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(Chapter 1)

The remnants of the fake Karakura, consisting of only ruble and dust, was now the battle field for the Arrancar's of Hueco Mundo and the Captains of Soul Society. The war, after several hours of endless fighting, was coming to an end, but in no way that either side would imagine.

Aizen Sosuke, the ruler of all Hueco Mundo, regarded the enemy before him. No matter how many steps he had planned ahead of the Captains, he now came to realize that this war could end in favor for either side. He knew that the Espada were not strong enough to challenge Soul Society, it would have been ridicules to think so, but he had expected them to at least perform better than they had.

He, now, knew he should have escaped the captain commander's fire the moment it had engulfed the ex-captains instead of claiming that he wouldn't have to lift a finger.

His own arrogance, and the misplaced faith he had put in his Espada, was his down fall. Unfortunately it was too late when he decided to take action, which happened to be when Barragan and Halibel were seemingly defeated.

(Moments after; Soifon's Bankai "obliterated" Barragan and Stark's release).

Within the flame prison …

"I never thought, that after all the trouble I put into gathering the Espada, that I alone… would be more powerful than the lot of them." Aizen said more to himself than his two subordinates.

"Don't go blame'n yourself on their performance. This was anticipated after all, but now I think we hit a little snag. Don't cha think?" Gin replied while he bore his usual fox grin.

"Only the Primera is left, even he cannot take on Hitsugaya, Komamura, Soifon, Ukitake, Shunsui, and the captain commander alone." Tosen addressed quietly.

"I agree, Stark shouldn't have needed to release until a much later time." Aizen spoke solemnly. His calm expression covering his irritation.

'Such a sloppy performance; Aizen thought resignedly.

All of a sudden they felt the spiritual of the Captain Commander appear before the remaining Espada.

"Amazing. Stark isn't even batting an eyelash, nevertheless, the old man will go all out from the beginning, Stark won't stand a chance."Gin said in an amazed tone, impressed with the Primera.

"Stark will meet the same end as his brethren if he is left to his own devices… He might as well; he is now all alone, which is his greatest fear. Death… will be his escape from his loneliness." Tousen stated

"Death… Shall we fill the skies with the smell of it?" Aizen proposed as he held up his right index finger in front his chest and began exerting a decent amount of reiatsu.

'It's incredible that I need to use such a high leveled kido to escape the fire. Gin and Tosen moved back as far as possible, and waited patiently for Aizen to open the path before them.

"Bakudo #94: Katsu Sukai"

Reiatsu suddenly began surging out of Aizen at a tremendous rate and began to take the form of a great, bright blue, reiatsu manifested scythe.

Aizen grabbed the Scythe by its handle and swept the blade in an 'X' shaped pattern.

Gin and Tosen covered their faces as the blast, that followed, literally tore into the fire in its path, and effortlessly dispelled the fire prison in its entirety.

"Shall we." Aizen said unemotionally as the last of the dying fire whipped around them and faded.

"I say it again. You sure are scary Aizen-sama." Gin smiled prior to all three ex-captains using shunpo.

(Stark VS. Ukitake and Shunsui – Several minutes before Aizen, Gin, and Tousen escaped the fire prison)

"Your release is pretty amazing; I didn't expect you to reveal it so easily." Shunsui said.

"I am interested experiencing the battle capabilities of your Bankai, will you both show me?" Stark said while rising up from his crouched position and revealing his resurreccion fully to both captains.

"Both? You want to face two Bankai's." Shunsui asked interestedly.

"Both? You want to battle me and Shunsui too? Sorry we don't do two on one fights." Ukitake said confusedly.

'How strong is he… to think he can take on two bankai's' he thought in surprise.

Stark slowly raise his smaller gun.

Shunsui noticed that Stark wasn't aiming at them, so he didn't bother trying to defend himself.

"You have no choice." Stark said seriously while he pulled the trigger.

A thin black beam shot out of the gun and surged towards the two captains.

Shunsui thought nothing of the beam as it approached his right side, he keep a calm face.

Unfortunately the beam didn't stay thin. The moment it passed him the beam suddenly released a loud, echoing, screeching noise at the same time as it expanded one-hundred fold which reached just inches short of reaching the eighth division captain.

Shunsui's eyes widened as the intensity of the black beam began to scorch his arm.

When the shot began to recede in size, and finally ended, Stark lowered the gun.

Ukitake, realizing the danger the Primera now presented, quickly released his sword.

'The attack… it could have ended us if it connected…'

"All Waves, Rise now and Become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and Become my Blade, Sogyo no Kotowari!" Ukitake exclaimed.

Stark uninterestingly glanced at the newly released zanpakto as Shunsui began speaking to him.

