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The Battle Concludes!

"Why?" Zangetsu whispered as the chains that had tightly bound him begun to slowly come undone and fell to the sand beneath his feet.

The Hogyoku just stared at the spot that Ichigo had occupied just moments ago, before speaking, "Aizen's Hogyoku was created out of the corrupted souls of hollows... while I am made up of the souls of Shinigami. And when two opposing forces meet, they will undoubtedly cancel each other out."

"Can you not here me?!" Zangetsu spat uncaringly, throwing his arms out in defiance, "Why didn't you tell him the truth?!"

"Tch, your one to talk." Hichigo whispered, shrugging off his own chains. "The truth? In the end, not a single one of us told him the truth."

Zangetsu spun to him, "You... Your okay with this?"

Hichigo's golden eyes bore into Zangetsu's, "Heh, in my opinion? We both failed in protecting him."

"Coward! You know as well as I do what will happen if he uses that power before he is ready! He won't lose his power!"

"Of course he won't," The Hogyoku whispered, turning towards the two of them. "But if I had told him the truth...Very few things are worse than knowing you have the power to protect your loved ones, but not being able to use it. It is a burden he will have to bare the rest of his life."

"How will he know how to use your power?" Hichigo whispered to Zangetsu.

"I am transferring the knowledge to him now." "Zangetsu" replied sadly.

"So, I guess this is good bye."

(Sokyoku Hill)

"H...How?" Yamamoto whispered, staring down at Ryujin Jakka with a look of absolute disbelief. "Ryu...Ryujin Jakka?"

Aizen smirked, watching as black reishi was absorbed into the white medallion he held up towards the stunned Captain Commander.

"What an amazing device, isn't it? Not even I would have been able to come up with such an ingenious invention." He began, his purple eyes locked on it. 'To thinktheywould have come up with something like this.'

"He stole... my Bankai?!" Yamamoto whispered to himself, not even sure he believed his own eyes. 'How is such a thing possible? 'Ryujin Jakka!'


It was as if he was staring into a regular Katana.

"I was told, that your power was too enormous for any one shinigami to handle and that trying to steal your Bankai would be foolish. At least, that's what I was told when it was given to me. Too bad for you, my power is beyond even your comprehension now. Stealing your Bankai... was frighteningly easy."

"That device? How did you come by such a thing?!" Yamamoto shouted furiously. 'And who gave it to him, what could possible know and figure out how to...'

Aizen only smirked.

Yamamoto closed his eyes and tried reaching out to Ryujin Jakka once more, 'This can't be,' He could not shake the feeling of emptiness he was feeling.

"Curse you, Aizen!" Yamamoto shouted, shooting forward as flames engulfed his blade.

Aizen couldn't help but laugh, "You still intend to fight me with only your shikai!? Has separating you from your Bankai addled your mind?!"

Yamamoto appeared above him, bringing Ryujin Jakka crashing down. 'If I can destroy that medallion!'

'He intends to destroy the medallion.'

Faster than Yamamoto could comprehend, Aizen pulled out his Zanpakuto, seemingly from nowhere, and "parried" the strike.

Time stood still for the aged Shinigami as the unthinkable occurred.

The flames that were surrounding Ryujin Jakka dispersed and a second later, the Captain Commander watched as Ryujin Jakka, the most powerful Zanpakuto in the world, split in half.

His eyes slowly widened as he watched the top half of his Zanpakuto hit the ground.

The flames that blazed to life from his reiatsu vanished as did his only means of stopping Aizen.

"You yourself realized that I "Stole" your Bankai. What made you think I wouldn't have been able to use it against you?"

The Captain Commander took a few steps backwards.

"That fire in your eyes... still ablaze? Shall I extinguish it?"

"Bastard!" Yamamoto shot forward and grabbed Aizen by his throat with his remaining arm.

Aizen's purple eyes burned into the Shinigami as Yamamoto's reiatsu began to rise once more.

"I see, your using the power of your reiatsu to offset Zanka no Tachi, West."

Yamamoto winced, not matter how much he tried to offset the heat of his Bankai it was useless. He watched as his hand that was touching Aizen began to blacken and burn. He closed his eyes as the pain of being burned alive coursed through every cell of his being.

