I got this idea in my head and it won't go away so I decided to write it. I've got more important stories right now so I don't know if I'll write on this that much.

Life with Max and Fang

Chapter 1

"No Fang!" I yelled at him from on the bed. I had my head buried in the pillows, refusing to look at him.

"I pushed her away!" He screamed back.

We were fighting. Again. We were at the store and I told him not to talk to that woman. She's always flirting with him. She's a clerk and Fang decided to try and prove me wrong about her liking her, so we went in her line. She kissed him! Or tried to at least. He pushed her off and had to drag me away before I killed her.

"Just, go away." I mumbled through the pillow.

"Fine." Fang said. He slammed our bedroom door and I thought he'd leave but then I heard the sound of a soda opening and the T.V. turn on. He was watching Sports Center.

Fang and I had moved in together about 6 months ago. He had just turned 18 when we did. The flock still stayed with Dr. Martinez. She liked taking care of them. Iggy was thinking about moving out but he still has nowhere to go. I offered him our spare bedroom but he declined. He and Fang didn't get along very well. It may have something to do with the fact that Iggy likes me. Maybe…

I stayed in bed for half an hour, trying to get a nap in before I had to go to work. I worked at Sam's, a pool hall like place. I had an hour before I had to go. Guess I better go fix things with Fang.

I got up and walked out the bedroom door. It lead right into the living room. The kitchen was separated from the living room by one of those counter things that are by then selves. There was a door next to our bedroom door that lead to the extra bedroom. Then next to the kitchen was another door, that lead to the bathroom. I walked to the couch that Fang was sitting on and sat on his lap.

"Hmm, what's up with you?" He asked, gently biting my neck but then smoothing the skin over with his tongue. "First you're mad and then you're in my lap."

"I just wanted to sit here." I said, crossing my arms.

"And you can sit here as long as you'd like, just take off your pants and face me." Fang said.

I slapped his arm. "Good you're a pig."

"Oh yeah, because pigs get sex from you all the time." Fang said.

I stood up. "I can in here to say I was sort of wrong, though you were too. But if all you can think about is sex, fine, I'll go get ready for work."

Fang shrugged his shoulders. "Fine but tonight I highly doubt you'll be like this."

"Fang, I have to work till 2 in the morning. When I get home I'll be tired and, like now, won't want to have sex." I told him walking away.

"We'll see.' Fang commented as I walked into the bedroom.

God he's an idiot!

The apartment was eerily quite as I walked in. Fang normally waited up for me. Hmm, maybe he's mad about me being jealous. Or because I didn't want to have sex. Whatever, wither way he's being a big baby.

I walked into our bedroom and found Fang lying face down on the bed, passed out. I sighed, and grabbed out of his big T-shirts out of the closet and a pair of shorts (My nightclothes) and changed into them. Then I slipped into bed next to him. Fang, being a light sleeper, woke up and looked at me. And I thought I was a light sleeper.

"Hey." He muttered, scooting closer to me.

"Go back to sleep." I said, lying my head down on the pillow. "I'm tired."

He watched me for a minute before pulling me to his torso. I sighed, burring my head in his chest.

"Night." I whispered into his chest.

"Night Max."

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