Oh Here It Goes Again

I can't believe he just said that! After a year and a half together and a half a year of marriage, he still hasn't got it through his head that I'm not going to sit there and be one of those housewives from the 1920's!

This man infuriates me! But then again, that's why I fell in love with him.

My name is Rosalie Daley, well it's Rosalie Capone now, and I have one of the weirdest husbands in all of history, maybe THE weirdest.

Why is he do you ask? Well maybe because he used to be a wax doll at the Smithsonian museum, originally wanted to take over the world, and fell in love with in the midst of all of it. Yeah, I think I win the award.

After the whole Smithsonian battle Akmunrah turned him into a human and we've been together ever since.

Doesn't mean that we've been living happily ever after though. Oh no, sometimes it's anything BUT happily ever after. It's taken Capone quite a while to get used to the 21st century, and he still doesn't understand that I don't have to stay home all day while he goes and works. We work together for God's sake!

I thought the whole big adventures at the nation's museums were over. Apparently not because my newest adventure started when we were working at the museum and none other than George Custer walked up to us and said, "Well howdy ya'll."

I just stood there awe struck, how in the world did he get here?!

He then leaned in closer and said, "Ya'll need to come back to the Smithsonian right quick. All the exhibits come to life every night, even without the tablet. Also, that granite gate things been acting up lately and it opened for a minute. Looks like Kahmunrah ain't gone yet!"

I then looked at Capone, who got his gun out and said, "Well if he's threatin my family, he sure ain't getting out of there without no fight."

I couldn't believe my ears! I thought this was all over with! I thought I could settle down, maybe have a family! I guess not because I was currently being dragged through the museum to Dad and Nick and Dorothy where Capone was explaining everything.

I couldn't take it though. I started to fade out. I grabbed onto Capone's coat and he said, "Rosalie? Babe? Ya alright?"

I just kept falling into the blackness though. Well this has just been a perfect evening. I was planning on going back home tonight and telling him the news.

You see, another reason I didn't want any more adventures was because, well, I was pregnant.

Wonder how I'm gonna tell him now.

Well this is the start of my newest adventure because we all know things go bump in the night. But what some people don't know is that the freaks come out at night too.