Aizen just watched, impressed with how long Yamamoto was holding on to him.

"Defeating me with both hands would have been impossible, and now you sacrifice your remaining one."

'I can do nothing more than this,' Yamamoto thought to himself, tightening his grip. "He cannot be allowed to wield such a Bankai..." He closed his eyes, "Hado #96..."

Aizen glared, "You don't see losing as an option, do you."

Before the Shinigami could activate the kido, Aizen thrust his hand through his body; directly where his heart would be; an action so instant that it could have easily been missed.

Yamamoto let go instantly, fear evident in his eyes as he stumbled back and fell to his knees.

It didn't even bleed, the heat of his Bankai having cauterized the wound while scorching his lungs and heart. Such was the power of Zanka no Tachi West.

Yamamoto grasped from breath as the power of his own Bankai began to descendupon him.

He couldn't breathe, his vision faded almost instantly...

'I failed...'

The heat of his Bankai slowly vanished as Aizen began walking towards the defeated Commander.

"Yamamoto Genryusai, to you alone I will not say, "I will not kill you". You are the very history of Soul Society itself and as such... It is only fitting, you die by my blade. You truly were a great Shinigami."

"The problem..." Yamamoto coughed out, gasping for breath, "With great people... Is that... their mistakes... are equally... great." He slowly closed his eyes, waiting for the coming blow.

Aizen raised his blade, "Well said, Yamamoto. You will always be remembered as the man that failed to keep the world's safe. "

As he saw Aizen's Zanpakuto slowly rise up, Yamamoto watched his entire life flash before his eyes... All of his mistakes... His loved ones... everything. A single tear rolled down his right cheek.

"I'm sorry..."

Aizen made to bring Kyoka Suigetsu down right between the Captain's eyes, but froze; the blade stopping just inches of reaching its target.

Time appeared to still as Aizen's emotionless eyes stared down at the clawed arm wrapped tightly around his wrist.

Despite his vision having rapidly faded, Yamamoto knew who it was that had saved him.

"Not another Inch, Aizen."

Ichigo stood before the two; fully healed from his previous injuries, the only proof that he had even seen battle was his tattered Arrancar hakama that now only covered the lower half of his body, the top part having been turned to ash by Yamamoto's Bankai.

Aizen's purple eyes locked onto Ichigo's golden ones, not appearing bothered in the slightest until staring down into the center of the Primera's chest.

'How did...'

The Hogyoku orb was imbedded there, pulsating with power.

'I see...' He thought to himself, realizing that the Shattered orb had somehow become whole once more.

Halibel appeared via Sonido a moment later, stunned at Ichigo's healed appearance, "Ichi...go?"

She didn't believe it when he had suddenly opened his eyes moments ago and vanished right before she could say a single word or display shock.

Ichigo's golden eyes met hers, "Starrk is still alive... Find him," Halibel's eyes widened as he motioned to Yamamoto, "Take him as well."

Without question, Halibel shot to his side and helped Yamamoto to his feet. She did not agree with saving him, after what he did to Ichigo, but she couldn't deny Ichigo request. Not after the feeling of relief she had after he had nearly lost his mind.

Aizen smirked, "Kurosaki Ichigo... Do not think that because you now wield the Hogyoku that you pose a threat to m..."


Before he could finish speaking Aizen felt like an entire ocean had slammed into his face before he was set flying way from Sokyoku Hill so fast that velocity rings shot out around him.

Halibel stood, confused at Ichigo's sudden change. It didn't feel natural at all. One moment he was on the verge of breaking down and the next... this.


"I don't have time to explain, Halibel." Ichigo whispered softly, walking up to her and caressing her cheek.

She closed her eyes briefly. 'Why can't I shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong?'

He glanced at Yamamoto, and he knew almost instantly that the Captain wouldn't last much longer.

"You tried to avenge Orihime's death, Yamamoto. And for that I will not kill you." He turned back to Halibel. "Once He and Starrk are safe, protect Orihime's and Chad's body... Please."

Halibel frowned, but nodded never the less as he turned away from her, "Be careful..."

Ichigo smiled sadly, "This will be over soon. Wait for me."

