A/N: I wish more people would write for this category. There's still only a few stories up-counting mine.

Pairing: Terrence/Sydney


Spanky wasn't the only one in the house that hadn't had sex with a girl before. Terrence was a virgin, by all rights. He was far to busy to go out and flirt with a girl...if the knew how to anyway. He just…didn't know how to talk to them. It was one of the few things college HADN'T taught him.

He had never even seen a real girl naked. The closest he had come to it was when he had walked in on Sydney shaving her legs. Terrence wasn't a pervert, and that was the closest he had ever come to looking at porn, but he couldn't stop thinking about it. He couldn't stop thinking about Sydney in general.

She, like most girls, was a mystery to Terrence. And Terrence loved solving mysteries.