Time to Move Forward

Summary: The Black Organization has finally been discovered and taken down. The Antidote is lost but time continues to move forward. How will the two affected by the Black Organization move forward themselves? [Conan x Ai; Shinichi x Shiho]

(A/N): Just a warning: A little AU; a little OOC; and a lot of thought required. To be honest with you, I'm not sure what I'm writing myself really, but it's something to fill the hole that is a blatant lack of stories for these two.

"It's finally over…"

10-year-old Edogawa Conan stood in the background as he watched Gin and Vodka being forced into the back of a police car. The blue-eyed kid could only watch through glasses that reflected the years of pain that were normally never seen by others. Those eyes displayed years of restlessness; always desiring an answer to the multitude of questions that laid before him; the drive that could only lead to one answer that was the single truth; the single answer that could lead to the one truth.

after all, there was always only one truth.

"Yes Kudou, but stop staring like that. You're going to give someone the impression you're somebody you're not."

The speaker walked up to Conan, stopping just to the right side of him. There was no acknowledgement of each other through meaningless greetings or friendly gestures; both were very uncharacteristic of the relationship they had. It was one of the protector and the protected; something that neither she dared try to change nor would he try to force her to think otherwise. It was an agreement made in the night, where one's tears would not stop falling for another. He promised there that what befell one would not befall the other; that if he could, would stop those thoughts of being alone that always haunted her.

He stayed in place, but his head turned to the side, looking at her face. "Oi oi, be a little more happy, would you? We caught them, it's finally overShe would've been happy to know that you were safe from them now."

"In the greatest victory comes the harshest reality." She kept looking straight, a combination of not wanting guilt to wash over herself and to not look at the sorrow in those brilliant blue eyes of his. It was something that she was truly sorry for. The original formula for the APTX drug had been destroyed, leaving behind only guesses and theories to what the formula is supposed to be. Without it, an antidote could never be created. Without it, no true counteragent could ever be made to combat her sin.

Without it, they would never again be Kudou Shinichi or Miyano Shiho.

Conan remained silent and looked forward, those blue eyes now reflecting a sadness running through. The silence remained as they watched the scene unfold. Inspector Megure shouting orders with Officer Takagi and Satou behind making sure all was being done to make sure the area was secure. No longer would Kudou Shinichi, the 'Great Savior of the Japanese Police Force' stand next to them. No longer would the 'Sleeping Detective' solve cases for them. No longer would the Detective Boys ever find another mystery. With the downfall was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was only minutes, he spoke. "Haibara, when will you ever learn?"

She looked at him, surprised. "Kud-"

"My promise isn't fulfilled yet, and until it is you're stuck with me. Time continues to move forward, whether or not we like it. All we can do is move forward with itand until you can move forward on your own, my promise will remain unfulfilled."


The sound of the bell rang throughout the school, stirring a certain strawberry blonde up.

"Falling asleep again Haibara? Hurry up and get your stuff, or else we're gonna end up doing another stupid pap-"

"You were saying something, Edogawa-kun?" The teacher in question had walked up behind him.



"You know Kudou, you really have a way with teachers."

It was the end of the school day, and 17-year-old Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan were coming out of Teitan High, another 'extra assignment' that had been given to the duo.

"Haibara, I can't help but think that you only came back with the full intention of torturing me."

An evil glint flashed through her otherwise unchanged facial expression. "Now why would I want to do that?"

No response, instead merely choosing to sigh in defeat; Haibara Ai was somebody that couldn't be defeated in argument. In the silence the two walked back home, towards Hakase's house, but at the same time not. There was a new place that was called home now; for Conan, home was home again. As they opened the gate to the front of the house, the familiar "Kudou" nameplate on the front reflected the evening sun into the distance. It was a peaceful scene, one that Conan was glad to have.

(A/N): Hey look! First chapter is done. I don't know where I'm going with this really… your guess is as good as mine. Somehow, writing becomes the illusional 'forte' of many when the span of time to do absolutely nothing is infinite.

The only thing I do know? I'll fill more of the timeline gaps as we go on.