(Destroyed remains of west Rukongai)

Ichigo appeared a foot away from the crater that Aizen had created when he slammed into the ground, miles away from Sokyoku Hill, watching as the dust began to settle. He placed his hand over the Hogyoku. 'With this I can...'

"Ridiculous," Aizen's voice whispered from within the debris. "That with strength alone you were able to push me back."

"What's ridiculous," Ichigo stated, "Is that you didn't finish me off when you had the chance."

When the dust fully cleared, Aizen was seen; hunched over, grabbing at the left side of his face that had took the brunt of Ichigo's punch, "I could say the same thing to you, Kurosaki Ichigo." It was in that moment he saw that Ichigo's Zanpakuto was whole once more. "But I see now, with the Hogyoku's power your physical attributes have vastly increased. Something I should have foreseen when I first noticed it."

"You will pay for what you did to Orihime."

Aizen smirked, "I see... you think that just because you have the Hogyoku, you pose a threat to me. Don't make me laugh. You can feel it, can't you? Abandon hope now, Kurosaki. I will show you that with that strength alone you are far below that of my own."

Ichigo watched as Aizen's "butterfly" wings sharpened before he de-materialized and re-materialized right behind him.

Ichigo spun around parrying Aizen's blade with his own.

The force behind the blow caused the very mountain beside them to vanish from existence.

"Can you see, Kurosaki Ichigo? That with a single swing of my blade I can change the very landscape!"

Ichigo glared.

"Thanks to Inoue Orihime, I will fully be able to test out this power which transcends both Shinigami and Hollow!"

Aizen shot forward and began wildly striking at Ichigo, who parried every single strike.

Each time their swords meet the sound of thunder roared across the land.

"I see now," Aizen began, ignoring the shower of sparks that rained down from the clashing of metal against metal. "Our two Hogyoku are vastly different. Or is it... That you have not suppressed your Hogyoku yet?" He slashed, managing to cut Ichigo from right should to left hip.

Ichigo shot backwards as his Hogyoku began to glow and Aizen watched as the wound healed instantly.

'The Hogyoku granted him instant regeneration as well!' He thought to himself as Ichigo shot forward and began going on the offensive

It was Aizen's turn to glare as he felt himself getting pushed back and after every couple of strikes he would feel metal pierce his skin.

'How... How is he keeping up with me? I can read him just as clearly as he can read me, for we both have the Hogyoku, my power is vastly superior to his own. So how... How is he keeping up with me? And he's...' Aizen's eyes hardened, 'He hasn't even used Resurreccion. So then how... how is he keeping up with me?' "You have not yet begun to transcend!" He shouted angrily "Do you not see this is pointless? If I wanted, I could shatter your blade with a single swing!"

Putting the fully force of his power behind the swing, Aizen brought his blade crashing down, subconsciously noting that Ichigo's Hogyoku had flashed brightly for the quickest moment.

He watched in disbelief as Ichigo stopped the blow with a single finger; the ground beneath them caving in, in a display of unimaginable power.

Once the destruction was finally done, the two found themselves floating above a crater so massive it was as if a meteor had descended from the heavens and slammed into the Rukongai.

'Impossible!' Aizen exclaimed to himself, stunned at the emotionless face of Ichigo. 'I would understand if he dodged it. No. It's speed alone was so great he shouldn't have been able to dodge it. Although if he would have I would have understood, but he blocked it... With a single finger. He blocked my attack!'

"Why are you so surprised?" Ichigo suddenly asked, breaking Aizen out of his stupor. "Is it that unbelievable that I blocked your sword? Does it scare you when things you don't understand happen right before your eyes?"

Aizen quickly put distance between himself and Ichigo. "Don't speak as though you've won!" he shouted, losing composure. "Your Hogyoku momentarily reinforced the strength of your Heirro! Nothing more! Therefore, I'll erase your very existence from..." His words halted the second he reach into his white cloak.

Ichigo's golden eyes shone brightly as he slowly lifted his hand, "Could it be that you are looking for this?"

Aizen's eyes widened as they landed on the white medallion that contained Yamamoto's Bankai.

'When did he?!' He realized the second he finished his thought, 'When he sent me flying away from Sokyoku Hill?!'

