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Deaths Illusion

How could two words that sound so alike, be so different that without one you have the other, with one being a blessing, and the other a curse. As the young man sat in the silence of the hospital room, he could think of nothing else except the fact that losing something as simple as breath could lead to something as devastating as death. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the still form of his brother lying there, while he thought this.

Thinking back there weren't many times when he looked so calm. He was glad that, though it was in death, he finally got the peace he deserved in life. He knew he should be grateful that it had happened quickly and with no pain, but this did little to help mend his broken heart. He knew nothing could fully put it back together, but knew what needed to be done to help start gluing back the pieces. He knew what his brother would want him to do. So with one last look, he got up and got to work.

Over the next few days he got everything arranged to have his brother cremated. As soon as it was taken care of, he took his brother and left the town that would forever be scorched into his brain. The town where his brother was set free.

He drove on through the night desperate to reach his destination. As the sun rose signaling the start of a new day, he knew it was also signaling a time to start fresh. He got out of the car taking his brother with him when he arrived to the intended destination, the Grand Canyon. As he sat there watching the sunrise, preparing for his goodbye, he grew afraid.

What if with his goodbye, he also lost memories of his brother. What if he forgot. In reaction to his fear he stood there recalling what his brother looked like, what he sounded like, how he acted, even what he smelled like. While he stood there looking at the incredible beauty before him, he knew that no matter what he would never forget. His brother held a place in his heart that wasn't going to fade, just because he did.

He finally realized it was time. Time to release his brother to a world with no darkness, with no pain. He took one last look at the sight before him, while he said his goodbyes. He slowly scattered his brother's ashes, letting himself also let go of the pain. He knew this is where Dean would want to be, the one place he never got to see.

Sam got back into the Impala, and started the drive away from the place he knew he would never see again. As he drove into the unknown he realized something. Something he would carry with him for the rest of his days.

Death was an illusion. It doesn't take a person away from you, you allow the person to be taken. As long as you don't forget, they can never be claimed. You keep them alive with memories and stories, creating a shield, your only weapon against Death.

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