, a long one about me and them and how they decided everything. Mom revealed that when Sasori gave us up she went into depression for a while, it leading to her actually trying to kill herself. I couldn't believe that my mom, the superwoman, always on the go and never without something to look forward to was depressed enough to think like that. She said that Itachi had an internship in New York with the firm he was hired for and had gone to check up on us just for old times' sake. He was just in time. Apparently the reason why Itachi and Sasori hate each other so much is that after that, for about a year or two, they were dating. His coworker and confidant was able to be with the woman he loved so dearly, while he had to suffer. Mom said that eventually they broke things off because neither of them was really in love; it was more a mutual distain of loneliness. By that time he had figured out who my parents were and convinced mom to move me back to Japan, at least for a while. Sasori hadn't seen me since I was a baby and it obviously took a toll on him. After that they developed a secret form of custody and child support, mom would ask for any help unless she needed it and in return whenever she needed to leave me with someone any type of babysitter at all it was an Akatsuki so that I could be safe from harm. Eventually I got tired of waiting and asked if they had feeling for each other. It was by their lack of reaction that I realized my parents were more in love now than when they were together. So feeling a bit daring, and wanting my parents to have the life neither of them thought was safe, I asked to transfer schools for the rest of the year. Sasori made more money as a private tutor than a teacher because of all his skills so he didn't truly need the teaching job. Orochimaru was coming back soon anyway and I didn't want to have to deal with him either. So we talked, and we worked it out and said we would give it a trial run. Mom would move into a bigger house in Italy, and we would live together as a family until her work was finished in June. If everything worked out okay then they would more back to Japan together, as a couple.

Italy was amazing, my Italian was choppy but with both of my parents help I got decent enough to be able to survive in class as long as Sasori tutored me. We packed up rather suddenly and before the weekend was up I was on a plane to Italy for the rest of the year. It was rather terrifying but I was so excited to be with both of my parents I didn't even say goodbye, I do regret that now. I realized that it wasn't acting that was my thing, it was singing. It was a nice hobby but I never wanted to make a career of it. I turned to what made me happy and what I thought would get me to a path I and my parents could be proud of. I decided that I would love to be a therapist, to help people and sort out why they feel a certain way. I took more psychology classes at my school, joined a teen help group, and even got a few internships with the many psychiatrists the Akatsuki is required to see on a daily basis. Dad's is super cool and turned out to be Sakura's dad. He was wild and crazy and inventive, and his results showed he was truly helping people. He was the one who realized how talented of a chemist Sasori was and encouraged him to pursue that if he truly wanted to go straight. When Akatsuki went under as an organization and became more a consulting agency, because they've literally seen everything, having his teaching license gave him something to fall back on.

There were a few romances in Italy; a boy I think would end up being Gaara's best friend showed me around a bit and after a few months we started dating. It was never anything serious but Lovino was and is a nice person to talk to, when he isn't cussing like a sailor. My parents however were on cloud nine, they got married in April. It was a beautiful little wedding in a chapel in the country side, just a few people there but it was perfect. I stayed with Pein while they were on their honeymoon, he was nice but having a tattoo and piercing parlor in the middle of Berlin made him a bit too intense for the chill nature of Italy. We did miss Japan though, and with mom finishing all her work on the new broadcasting corp in Italy, the headquarters in Japan wanted her back. Oh I never told you, my mom is a TV Producer, she is the magic maker for all the awesome shows, her first job while I was in New York was on Sex in the City, cool right? Anyway we are moving back in as soon as I finish school next week so I'll see you soon okay? I'm really sorry for not keeping in touch properly but I just wanted to explain why.

Write me back kay?


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