"I don't think you're going to need this, after all... What would a transcendental being such as yourself want with a mere Bankai?" Ichigo began, putting the medallion into his pocket.

Aizen's eyes burned with rage, "YOU INSOLENT FOOL!"

Ichigo shot forward, swinging his blade upwards and slashing Aizen across his face before he had time to fully dematerialize and reappear a few feet away.

He clutched his face as blood poured freely from the deep cut Ichigo had inflicted. He refused to show how surprised he was at the burst of speed Ichigo had just displayed.

"What an interesting move just now, Aizen," Ichigo began, raising his Zanpakuto, "You should know by now, putting distance between me is meaningless."

Aizen's purple eyes bore into his own with nothing but pure loathing as he began to heal from the cut, "Are you happy that you stopped my blade? Happy that you took Yamamoto's Bankai from me? Happy you wounded me? I merely didn't calculate all the variables surrounding your Hogyoku! DON'T GET SO FULL OF YOU SELF KUROSAKI ICHIGO!"

Ichigo's eyes narrowed as the Diamond shaped point on Aizen's forehead suddenly opened, revealing a vertical black eye upon the center of his forehead. Slightly taken aback, Ichigo also noticed that Aizen had begun trembling.

The third eye started bleeding, looking around wildly as it did so before "cracks" began forming and spider-webbing across Aizen's face.

Aizen let out a earth quaking roar as he was enveloped in bright purple light that shot to the heavens, the shock wave so violent that Ichigo felt himself slowly skidding backwards.

"He's evolving further!"

With one final roar, the light surrounding Aizen suddenly "shattered" and Ichigo's eyes widened at his enemy's appearance.

The skin on Aizen's face had split open down the middle and pulls back around the sides of his head to reveal a blackened, demon-like skull. Three holes ran vertically down his chest, the Hogyoku standing at the center of the top hole. His feet become single claws, and his hands and feet became blackened, with his right hand fusing with his Zanpakuto. Aizen's butterfly-like wings also changed into a set of six sheet-like wings, with eyes set upon the center, adorned with Hollow-like skulls, and trailing into tendrils. A monstrous form.

"So, you won't allow me to be surpassed by this pathetic excuse of a hollow, Hogyoku?" Aizen asked himself in a demonic voice.

A bluish-purple energy sphere instantly formed from one of the Hollow-like skulls on the top of his wings that shot towards Ichigo and detonated faster than the Primera could register.

Aizen watched the explosion that was so massive that Halibel and Starrk had felt it from 15 miles away, emotionlessly; knowing that Ichigo wouldn't have died from that blast, even as violent as it was.

When it died down, and Ichigo emerged; Aizen growled.

Ichigo was standing in the exact same spot, his body already healing from the devastating blast, the Hogyoku on his chest glowing brightly.

'That last attack,' Ichigo thought to himself worriedly. 'It was even stronger than our Cero Imperiala... If it wasn't for the Hogyoku... I would have been...'

"Taking that attack, only did that to you?" Aizen snapped, "The healing capabilities of your Hogyoku exceed my calculations. However,"

Aizen shot towards him, slamming his fist into Ichigo's chest and sent him crashing into the ground.

Ichigo recovered almost instantly, but only for a second before he found Aizen's clawed right hand gripping his throat tightly.

"If my power was superior to yours before this transformation, now... it should be inconceivably different." When Ichigo just locked eyes with him, but didn't respond, his hand tightened. "Can you hear me, Kurosaki Ichigo?" As he spoke, his wings surrounded Ichigo. The Hollow-like skulls atop his wings instantly generated a circle of bluish-purple spiritual energy around the Primera before detonating a ring shaped shock-wave.

"You should have used Resurreccion if you wanted to stop me. You were too cocky and now you've lost your chance. In your current state you are not worthy of having me devour you, but because you have consumed the Hogyoku... It is the only logical way to stop you. You should feel honored, that you will be a part of my greatness until time ends. You will be free of your inferior existence! THIS IS YOUR END, KUROSAKI ICHIGO!"

Ichigo swiftly grabbed Aizen's wrist and brought the monster closer, "Thanks to the Hogyoku, I have something far superior to just Resurreccion."

