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Summary: Harry gets sucked into a portal to another world. He finds out that he is a demon king in this different world. Harry has always been a hero. Can he really become a demon king? KKM/HP crossover. Yuri Shibuya doesn't exist in this story.


"Where do you think you're going, you little punk?"

Harry turned from the edge of the pond and saw his cousin Dudley and his band of thug wannabe surround the new kid. He shook his head. The new kid and his family recently moved here from one of the oriental countries, possibly Japan, he wasn't sure. The neighbors didn't talk around him much. Usually they talked about him whenever he was around. He knew that his Uncle Vernon had told the neighbors that he went to St. Brutus's School for the juvenile delinquents. It was no wonder everyone was afraid to talk to him.

'Well at least it's easier than telling everyone I go to Hogwarts.'

Harry parents died when he was 15 months old. He was sent to live with his uncle and aunt right after that. The problem with that was that they hated anything that wasn't normal and Harry was anything but normal. Ever since he was little he was able to do weird thing. It wasn't until he turned eleven, and a half-giant named Hagrid explained it to him, that he realized that he was a wizard. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learned about his magical heritage.

Last year, after the Tri-Wizard tournament, Voldemort tried to come back and take human form. No one was more surprised than Harry when, during the fight, their wands connected through something that Dumbledore, the headmaster, called 'Priori Incantatem'. For a moment he saw his parents, well their spirits anyway. In that moment, he felt a surge of love so deep that in a burst of power, he didn't know he had, Voldemort's wand exploded along with his brand new body. Surprisingly, it was Snape who, though he had always seemed to hate him, came to his rescue. When Voldemort summoned him, he alerted Dumbledore and Fudge who was next to him. The aurors arrived just in time to gather up the Death Eaters who had assembled at the graveyard to which he had been portkeyed. Unfortunately, some of the Death Munchers escaped.

'Which is why I am still stuck in this godforsaken place, instead of living with my godfather.' Harry sighed. 'It's going to be another long summer'.

Harry inner musings were interrupted when Dudley shoved the new kid to the ground.

"I told you I don't have any money." The new kid yelped as Dudley caught him by the collar.

Harry had seen enough. He was able to defeat Voldemort. Dudley had all the intimidating power of a garden snake.

"Dudley, leave the kid alone."

Dudley turned around and saw Harry with his wand slightly hidden in his sleeve. His grip on the kid loosened who then made a break for it. Piers Polkiss, one of Dudley's gang, who had spotted Harry as well.

"What's he to you? Your boyfriend? I always knew you were a queer, you little freak."

"Dudley, call off your little minions. I don't have time to deal with idiots."

Dudley was torn. He was scared of Harry and his wand. But he knew that Harry couldn't use his magic outside of school. Also, he didn't want the gang to know that he was scared of his little runt of a cousin. He was still trying to find a way out of the situation, when Piers pushed harry into the pond.

The water of the pond began to swirl as Harry sunk to the bottom.

"Let's get outta here," shouted Dudley as he ran off, followed closely by his gang.

Harry felt like he was drowning. He couldn't breathe. He tried to swim but his body felt like a sumo wrestler had decided to take a nap on top of him.

'This is definitely going to make the headlines. "Boy Who Lived to Kill You Know Who drowned in Pond". Well, at least Voldemort is dead.'

Harry felt the blackness encroach upon his vision, what little he had of it.

'Maybe I can finally see my parents. Mom seemed so nice.'

Finally, everything turned faded to black as he fell unconscious.

The bright light pierced through his eyelids. He tried to open his eyes but it seemed like a lot of work. Aunt Petunia would be coming in any minute now to wake him up. His back hurt for some reason and his chest hurt a bit as he tried to breathe.

Then, he remembered. Dudley, then new kid, the water…

He bolted upright, aches forgotten.

"I'm still alive," he said out loud, his voice a bit hoarse.

Harry took in his surroundings. The mountains in the distance were a clue to the fact that he was not in Surrey anymore.

'Did I get here by Portkey? Man I really hate portkeys.'

A shriek pierced his brain. Harry turned around to find the source of his pain. A woman, a shepherdess by her dress, was pointing at him and screaming something. He tried to understand what she was babbling about, but the words made no sense.

'It's just my luck to land up in the Alps or something.'

He got up, but had to put his hands on his ears as the screaming just became louder. He turned around to see if maybe a dragon or something had snuck up behind him to freak her out. Seeing nothing, he turned back to her.

"I do not understand what you are saying. Do you speak English? ENGLISH?"

Getting no reply, he took a step back and then another. The volume of the screaming became slightly lower. He could hear footsteps in the distance and a slight thundering noise.

"Constant Vigilance as Moody says, or I think he says, since the moody I know was a fake," said Harry as he went to pull his wand from his sleeve.

"Oh no!!" cried Harry as he realized his wand was not there. He looked around on the ground but couldn't find it. All he was a wet imprint on the ground near a small puddle where he had woken up. No sign of anything. He put his hands in the puddle to search for it but nothing.

The sounds of footsteps got nearer and he saw a group of men, carrying hoe's and pitchforks. They all seemed to be yelling something at him but he couldn't understand them. His hand snuck up to cover his scar, when he realized he wasn't wearing his glasses. He looked around. He could see clearly. He knew that eyesight spells only worked to heal trauma. Natural degeneration of the eyes couldn't be fixed by magic. He had asked Poppy, the school nurse, during the tournament when he knew he would be going underwater. So how was he able to see without glasses?

