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A soft sigh escaped from her lips. She never wanted to leave this paradise. She knew that she would have to at some point, but she didn't want to. The dream world had claimed her. She looked around, at the flowers that bloomed all over the place. She smiled into the sun. The sun that gave her so much life. She did a small swirl, feeling the breeze go through her soft brown hair. She closed her eyes, seeing only this small bit of what she really wanted. When she opened them, there was no sun. There was only dark clouds. She shielded her eyes. Looking into the sky, she saw the wolf falling from the heavens. She tried to scream, to run away. But her legs would not carry her. She stood, in fear, in awe, of the large creature that fell before her eyes. She watched as he took human form, the evil grin that escaped his lips. He slowly advanced towards her, her heartbeat almost too loud to miss.
"My little bunny…"
Blinking once, twice, she glanced around her bedroom. Her school uniform freshly pressed, hung upon her closet door. She grabbed her glasses from the table and glanced at the clock. 8:30. She rubbed her eyes, and slowly climbed out of the bed. What a weird dream… She thought. She threw on her uniform and ran down the stairs. Her father was cussing at the toaster again. She grinned. Some things never change. She grabbed a piece of burnt toast from the plate, gave her father a kiss on the cheek, and was out the door before he could say anything. She checked the mail, to see if any high school acceptance letters came in. Nothing. She sighed. There was no way she was getting into any good schools. She started running, trying to get to school in time to check her final grades. This was her last day as a plain boring middle schooler. She was about to embark on a new journey. High School.
She jerked her head around to see Nasha, Kiko, and Mikka all running to catch up to her. Her friends gave her a look, asking if she got a letter with their eyes. She shook her head. All 4 girls dropped their heads. There was no way that they were getting into the same school. Nasha got into the exclusive Seiyo Academy, Kiko into a simply community high school, and Mikka to Seirru Academy. The four girls walked the rest of the way, heads still hanging. When they got to school, all of their classmates were so excited to be finished. The girls took their seats, and the teacher stood in the front.
"Now I know most of you have received acceptance letters somewhere of your choice and I congratulate you. I wish for all of you to succeed in whatever that you do."
Rolling her eyes, she looked out the window. She allowed her daydreaming to take control. In her mind, a handsome tall blonde man busted through the door. "I am here for Miss Amu." Simple as that. She grinned into the window, her daydream becoming more and more lewd.
"Miss Shingi… Miss Shingi… MISS SHINGI!"
Jumping in her seat, Amu glanced up to see her teacher staring at her. She looked down at her desk, ashamed of getting busted. The teacher gave her a crooked smile, and walked toward the front of the classroom. "Good luck to all." With that, the students in the classroom cheered loudly. Everyone rushed from their seats, eager to get their summer started. Amu frowned, knowing that her summer was already starting shitty, since she had yet to receive a letter. She got up from her desk only to be surrounded by a few of the boys from her class. "Oh, hey guys." She tried to walk around them, but they would not seem to budge. "Shingi, we heard you haven't received your letter of acceptance to any of your schools." Amu turned a small pink color. "None of your business." She shoved past them, running toward her locker to retrieve her shoes. When she got there, she could have sworn she say a new guy walking around. She rubbed her eyes, pushing her fire red hair out of her face. The guy was gone. In place was her father. Amu jumped, surprised to see her father appearing out of the blue.
"Amu-chan, I didn't think you wanted to wait, but congratulations. You have been accepted into a school!" Amu looked at her dad for just a moment, and then jumped for joy. "Yea, alright! Which school was it dad?" Her father handed her the letter. The school name was…

S.M. Academy?