Aizen's eyes widened and released his grip on Ichigo and an instant later watched as Ichigo was suddenly engulfed by a blinding black reishi that shot skyward. "What... is this?!" He exclaimed angrily, looking to the sky. "This reiatsu... It's... It's not completely Hollow or Shinigami! Nor is it the Hogyoku evolving him into a greater existence. What... What is this?!"

"To think," Ichigo's voice echoed from within the black reishi that took on the appearance of black flame, "That this power was hidden within me my entire life. Were it not for the Hogyoku..."

Aizen was taken aback when the very top of the column of black flames branched out, forming a type of cross.

"Aizen... I would run if I was you. Though, that won't save you for long. "

Aizen eyes narrowed, "YOU..."

Before he could finish speaking, a "spear" of condensed reishi shot out of the column and pierced him, removing his left arm, shoulder and a large piece of his chest.

He fell to his left knee; angered, despite his body rapidly healing the wound.

When the black flames suddenly dispersed, Aizen was taken aback at what he saw, stunned that Ichigo was still had more to show.

Black, dragon-like, reishi wings had sprouted from his back back, the horns when he donned his hollow mask had grown out of his head. A "crown" made entirely of reishi floated above his head.

"What is that... form?"

As if the knowledge had been within his mind all along, Ichigo whispered...

"Sengunda Etapa... Shinigami: Vollstandig."

Aizen eyes narrowed as if the very name of Ichigo's transformation offended him.

"Second release, Death God Complete Holy Form... What foolishness is this?"

As Ichigo's wings stretched out, he took in the changes his body had undergone. The horns that sprouted from his head were the same as they were in his Resurrecion, the wings that had first sprouted when he faced the Vizards... The reishi flowing in his body was completely different than before; foreign. Yet as he looked down at his hands they reminded him of some one. After a moment he whispered.


It was just loud enough for Aizen, who's eyes narrowed, to hear. Another moment passed before Ichigo's eyes met Aizen's once more. "Qunicy... My... My Mother... Was a Quincy..." 'Why wasn't I told of this before?'

Aizen's took a step forward, "Your reiatsu... is similar to their own..."

(Las Noches/Throne Room - Several months ago)

"For how long we have been speaking, you don't seem surprised, that we are standing before you." A voice continued casually, completely unthreatened by the fact that he and his comrades were standing before Sosuke Aizen.

Aizen's eyes passed by each of the five figures that were cloaked in white robes; each featuring a white hood with black face mask and epaulettes. His eyes finally rested one that seemed to be in charge.

"Something tells me that approaching me here wasn't done without much preparation on your part. After all, you haven't avoided the gaze of the Gotei Thirteen for so long by moving about foolishly." Aizen paused, "As such, you know I was within the Gotei Thirteen when Kurosaki Ichigo and his allies invaded Soul Society. The second I realized one of Kurosaki's allies was a Quincy, I had already forseen this possibility. The only thing I was wrong about was when you would make yourselves known. It would have been more prudent to wait until after My Espada laid waste to the Gotei Thirteen."

He sat up straighter in his throne

"The most curious thing about this situation is how you were able to infiltrate Las Noches so easily. No alarms were raised. With my measures, even with reiatsu sealing cloaks, you would have never been able to enter into the heart of Las Noches. There can be only one explanation. You were here... the entire time."

None of the cloaked invaders made any movement of surprise.

"Your reputation preceeds you, Souske Aizen." The "one in charge" replied calmly.

"I'll ask you again, why have you come before me?"

"A peace offering," The cloaked leader began as the invader to his right reached into his robes and pulled out was Aizen thought looked like a white medallion of some kind. "We were sent to lend aid in the upcoming battle."

Aizen smirked, "Surely you aren't this simplistic, go. Tell whoever sent you, that their help is not required."

"Kurosaki Ichigo is one of our own, even if he has consorted with those filthy hollow, your... Espada."

"The knowledge of Kurosaki's heritage is known to only a few, yet the way you talk led me to believe he has been on your radar for quite some time." Aizen paused again, " If I were in your positions... Lacking numbers, forced to hide... on the edge of extinction... I would want to recruit all I could. And, being in your shoes, Kurosaki Ichigo would be the first on my list to recruit."

