A magnificent beautiful blond stepped into the cold winter night in a scarlet colored dressed that accented her very curve. Behind her, a gentleman emerged following closely after her in a black overcoat over his dark suit covering up his athletic physique and was holding onto a fur coat.

"Lilly, you really should put on your coat before you caught a cold or worst." encouraged Scotty, holding the coat out for his girlfriend. "I know for a fact that what you are wearing right now is not keeping you warm enough in this weather."

"You worry too much Scotty." replied Lilly. "Beside, the cold actually kind of feels good against my skin."

"You won't feel good once you get sick." challenged Scotty.

"Fine then, spoil sport, give me my coat." Lilly teasingly pouted with a smile.

Scotty held the coat open as Lilly slip her arms in.

"Are you happy now?" asked Lilly kissing Scotty on the cheek.

"Very much so." replied Scotty just as snow began to make its way down from the cloudily sky.

Lilly spun around on the sidewalk with her arms extended looking up at the sky like a child.

Scotty laughed at the picture Lilly create and when he could not resist it anymore, he asked "What are you doing?" amusingly.

"Enjoying this wonderful night" She responded enthusiastic.

A nearby shop started to play some music and Scotty had to ask, "Dance with me?"

Lilly held her hand out for Scotty to take. They slow danced on the sidewalk as it snowed lightly to the music coming from the little shop around the corner.

A few bystanders stood and watched the couple, who were obliviously in love, dance. Other onlookers tried to hurry by the couple to make it back home to their special someone.

As the couple dance, the outside world had disappear.

It was later much later, before the couple stopped dancing and that was only because Scotty though he heard something.

"Do you hear it?" questioned Scotty.

"Hear what?" replied Lilly as she looked around.

"It sound like a faint buzzing sound." answered Scotty.

"I don't hear anything at all. Maybe you are just hearing things because you are tired." responded Lilly.

"Maybe" agreed Scotty "Let's go home."

Lilly grabbed his hand and started to pull him in the direction of home only to be stopped by Scotty after taking a couple of steps.

"There it is again. Only, this time it is louder. Tell me you heard it this time?" asked Scotty.

"I don't know what to say, Scotty, I still didn't hear anything. How do you feel?" Lilly inquire worried as she reached up and felt his forehead making sure he was not during a fever and was hallucinating.

"I feel fine." answered Scotty dismissingly getting a little irritated at Lilly for not being able to hear the buzzing sound.

Scotty took a few deep breaths as he closed his eyes and heard the buzzing sound this time loud and clear. There was no doubt about it.

"Lilly, you have to have heard it this time." Scotty asked as he opened his only to find Lilly nowhere to be found.

He began to panic. Scotty spun around looking for Lilly and screaming out her name as the buzzing sound became louder and louder until it was unbearable and he had to cover his ears up.

Scotty woke up with a start. He looked around the room only to discover that he was in his own bedroom and Lilly was also asleep in his bed on his right side.

The continuous buzzing continued and it was now apparent to Scotty that the sound was the door bell. Trying not to wake Lilly up, he got out of bed as quietly as possible which seem useless as the constant ringing rang deafening throughout the apartment.

Putting on a pair of boxers, Scotty checked the clock on the nightstand and groaned. It was the wee hours of the morning. Okay, it wasn't exactly the wee hours of the morning since it was two minutes 'til five thought Scotty. Nevertheless, it still seemed liked it since today was Saturday and usually he never got out of bed until at least ten on a weekend expect when there was a case. That was a whole other story and a case usually warranted a phone call not a personally visit.

Scotty walked slowly to the front door trying to rub out the sleepiness out of his eyes. He fully intended to give the other person on the other end of the door an ear full. Who the hell wakes up a person at five o'clock in the morning? Granted, he has been awakened at more absurd hours, but that was for work. The bad guys don't stop just because the good guys are sleeping. No sleep for the wicked as they say.

"Alright already, I'm coming" muttered Scotty as he willed the noise to stop.

Scotty opened the door ready to give the other person a piece of his mind, but stop just in time before embarrassing him and utter in shock, "Mama."

The older woman marched into the room before turning around to face her son.

"No haga mamá mí. Sabe mejor que este. No le he visto durante cuatro semanas y dos días. Entiendo que su trabajo es importante para tu y no puede ahorrar poco tiempo para su vieja madre pobre, pero el menor usted podría haber hecho es la llamada. He sido preocupado que algo terrible ha pasado a mi pequeño muchacho." (Don't you Mama me. You know better than this. I have not seen you for four weeks and two days. I understand that your job is important to you and you can't spare a little time for your poor old mother, but the least you could have done is call. I have been worried sick that something terrible has happened to my little boy.) Rosa Valens said making Scotty feel guilty.

