Meeting the Cullen's- Remake

All in Bella's point of view

It was morning and it was a cloudy day as usual I lay on my bed thinking about what Edward said to me last night.

FLASHBACK-"Tomorrow I'm going to take you to meet my family" Edward said

I was hesitant…was he crazy I didn't want to meet his parents and siblings what if they don't like me…I mean I really don't mind being with vampires but I really don't want to screw up my first meeting I want to make a good first impression.

Edward said" Bella…Bella ?...are you okay?

Oops I guess I should answer "I think that it would be great to meet them" I wanted to make him happy

He said "great…and you're not scared or anything are you?"

"well just a little bit…not cuz their vampires but what if they don't like me?"

He laughed and then said "Bella I'm sure they will love youjust the way I do….well hopefully they don't feel the same exact way because then I will be upset and possibly disgusted"

I laughed I love when he makes me feel better, then I kissed him goodnight and he sang me my lullaby while I fell to sleep.

Back to the present-

I can't believe that I'm going to meet the Cullen's today I'm so nervous after I thought about it for a while I turned to my other side to see Edward faced up looking at the ceiling.

Edward said "good morning Bella… you ready for today?"

"Um…yes…just let me get ready and then we can go"

I got up and went to the restroom to changed I picked out some of my nice jeans and a nice blue t-shirt after I got ready I brushed my teeth, did all the necessities to get ready, combed out my hair and went back to my room. I see Edward there sitting on my bed and he looked really happy.

"You look extravagant Bella just like everyday"

I blushed he always knows what to say to make me blush he absolutely dazzles me

"Thanks…now I think we should get going." We got down the stairs and he opened the door for me and we were off.

We were almost there with Edwards fast driving and all and I got more nervous by the second

"Don't fret you will be fine" he grabbed my hand and was massaging it while he was driving woth one hand.

We finally made it to the house it was so beautiful, big and mostly made out of glass. WOW. When Edward parked I noticed he started getting tense

"Edward what's wrong?"

"Nothing just a certain somebody is here that I never really intended on you meeting"

"Who are you talking about?"

"Just stay close to me" why was Edward acting like this? Why doesn't he want me to know who is here?

"Come on" he said

He quickly opened my door and when I got out he immediately put his arm around my waist and we headed up to the house.

Well there's my first chapter I hope you guys like it it's my first story ever that has to do with twilight if you have suggestions please feel free to help me and I will take your suggestions into consideration. PLEASE REVIEW.