One of the cloaked figures shifted slightly. It was all the answer Aizen needed.

"Why... Have you truly come before me?" Aizen asked darkly.

Just as darkly, the "leader" whispered, "We weren't only sent to help you in your battle against the Seireitei... We were sent to recruit you."

For the briefest of moments AIzen's gazed passed the invaders towards the back of his throne room, just fast enough to see Sabe vanishing into her own Shadow...


"I see," Aizen whispered, "Bankai of a Shinigami, Resureccion of an Arrancar, And... Uryu Ishida took on a form similar to this. Letzt Stil, I believe. The Hogyoku fused all of your powers into on ultimate release. Yet... you still remain in a dimension far lower than my own." His own wings stretched out, "I am disappointed, if this is all you have to show."

Ichigo stared down at his "recreated" blade that now was made out of tightly condensed reishi to give it form. It reminded him his first Bankai's form, though it was much longer; at least two feet longer, and becomes more curved as it neared the tip, with three protrusions along the blunt end of the sword close to its tip. While retaining its manji-like shape, the tsuba becomes more curved and jagged. Its chain was now longer as well, attaching to both the base of the sword's hilt and to Ichigo's wrist, forming a wide loop.

"You should have taken my warning to run away more..."

Aizen instantly shot forward at blinding speeds, slamming his fist into Ichigo face hard enough that, if he had hit a mountain, it would have shattered instantly.

Yet it was also in that moment that, even before Ichigo was sent fly by the force of the blow, his left wing reacted to the sudden attack. It was almost as if it had become sentient as it came crashing down and slamming into Aizen with the same force that he had sent to Ichigo.

The two went spiraling in opposite directions with Aizen being the first to regain his balance; slamming into the ground yet still skidding back; upturning the earth.

Fixing his eyes on where Ichigo should've been, they widened as he looked over his shoulder.

Ichigo stood behind him, his face covered by a faint pattern that seemed to trace the veins under his skin.

'In the very instant my attack hit, reishi flowed directly into his blood vessels increasing his defensive power... and not only that. His Heirro beneath adding another layer of absolute defense!' He watched as the pattern slowly faded. 'I didn't even dent him!'

Ichigo instantly raised his free hand, making a fist before slamming it down like a hammer.

Aizen felt as if gravity had increased five-thousand fold as the bala-like attack slammed him into the ground.

It was odd, that despite being in a dimension all on his own... He could still feel as if the air had been sucked out of his lungs.

"You should have never crossed me Aizen. Now look at you, becoming a monster... Hollow-like, the very thing you refused to become to gain power." Ichigo spat, memories of Orihime filling him as he loosed another bala that had the condensed force of his full powered cero. "I WILL AVENGE ORIHIME!"

AIzen, who was ready for the second one, striked at the base of Ichigo's wrist and sending the bala skyward before grabbing Ichigo by the throat and tossing him away.

Ichigo recovered easily, standing straight up as Aizen recovered.

"Y...You... You think to highly of yourself... Kurosaki Ichigo."

Before be finished speaking, Ichigo raised his Zanpakuto. At its tip formed a massive orb of back reishi that came to life, engulfing the Zanpakuto and giving it a new form.

"You must hurry, Ichigo... If he realizes he cannot defeat you... and flees... You may never get the chance to do this again." Hogyoku's voiced echo'd within him.

"I won't let him leave here alive."

Before Aizen could respond, Ichigo released the Zanpakuto turned Arrow.

Aizen didn't move... no... didn't even register that the Arrow had shot past him, a mere inch from his head, nor did he have time to react as the very speed of the arrow, coupled with its intense power, caused the entire right side of his body to disintegrate; stunning the "God" as he fell to the floor.

The Arrow... Ichigo's personal Holy Arrow... crossed a vast distance before detonating.

The Resulting explosion was unlike anything released within the spirit world before.

A massive black orb of limitless reishi that seemed to feed on the very spirit particles that made up the spirit world, growing and destroying until it was large enough that it could have engulfed the Seireitei in its entirety if that was where it had detonated.

Large enough to blot out the sun for several minutes before it dispersed, releasing hundreds of ring-like shockwaves that caused destruction on their own.