"A black Cero" Shunsui said, his face showed one of absolute shock. He had never felt a cero like. Its intensity was incredible, but the aura of that beam was unmistakable…. It was no doubt a cero.

'I have never seen a black one before.'

"A fully powered cero, Cero Oscuras, an Espada's cero. Only the Espada top Espada have the ability to control and use it." Stark explained seriously.

"Shunsui… you won't use your bankai will you?" Ukitake asked seriously.

"No… I will eventually though."

"No, don't. You shouldn't… use it out here where anyone could see."

"Unleash your Bankai's shinigami; I won't go easy on…" Stark was interrupted by a quickly approaching shinigami.

"It seems your leader is coming."

The moment the Primera finished speaking, Yamamoto appeared before him.

"You're the last." The Commander told the Espada.

"If you say…" Stark answered uninterestedly.

"Shunsui, Ukitake have the absolute power of Soul Society descend upon him. He is the last one. We finish it." Yamamoto commanded a he unsheathed his sword.

"Hai Yama-jii." Shunsui and Ukitake said in unison.

Stark rapidly pointed his gun to Yamamoto and was about to pull the trigger when Shunsui and Ukitake blocked their leader from Stark's view, their zanpakto's at the ready.

"You can't go on taking Yama-Jii in your first round." Shunsui explained as both he and Ukitake started to release a huge amount of reiatsu.

Both captains made to strike Stark in unison, but were interrupted by the spiritual pressure that suddenly came from inside the fire prison. Within moments the three captains and Stark watched as the fire prison broke apart swiftly followed by, the now expected appearance, of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

"I would prefer that you fight us as well." Aizen stated as he faced Soul Society's strongest Shinigami.

"You've failed at your attempt to get the Kings Key, your done Aizen." Shunsui said.

"Contrary to your belief, you lost the moment I broke out. I admit my mistake when saying I wouldn't have to lift a finger. But I will correct myself… You will lose simply because my skills surpass yours."

"Say what you will, you are down to one Espada, and you three youngsters are nothing special." Yamamoto declared.

"There you go again, who said I was the last one." Stark said.

Nobody saw a reason to answer his question.

"Gin… Tosen, go." Aizen ordered as his two subordinates unsheathed their swords.

"I'll get the Espada…. No more fooling around" Shunsui stated while staring at Stark.

"I'll take Aiz..." Ukitake was interrupted.

"No, I'll take Aizen." Yamamoto commanded.

"I guess your opponent is me." Ukitake said as he looked at Gin and Tousen.

"NO." a loud voice yelled.

Tousen swiftly turned around while bringing his zanpakto up to block the powerful blow that descended on him.

"So predictable… Komamura…"

Captain of the seventh division, Sajin Komamura, growled at his former friend.

"I'll fight Tousen." Komamura yelled.

"Then it's settled." Yamamoto called out.

"As soon Soifon and Hitsugaya rest up, they will back us up. There is no time to be noble and fight one on one duels, we will risk everything for the protection of the world… and Soul Society." He exclaimed.

"Your captain's won't be joining us." Stark stated emotionlessly.

Suddenly everyone felt high levels of reiatsu in the vicinity that Soifon had fought.

Yamamoto's eyes widened.

"Everyone defeat your opponent and assist your fellow captains. If that Espada was alive the odds are the other one is to." Yamamoto shouted before every one took off to fight their respective battles, true to his words, moments later the other Espada's reiatsu appeared…

(Soifon and Omaeda VS. Barragan - Minutes after her Bankai "obliterated" Barragan)

"It appears that the strongest one has released and Aizen has escaped, we must help them. Let's go." Soifon ordered weakly.

"Of course captain, but your arm, and if you insist on going you must rest. You'll only be in the way if you aren't as strong as you can be." Omaeda.

Soifon, who made to turn, stopped.

"You're not as much of an idiot as I thought. Your right, I must rest." Soifon slowly rested her back against a building. "… if only for a couple minutes." She said while taking a deep breath.

"To tell you the truth, I didn't think my Bankai would defeat him with one hit. I was lucky." She said leaning against a building.

"I have never seen your Bankai captain it was amazing." Her lieutenant told her, he was trying to hide the fact that he was still shaking from holding of Segunda Espada for his captain.

"You're just happy I saved you." Soifon stated correctly as she let out a sigh.

"Captain why must you say that, I was worried about you."

"Well don't be" Soifon winced as the reality that her arm was still causing great pain, came back to her.

'I wasn't paying attention when I was fighting, but now…'

(Minutes later)

"Captain, about your arm, there must be something you could do, Captain Unohana could..." Omaeda asked.

