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My life can't get any worst thought Harry Potter as he was lying in his bed at his Godfather Sirus Black's House. The other boy that was also sleeping in this room and happened to be Harry's best male mate Ron Weasley was spending some time with his sister the youngest Weasley and would be back later. His other best friend Hermione Granger, Harry was in mixed thoughts about he really did fancy her but he didn't want to expose her to more danger and if they did start dating then she would be in more danger. The next morning he was going on trial for the underage use of magic that he had used to save his cousin Dudley Dursley and himself from two dementors that had attacked them as they were walking to his relatives' house.

As he was about to start thinking of Hermione again a bright flash of light and four cloaked people, three men and one woman, appeared in front of his bed. "Bloody hell, you are you?"

"Harry can't you remember your own mum" the female of the group asked as she removed her hood to reveal lily potter aged to what she should have been had she not died.

"and what about your father I mean you just saw us a couple months ago" one of the males said as he removed his hood to reveal James Potter also aged as lily had been.

"Not many people remember me this days young man the only portrait made of me had all my memories in it was put in my family vault after I died and it was forgotten about. My name is Godric Gryffindor in my day I was a world famous duelist and I help found the school that you attend with my three best friends." Said Godric as he removed his hood

"And finally I am Arthur Pendragon I am the first in the line of kings that continues to this day and as the fact that you are my Senior Heir that has not died and their body been destroyed which is the rules that are used by magic you are The Heir to the Magical Throne of Pendragon. You come from the cadet branch of Potter thru two more lines to go thru the cadet branch of Gryffindor to the main line of Pendragon and since the more senior lines have died off you are the next in line for the throne there are some benefits to being the heir. You can not be charged with a crime. Because you are above the law because you can create and change laws on a whim it is easier to keep the monarch and his senior wife and his senior heir out of the law. It means you will be a feudal leader. But you are not without assistance with the priori incantation that was cast between you and the idiot know as tom riddle it weakened the power of his last few spells the ones that came from his wand and Merlin gave them a choice to either stay dead or to come back to the world of the living to help make it a better place. Your parents and the one know as Cedric chose to come back right now he is being send back to his parents. But since your parents were dead for so long and their bodies were no longer to function you were named the heir to the lordships that your parents were the first in line to inherit whether they knew about them or not and I have to say that your parents only know about one and the heir was still alive to right before they went into hiding so they did not have a chance to claim any of the lordships but you will because they can still act as your guardians. And with that here is The Signet Ring of the Lord of the Royal House of Pendragon." With that he handed harry a ring and disappeared.

"Here is the Signet Ring of the Lord of the Great House of Gryffindor" and with that Godric handed harry a second ring and turn and disappear the same as Arthur Pendragon had.

"Harry, here is the Signet Ring of the Lord of the Great House of Azkaban." Lily then handed her son harry the ring and they stepped back.

"Harry, and finally here is the Signet Ring of the Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Evans." James then handed hi s son the final ring and stepped back to beside his wife.

Lily quickly cast a few more spells to insure that they were secured and then nodded to James. "Harry I'm sure that you have a few questions for us so why don't you tell us what they are and we will do our best to try and answer them" James asked his son Harry.

"I really don't know that much about you so can you just give me a sort of overview of your life I mean I know that you went to Hogwarts and that you were a Marauder Dad. Besides that I don't know that much so. Would you tell me the things that you would want to know about your parents if you were just meeting them for the first time?" Harry told his parents.

"Ok why don't I go first?" Lily said while stealing a glance at her husband "you seem to know a little more about your father so I will start with me. I was friends with many people at Hogwarts I was a perfect my fifth and sixth years and head girl my seventh year with your father as head boy. I thought I was muggleborn but it turned out that just the last few generations of my family were squibs that are where you get the Signet Rings for Azkaban and Evans Houses. The others come from your father's side of the family but since we were dead. We can't claim any of them because when we died they all passed on to you."

"Can you tell me more about what happened after you got out of school I had known the main facts about when you were in school from Sirus and Remus the few minutes I have had with them. The parts after school I do not know much about.

"Your Father and I got married, right after we graduated from Hogwarts. Which a lot of the students were doing at the time such as the Longbottems and the Bones did also as luck would have it no one was pregnant. There was rumors that said otherwise thou. We didn't know about being the head of any of the lines but your Grandparents on both sides had left us a good amount of money when they died. My sister petunia chose getting the house and the furnishings in it. So my parents left me the money, and your father was an only child so he got everything for the most part excluding a few thousand gallons for charity and other worthy goals."

"So you moved into the cottage at Godric's Hollow?" Harry asked with a confused look on his face.

"No dear, this was in 1979 we lived in Potter Manor on the other side of the Hollow from that Cottage we did spend our honeymoon there. We didn't move into the cottage planning on spending a long time there until the week before Halloween in 1981. We made the traitor Pettigrew the secret keeper then we moved in the months before that we had stayed at the manor it has a huge library and I must admit I am sort of a bookworm and I love being there with all of those books."

"Why did you move if you thought you were save in the manor didn't it have protections on it to stop Riddle from attacking?"

"Harry, it did but I was too trusting of Headmaster Dumbledore and he told me that he had found a weak link in the ward structure of the manor. When he told me this I just trusted blindly I didn't check the wards myself. If I had I would have discovered that they were functionally fine. So if you want to blame anyone that you grew up as an orphan blame me." James told his son.

"Dad you didn't choose for Riddle to attack you and before that point Dumbledore hadn't given you a reason not to trust him had he?"Harry replied to his father.

"No, he hadn't but still I should have done the checking on the wards myself." James told harry in response

"Yes, you should have but you had no reason to think that Dumbledore would lie to you. You were going on the best information that you had at the time so it wasn't like you weren't doing it for selfish reasons. You were doing it to try and protect you wife and child." Harry told him in return.

"Not now, you two we don't have the time to argue. Harry can you in the morning go and get Hermione, Sirus, and Remus about 4:30 in the morning and tell Sirus that you need to go to the old chapel near Potter Manor." Lily told her son.

"Why can't we take them now? Sirus and Remus share a room across the hall and Hermione is only two rooms down it would take a minute to get them." Harry asked with a questioning look on his face.

"Ok, I didn't know that they were that close we will put our hoods back on and appear to the place that we are going tell Sirus and Remus that to take you to the place that the brotherhood oath was given. I want to have a little revenge on a certain rat." James said after a moment of thought.

With that Lily and James left with barley a POP and Harry went to collect the three that were mention and to meet his parents at some place that Sirus and Remus hopefully knew the location of. But he was wondering why Hermione was mentioned but Ron was not.

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