"Perdón mamá, pero teníamos un caso agitado, y adivino que fui alcanzado en ello." (I'm sorry Mama, but we had a hectic case, and I guess I got caught up in it.) Scotty replied trying to plead his case to his mother.

Some things never change thought Scotty. He's a grown man and he still has to justify his actions to his mother.

"Bueno, Hijo, usted mejor se acuerda de llamar próxima vez." (Ok, Son, you better remember to call next time.) Rosa knows that her son occasional forgets to call, but that doesn't ever stop her from worrying. He was still her baby no matter how old he really was.

After their little quick chat, Scotty hoped his mother would leave. It's not that he didn't get along with his mother, quite the opposite actually, but he wanted to go back to bed and sleep and be with Lilly.

Lilly, shit thought Scotty. He didn't want his mother to meet Lilly like this or under this circumstance.

He had to think of something to get his mother out of his apartment, but it was too late as his mother asked from the kitchen. "¿Ha comido el desayuno? Si no tiene, voy a hacerle unos." (Have you eaten breakfast? If you haven't, I'm going to make you some.)

She didn't even bother with his answer. She just started going through his cupboard looking for ingredients and utensils that were require in preparing breakfast for her son.

Scotty just groaned because that was all he could do as he watch his mother move around his kitchen.

Lilly woke up when she turned around in bed and could feel Scotty missing from the bed. She opened her eyes and reached for the clock.

She grabbed it and it read five o nine. What on earth is Scotty doing at this time in the morning, thought Lilly.

It couldn't have been work because if that was the case, she would have been called in too.

Lilly hastily put on a pair of panties and grabbed Scotty's discarded dress shirt and walked out of the bedroom in search of her lover.

As she buttoned up a few buttons on the shirt, Lilly saw Scotty next to the kitchen.

"Hey Scotty what are you doing up so early?" asked Lilly as she approached.

At Lilly's question, Scotty saw his mother's head snap up from what she was doing to meet Scotty's eyes.

"Uhhaaa" Scotty muttered not knowing how this was going to play out.

When Lilly was close enough to Scotty, she saw an older looking woman quite similar to Scotty.

Lilly looked from Scotty to the older woman.

There was a moment of silence among all three of them in the kitchen.

Rosa was the first to break the silence by lightly hitting Scotty with a rolling pin.

¿Quién es esta mujer? Usted mejor no perder el tiempo con ella y sólo usarla. Le enseñé mejor que esto. Más, ella parece muy Hermosa. (Who is this woman? You better not be fooling around with her and just using her. I taught you better than that. Plus, she looks very beautiful.)

Scotty was as red as a tomato and couldn't speak.

The older woman had her own ideas and stepped out of the kitchen to where the young attractive woman was standing.

Lilly tried to pull the shirt lower to cover up as much as possible, but she was glad she grabbed Scotty shirt instead of her own.

"Hello, my dear, who you might be? My son, here, seem to lost all manners. My name is Rosa Valens." Rosa asked as she extended her hand for the young woman to shake.

Lilly shook her hand and said a little nervously, "I'm Lilly Rush, Mrs. Valens and I'm . . . uh. . . Scotty's girlfriend."

Rosa beam and replied, "I'm very please to meet. Scotty hasn't said anything to me about you, but you must call me Rosa. Mrs. Valens sends looking for my mother-in-law." She turned around to see Scotty standing there still shocked and continue. "Ahora hijo, debe realmente parar jadear como un pez." (Now son, you really need to stop gasping like a fish.)

Lilly gave a light laugh at the comment; not because it was really funny, but do to the situation and a person she use to know had always said that.

Rosa turned around and gave Lilly a raised eyebrow.

"Sorry" apologized Lilly, "The comment reminded me of someone."

"That's alright, dear. I didn't realize you can understand Spanish." stated Rosa.

"No one does. That's the beauty of it." Lilly replied.

Rosa walked backed into kitchen to cook breakfast. As she passed Scotty, she whispered loud enough for Lilly to hear, "She's a keeper." causing both Lilly and Scotty to blush.

Scotty, finally, retained some sense and said, "We're going to get changed." as he guided Lilly back to the bedroom.

Rosa hummed happily in the kitchen cooking breakfast for her son and if she was lucky her new daughter.

AN: I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July.