Law: Perfect plans aren't.

"...As you can see, I have prepared for every possible contingency."

With that, Shikamaru laid his highly detailed plans for the rousting of a group of missing-nins on the makeshift table in their temporary base. His teammates nodded, fully confident in his capabilities.

The group then proceeded to ready themselves for the fight ahead. Shino leaned against the wall, already having gathered up what few items he had taken out of his pack the night before. Sakura rechecked her medical supplies and put on her gloves with a determined gleam in her eyes. Naruto bounced around the room, trying to stuff empty Ramen containers into a trash bag, roll up his sleeping bag and put his shoes back on all at once. Shikamaru rolled up his meticulously made plans and stuffed them into his waterproof front pocket. It had been raining heavily the night before and it wouldn't do to have them destroyed.

All ready, they gathered at the door and slid it open with a soft thump.

Shikamaru's jaw dropped. Sakura gasped in horror at the sea of death surrounding their little hut. Naruto wailed pitifully and made a strange gurgling noise at the unexpected sight.

Thousands, perhaps millions, of bodies carpeted the forest floor. Most had burst and their guts pooled beneath their flattened forms. Some were missing limbs, their eyes bulged from their heads and their mouths gaped in terrible, hellish caricatures. In some places they had piled five and six deep, one on top of the other, entrails running together into one giant oozing mass of flesh.

The leaves and grass, once a beautiful vibrant green, now turned a slick red with blood and rain. Looking up, they saw more bodies hung precariously from branches above, swaying morbidly in the gentle breeze.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Naruto screamed, dropping to his knees and reverently picking up one of the small bodies. He held the dead frog close and said a little prayer for it, hoping it would find peace in frog heaven.

Shikamaru closed his mouth, reached into his pocket, pulled out his plan and ripped it into little pieces.