"Now that's just weird, even for me."

The sound of a horse's neighing broke him out of his reverie. A very large blond man was riding an equally large horse. Weirder still he looked like a character from a movie of ancient times. He had a broad sword fastened at his hip and he wore a cape. Not too weird considering what wizards wore. Well, except for the sword.

The blond man was speaking to him. Again, Harry couldn't understand a single word.

"Do you speak English? Parlez-vous français?" he tried again. He had picked up a bit of French from Fleur, the Tri-Wizard Champion from France.

The man dismounted and put his hands forward, palms facing outward. He was speaking again. Harry's instincts wanted him to run, but being the Gryffindor that he was, he couldn't. The man swiftly reached out and put his hands on Harry's head.

A piercing pain swept through his brain along with a bright light. It was almost as bad as the Cruciatus, the torture curse. It felt like the pain lasted for hours though it was probably just a few seconds. He looked at the man, with a twinge of fear in his gaze. The man was speaking again, but Harry couldn't make out what he was saying because of the ringing in his ears. Then suddenly the pain and ringing stopped.

"-derstand me now?" said the man. Many voices seemed to be talking in the background creating a din which he couldn't quite focus on.

"What?" Harry's voice seemed even hoarser than before. Had he been screaming?

"Do you understand me now?" the man repeated.

"Yes. Who are you? What did you do to me? If you could speak English before, why didn't you?"

"My name is Adelbert von Grantz. I am not speaking this 'English'. I unblocked the speech pathways in your mind." The blond man turned to the villagers and said, "It's alright. I don't think he's figured out anything yet."

"I heard you can get a lot of money for a double black," said a male voice in the crowd.

"I heard you can get eternal life if you drink a soup of his heart," said another voice.

Adelbert looked at Harry and told the villagers, "Maybe he will come quietly with us, if we ask nicely."

Harry didn't like the look in the blond man's eyes. It was similar to the look that Malfoy Sr. had whenever he looked at Harry.

"I don't think I want to go anywhere with you," said Harry as he slowly backed away from the blond man and the crowd.

The sound of galloping horses from behind him distracted Harry from his immediate plans to make a run for it. Feeling cornered, Harry tried to assess the situation. These people were clearly muggles, except for the Adelbert guy. Too bad there was no forest around; because there was no way in hell he could outrun horses. He put his and to his wrist. Good. The bracelet was still there. Dumbledore had given him the bracelet as an emergency voice activated portkey. All he had to say was "Hogwarts, home sweet home" to portkey to safety. But he was hesitant to use it in front of muggles.

"Master Harry" a voice shouted from the distance.

Harry turned to it half expecting Dobby to be riding on one of the horses coming towards him. He smiled at the image it conjured in his mind before snapping back to reality. A handsome brown haired man was galloping towards him calling out his name. By the concerned look in his face, Harry felt a little reassured. The villagers began running back in the direction from which they came.

"Master Harry, are you OK?" said the brown haired man, before turning to Adelbert and drawing his sword.

"I'm fine. Who are you?" said Harry.

"Now is not the time sire, but my name is Conrart Weller," said the man before returning his focus to Adelbert. "What is your business here, Lord Von Grantz?"

"Just greeting the new Demon King is all. When are you going to stop fighting for those filthy creatures?" said Adelbert.

"Be gone from here before I am forced to take your head."

Adelbert laughed, before turning his horse away. Then he turned to Harry and said, "I will rescue you from then later your highness. Till we meet again." Then he galloped away.

The brown haired man dismounted and approached Harry slowly. Harry was surprised to feel not the faintest bit of alarm when he looked at the stranger. The man then went down on one knee and said, "Your highness, were you harmed?"

Harry was taken aback. He shook his head. "I'm alright. Just a bit overwhelmed. So, Conrad was it? Where am I?"

"I understand why you may be overwhelmed. You are in the near the borders of the human lands. We must take you to safety at once, your majesty. And my name is Lord Conrart Weller, but you many call me Conrad, your majesty."

"Huh?" said Harry intelligently.

As Conrad helped the new Demon King mount his horse, he studied the young man. The new King was not much taller than 5'4. Black hair and black eyes, the mark of a true king were obvious. There was a unique scar over the left eyebrow resembling a lightning bolt. His features were delicate and soft, and his eyes contained an innocence not seen often in this land.

Conrad smiled softly as he saw the King clutching the saddle of the horse like a lifeline while trying not to show his fear of the large horse. Conrad mounted the horse behind the King and rode off to get to Günter, who he knew was awaiting His Majesty anxiously.

The ride didn't take very long. Ulrike had told him where to expect the arrival of the new Demon King and Günter had secured an inn not too far from the Village. As they approached the Inn, Günter was already outside looking about ready to burst into a run to get to them. Conrad stopped the horse and dismounted, before helping His Majesty dismount.

Günter rushed to him and got down on one knee. "Your Majesty has arrived. Oh what a joyous occasion. The world will rejoice with your safe return. We can finally welcome you to your home, Your Majesty. Welcome, Oh great Demon King, to the Great Demon Kingdom."

Harry looked at the beautiful tall man with the lilac hair and violet eyes for a moment, before saying, "Huh?"

Authors Note : This is my very first fanfiction ever. I do not know the ropes. I am currently looking for a beta. My english is not the best so bear with me until I get a beta. On another note...Yes I know black is not Harry's natural color. I will explain it in the next couple of chapters.