Author's NOTE

I'M SOOOO SORRY, I haven't forgotten these stories and as I said I won't leave a story unfinished... I think I said that. Anyways. I'm actually really busy TTOTT No not with school... I got a job... which Is why I haven't been updating. Actually I recently quit my job cause... I'M MOVING, yes... which means I won't be able to update for a while... I'M REALLY SORRY. I don't really have money... But anyways, I'm kind of scared cause this is the first time I'm leaving home..

I'm moving with my friend but still... Last time I moved I got depressed and everything I ate I threw up and my friend ignored me making me even more lonely... I felt like no one liked me since no one talked to me when I went out... I ended up losing ten pounds in the process from depression and not being able to eat... Not that I mind losing pounds (I'm kind of chunky xD) but it wasn't in a healthy way. Anyways, I was really depressed and cried every day and almost went to the hospital but was to scared cause I thought they would think I was crazy.

OMFG, Sorry for giving you my sob story. Aside from that I hope this move won't turn out like the last one. WISH MY LUCK AND I'll Update when everything's settled. SORRY FOR THE WAIT AGAIN.