"No, Unohana can't repair limbs, but that Kurosaki Ichigo's girl can repair my arm." Soifon stated as everything grew quiet for a moment.

"The smoke is still there." Omaeda said while drawing attention to the plume of smoke above them.

"Is that an effect of your Bankai?" He asked.

"This is the first time I used it in actual combat, but I'm sure it's the after effects." Soifon said as she turned away from it.

"Look I'm going to feel guilty if I don't say this, but thanks for catching me." She mumbled.

"Thanks captain, I…"

All of a sudden they felt a wave of reiatsu, and with shocked expressions, looked above them. It was coming from the cloud.

"Damn, this can't be. I thought he was dead, No… he was dead." The second division captain said.

The cloud began to disappear and when most of the smoke had cleared, they could see the silhouette of the Espada facing their way, deadly still.

"C…c…c…captain can you use your Bankai again?" A frightened Omaeda asked. His captain's frustrated face answered his question.

"I have a limit of once every hour. He won't let us stall for time."

"I'll distract him again." Omaeda offered. For some reason he felt happy for his captain's compliment, maybe it was because it was a first.

The Arrancar, high above them, began to let out a hollow laugh before speaking.

"You forgot one of basic abilities we Espada have. I may have given up my regeneration for greater attack power, but an Espada can still regenerate albeit very slowly. You gave me ample time to do just that!"

"Damn, regeneration, I didn't think of that." Soifon realized.

"Yes, and you won't have a second chance." Barragan said before using Sonido.

"Prepare yourself Omaeda." She told her vice-captain as they felt him approach.

"Whats the plan?"

Omaeda was shaking, but put up a brave front.

"I'm thinki…"

"CAPTAIN LOOK OUT" Soifon's vice-captain grabbed the back of his captain's shinigami robes and suddenly threw her, away from him, with all his might. Soifon's eyes widened at the sudden act.

As she flew, what she saw next, she knew would haunt her forever. Barragan appeared on the exact place where she stood seconds before. Unfortunately Omaeda was inches next to her.

"RUN OMAEDA." She yelled. Her vice-captain turned to run but the effects of the Espada's rot breath took effect much faster than before.

"CAPTAIN!" Omaeda screamed, calling out for help. Soifon's eyes met his one last time before his skin rotted away, his bones turning to dust before even reaching the ground.

Soifon felt herself freeze up at what she had just seen.

'He sacrificed himself for me.' She thought weakly.

"I warned him… that I would kill him." Barragan told Soifon.

She was surprised when she felt a single tear fall from her cheek. She may not have like him, but he was still her lieutenant. It was her duty to protect him.

"You'll pay." She whispered as she slowly wiped the tear from her face.

"What was that?" Barragan sounded amused as reiatsu began pouring out of Soifon's body.

"Ohh… Where did you find this strength?" The Segunda Espada asked interestedly.

The power that was pouring out of her body began encompassing her in a barrier of chaotic, white reiatsu.


Soifon stood before the Espada, revealing her finally completed shunko.

"You're not very fast are you Espada. We'll you'll regret that in a moment." She said while holding up her stinger shaped zanpakto release. "You will die by Suzumebachi."

"Come!" Barragan ordered.

Soifon vanished before Barragan very eyes, and within seconds appeared twenty feet behind Barragan.

Soifon, thinking her plan successful, made to take one step but began coughing up blood instead.

"You missed shinigami, I on the other hand…" Soifon looked down and saw a pitch black battle axe sticking out of her stomach. "…didn't" Barragan finished.

Soifon slowly turned around and saw the axe was connected to a chain that the Espada held, she knew what would the moment she laid eyes on it and closed her eyes in disappointment.

"Gran Caida, another one of my attacks." Barragan said when suddenly, he pulled the chain. Soifon could do nothing to stop him.

'Is this the end?' she thought before feeling the arms of her opponent wrap around her.

'Omaeda… Yuroichi-sama… I've fail. Please don't be disappointed in me…'

"Farewell… Nameless Captain."

The last thing Soifon saw and heard before she turned to nothing but dust was the Espada's, cold, empty eyes and his cold, heartless laugh.

"You really were a strong opponent." He said semi-respectfully.

Barragan made to turn and assist Aizen when he suddenly he slowly began to revert to his pre resurreccion form.

'What is this?' He thought when his body started to get covered in odd shaped markings and he felt his strength leave him.

After losing the strength to stand, Barragan fell to the floor.

"I can't… stand…. how did… damn that…Captain, She did… this." Barragan growled weakly, it was the only explanation he could think of, before pain engulfed him and he felt his life drain away.

He would never know that Soifon had pierced him twice in each spot that bore a mark on his body…

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