The result; a permanent scar on the Spirit World, a scar that couldn't be erased.

"Devouring one who has bonded with the Hogyoku isn't the only way to stop them." Ichigo whispered, as the Hogyoku at the center of his chest began glowing brightly…

As he began regenerating, Aizen eyes widened as he felt a "push" against his soul, still not being able to comprehend the power of Ichigo's last attack.

Ichigo watched as he vanished in a burst of light and reappeared far enough away so that the pushing sensation was gone.

His eyes narrowed, "You... you were trying to inject my soul with my own Hogyoku."

Ichigo shot towards him and the two locked blades.

The ground shook as the finality of the battle suddenly became real for Aizen.

"You mean to cancel out my own Hogyoku by fusing it to your own."

"After all, you were the one that said you wished to devour me."

With their blades still locked, Aizen once again created a ring of condensed reishi around Ichigo.

"Devouring you and absorbing your Hogyoku are two seperate things entirely! Do you take me for a fool?!" He roared as the ring detonated in a massive explosion, yet he didn't stop as he released no few than a thousand orbs of energy; each with the power to destroy everything within 10 spirit miles.

The flames engulfed all around Aizen as he began laughing manically at the explosion.

The laughter died out the second he felt the familiar "pushing" against his soul.

The raging explosion split in two, having been divided by a single flap of Ichigo's wings.

"No..." Aizen whispered, more to himself. "I can't... Even hurt him now..."

He fell to his knees as his own Hogyoku greedily took in the Hogyoku energy that Ichigo was releasing.

The Primera slowly descended, falling to Aizen's level.

"Back!" Aizen snapped, loosing another one of his energy blasts.

Ichigo batted it away, feeling his own energy plummet drastically when he did so before releasing bala; blasting a huge hole in Aizen's chest.

The "God" toppled over, spitting out blood as he did so.

"The only reason I have been able to maintain this for so long was the energy the Hogyoku gave me. Without it, my own power would have killed me." Ichigo began, slowly walking over to Aizen.

Aizen gritted his teeth and tried to back further away from Ichigo. His Hogyoku, was more interested in consuming than healing him. 'No, I control you! I subjugated you!'

"Even now my body's energy is draining. Soon... I'll lose all my power. This truly is... my final form."

Aizen backed away even further, stopping when he found himself pushed up against a pile of rubble and earth, "I won't lose to you."

Ichigo stopped when Aizen's demonic face contorted, almost as if it was bubbling up.

Aizen's laughter echoed as his body began contorting; expanding and twitching as his body was forced more power than even he could handle.

Within moments, Ichigo's eyes widened as he stared up at Aizen who had transformed himself into a contorted "swollen" monster that radiated raw energy.

"FOOL!" Aizen's demonic voice bellowed, "Freely giving me this power, yet robbing yourself of it!"

Ichigo jumped back and began raising his reiatsu, once again forming his Zanpakuto out of condensed reishi and then transforming it into an Arrow.

"He's making himself into one massive bomb!"

"Impressive, that you can use a technique of that caliber more than once, but you can't stop me Kurosaki Ichigo," He laughed, his left eye bulging out disgustingly, "It is far too late for you! The Hogyoku will regenerate me even from this! And with your Hogyoku all but drained..."

Ichigo glared as his felt reishi from the landscape absorbing into his Holy Arrow; adding to its power.

Aizen's manic laughter echoed over the pulsating, chaotic, and unstable energy that engulfed him in a bright light.

Once more acting as if they were sentient, Ichigo's wing stretched out, becoming tendrils that tightly wrapped around Aizen's form; keeping the monster in place.

Aizen laughter grew louder at the realization, "No need to fret! I won't be going anywhere! Releasing that attack at such a close range?! You would lose your life, same as the Captain Commander!"

Ichigo's eye's hardened as he raised the Arrow, "This is for you... Orihime."

In that moment, two things happened simultaneously...

Aizen, becoming a sacrificial bomb, detonated and at the very same moment... Ichigo let loose his final technique...

Despite the raw power Aizen put behind his sacrificial technique, not only was he consumed by the black reishi but his own explosion and Ichigo was as well.

The Holy Arrow hit, engulfing everything in three spirit miles... and reducing everything to nothingness...