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I finally reached my house even though I could have been here quicker if I hadn't stopped and gone to the side of the rode to wipe all of my tears off. Well I guess the point is I'm home and just go to sleep and dream this day away. I went up stairs to find none other than… "Edward" I gasped

He was sitting on my bed just staring at me "So you were on the reservation? To see…him"

I took a deep breath preparing to explain myself and once again tell him "Edward Jake is not going to hurt me and besides my dad was there" I explained walking and sitting next to him on my bed

Edward wrapped his arms around me and put his chin on top of my head "You have no idea how much you worried me…I almost wanted to cross the line and risk breaking the treaty but I thought against it"

"Edward you need to understand that Jake is in my life too and he's my best friend and you also need to understand that he won't hurt me at all"

Edward turned my face to meet his and we stared at each other for a while. He sighed "Okay I'll try…for you…I don't approve of it at all but I'll do anything that will make you happy"

"Thank you" I said and kissed him on his cold lips

"So after I left what did you do?" I asked him

"Well…let just say it's been a very long night…and Tanya is gone"

I tried not to show how relived and excited I was "Really? How? I mean what happened?"

"Well my family and I just decide to have a little…talk with her"

"Oh…well are you going to miss her?"

He looked at me "Absolutely not" he said sincerely

"Well…I've missed you"

"I've missed you too"

He brought his lips to mine and we began to kiss and before I knew it he was on top of me and we were kissing feverishly. He brought my leg up to his waist and I grabbed fist full's of his hair. We kept kissing and when I needed to breathe he would begin to kiss my neck and then my collarbone. I brought my lips back to his and started to unbutton his shirt.


"Why not?"

"Please we've discussed this you know that I could hurt you"

I sighed knowing that we have discussed and it was a very long discussion of how he could hurt me and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

"You should go to sleep"

I would have protested but it was a long day and I really didn't want to argue my case so instead I agreed listening to him hum my lullaby once again.

I woke up with Edward gone but I knew he would be outside waiting to drive me to school. One I was ready I headed down stairs.

"Morning dad"

"Morning Bells…you hungry?"

"No thanks… well Edward's waiting so I'm going to go"

"Wait Bells…"

"Yeah dad?"

"I wanted to thank you for visiting Jake yesterday Billy and I could tell that made him feel better…you should visit him more often"

"I know dad…don't worry I'll try to visit Jake as much as I can"

"Okay…that's good Bells...well go on I'm sure what's his name is waiting for you"

"Edward…dad…his name is Edward and you know it"

"Yeah yeah go on and get to school"

I laughed and headed out the door seeing Edward open the passenger door for me. He closed it and then we were off. The whole way to school there was nothing but silence. We reached the school parking lot and he just stared out the window.

"Were you serious about what you said?"

"What?" I asked confused

"About trying to see Jake whenever you can?"

I looked at him even though he wasn't looking at me "Edward you said you would do your best to be okay with this…"

"I know… I know it's just I'm trying to get use to the idea of you being around…wolves"

"Well thank you…I love you for trying" I said as I moved to where his cheek was and kissed it. He smiled and kissed me back.

"We should go to class"


It was lunch time and Alice, Edward and I sat with Angela, Jessica, Eric, and Mike.

"So are you guys excited for prom?" Angela asked

"Oh my gosh yes!" Jessica squealed

Eric and Mike said "Yes" very weakly

"Why are you guys so down?" I asked

"Well it's not that we aren't excited for prom…" Eric started

"It's what these girls make us do to get ready for it before" Mike ended

"Oh were not that bad" Jessica noted

"Yea…sure…okay" Mike said

"So have you gotten your dress for prom yet, Bella?" Angela asked.

"Yes she has and it's going to look amazing on her" Alice butted in. I looked at her in disbelief.

"I did?"

"Yes you did…I picked it out for you"

"Can't wait to see it" Angela said

I looked at Edward letting him know that we were going to talk about this. He never told me he wanted to go to prom. He knows I don't like to dance let alone where a dress with heels.

Other than what happened at lunch the whole day went smoothly. When school was done I called Charlie letting him know that I was heading over to the Cullen's house. He wasn't to happy about that but I told him apparently I had a prom dress to try on. Charlie began to have a hysterical laugh at that one and wished me good luck. Pfft…I'll need it. As we were in the car driving to Edward's house I decided to ask him.

"So why didn't you tell me we were going to prom?"

He smiled "Well I was going to ask you properly but I didn't get a chance to after Alice spilled about your dress"

I groaned "Edward you know how I fell about dances"

"I know I know but I thought that this would be a good experience for you…your only a teenager once"

"Not if you change me" that's when we pulled to the side of the rode in an utter stop.

"Bella you know how I feel about that…we've discussed this over and over again…I don't want you to live this kind of life"

"Edward I know but…I want nothing more than to be with you forever…and the only way to do that is to change me"

"Bella I don't want to discuss this…at least not now"

"When then?"

"I don't know but certainly not now"

"Okay but we will talk about this soon"

"If that's what you want fine but my answer is still the same"


Edward began to drive and chuckled. "What?" I asked

"Nothing it just…you're so stubborn" he said as he parked in his drive way.

"Well sorry" I said

"It's okay…I like it when your stubborn" he said as he kissed my cheek like I did in the parking lot today.

I smiled and sighed "Okay let's get this over with"

We walked in the door way being greeted by Alice

"You're here" she squealed "Let's get started I need to make sure everything fits and I need to know what hairstyle you want that way when it comes to prom time we will be ready" she grabbed my arm and started to take me to her room.

"Wait…Edward aren't you coming?"

"Ummm…I think this is more of a girl's affair and I shouldn't intrude"

"Very smart of you" Alice noted

"But…" I began

"Uh uh not another word…c'mon"

I groaned and gave Edward the 'I can't believe your letting this happen to me' look before Alice dragged me away from him.

"This is going to be fun Bella stop fretting" she said and as soon as she opened her door that's where the nightmare began.