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Chapter 5: Revival from the Grave

It was around lunchtime as Conan stared dejectedly out the window in the middle of the day, wondering how the day could get any slower.

There weren't many people in the room, save for their homeroom teacher discussing plans with the class president and a small group of girls eating lunch together in the corner. 'If only Inspector Megure could come in here and let me leave the class to go solve some random murder…'

… when the door suddenly opened. Squeals could be heard as the girls began to swoon over the figure that was peeking it's head in. As their sensei began reprimanding the intruder, a surprise loomed over the figure itself as he saw Conan.

"Oi, Conan!"

Conan snapped out of his daze and looked at the door. "Hattori? What are you doing here?"

Hattori Heiji, now out of a university and officially in a relationship with Toyama Kazuha, hadn't changed much. Still dark and his spiky brown hair on full display, it was hard to not notice the stupid smile on his face. The 'Great Detective of the West' is unofficially an Inspector at the Osaka Police Department, but officially (and per his father's insistence) had opened a Private Detective Agency. While at the university Kazuha and Heiji somehow managed to get over their hotheadedness and confess to each other, but that same stubbornness has kept them from getting married yet. (2)

"I'm visiting Hikari over there", point over to Yagami-sensei, "to discuss something, but I didn't know you were going to Teitan."

"Are you stupid? Where else would I go? How Kazuha deals with you still is beyond me…"

"Hey now, where you getting at…?!" (3)

Two hands suddenly grabbed at their ears, pulling them closer to her face, "I think we should take this outside so that Yagami-sensei doesn't have to deal with you two." Haibara began leading the two detectives towards the door, a small bow towards their sensei. "I can never seem to leave you alone, now can I?"

The front entrance of Teitan High was busy as usual, but people's attention were turned towards just the other side of the lockers where two figures stood happily talking to each other while the third leaned against a pillar. Most notably was the look on Haibara's face; nobody had seen a smiling Haibara before.

The Detective Boys walked across, Genta holding multiple bread bags as if bear-hugging a panda. "Ne, have you noticed how Haibara's been acting lately? It's like she found something awesome!"

Mitsuhiko looks at Genta with a stern face, "Conan's been the only one that can get any sort of reaction out of her. It's as if something happened between those two…"

"Auuuu~!" Ayumi sighed depressingly, causing both Mitsuhiko and Genta to stop. Anybody in Teitan High knew who the "Edogawa Conan Club President" knew that her infatuation and admiration for a certain boy. "Mitsuhiko, that's not something I really want to hear, even if it's Ai-chan…"

Quickly, Mitsuhiko put up a reassuring hand on Ayumi's shoulder, "I'm sure that she just has a cold, Ayumi. Once it's gone I'm sur-"

He was cut off by a loud and audible gasp from the collective population of the school entrance area, all eyes on the three figures. Now all of them standing, but the closeness of two of them was rather... shocking to all who saw.

"O-oi, what are you doing?"

Haibara was leaning on Conan's shoulder, both arms wrapped around his left arm. "Remember, you promised not to break it."

All a dejected Conan could do was sigh and drop his head in defeat, "Hai hai…"

"Besides", Haibara looked up at the entrance way while releasing Conan, "This will be amusing to watch." A smirk on her face, she left the two detectives speechless as she walked back into the school.

Hattori was the first to snap out of the shock, and with a bemused look nudged Conan with his elbow, "So are you two an item yet?"

"Ar- are you stupid?! She's been acting weird the last few days; as if somebody was watching her again."

Hattori's face turned serious, "Has she been acting different recently?"

Ignoring the stares from inside the school, Conan looked towards the street, "Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the reoccurring dream."


"Remember when the Tokyo Police found a Golden Porsche abandoned in the hiking trails? The one that was used by Vermouth? She's been having dreams about the information in that car that could of led to the discovery of 'them'."

Hattori sighed, "They determined that the car had been abandoned for months, if not a year… That time we didn't even know who they were…"

Conan looked at the sky, the sunlight disappearing as grey clouds began to form. "Yeah, but she thinks that if somebody found that car then everything would've been different. I can't help but think that even after ten years that there might still be a story to follow…"

"You might not be overthinking it…" Hattori pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket and handed it to Conan. "I figured that you would find this to be most interesting…"

Conan reached out for the piece of paper, but his eyes grew wide upon seeing the photo at the center of the paper. "What is this?!"

"… It just might be the great return of the lost actress Chris Vineyard. At the request by Witness Protection, the Osaka Police Department has been tasked to protecting her as she makes an appearance at the Osaka Castle to announce her comeback."

Conan gripped the piece of paper tightly, "So the media doesn't know?"

"Meh, as far as the world is concerned, Chris Vineyard hasn't been in a movie production for seven years. How she got to keep that identity is…," he shrugs, a look of mock defeat present on his face, "is beyond me. The movie production company holding this "special appearance" has a flier out and a special TV segment that's going to announce a "big surprise" that's supposed to happen in a couple days though." Hattori smiled in Conan's direction, "There's a new okonomiyaki place that opened up you have to come try."

A smirk appeared on Conan's face, "Yeah… I guess I'll just have to pay a visit."

Haibara walked into the classroom, ignoring all the stares and whispered talk occurring around her. After a polite bow to the sensei she heads straight to her chair and pulls up a fashion magazine oblivious to the stares being sent by the rest of the class. The Detective Boys soon run through the door and gather around Haibara's desk.

"Ai-chan, what was that all about?!" Haibara smirked at the slight panic detected in his voice.

Not looking away from her magazine, she responded, "Nothing, really."

"You've never acted like that before in school… You were always the cool one. Something had to have changed…" Ayumi reasoned, more to herself than to anybody. As Haibara continued to read her magazine, the three gave up as lunch was about to end.

As people began to file in and sit down, all eyes were on the door, waiting… 'Let's see how you handle the sudden attention again, Kudou.'

As if on cue, Conan walked into the class. As all eyes were on the Detective, none but Haibara could discern the small smirk on his face, his right hand clutching a small piece of paper. The look on his face caught Haibara off-guard; she had been fully expecting a 'not-as-composed' him walking through the door, especially after the small public display earlier.

He stopped in front of Haibara's desk, smirk still present. Before Haibara could look up Conan bent down and kissed her on her forehead. As everybody tried to stifle their gasps, a surprised Haibara had noticeably become a slight shade of pink. Despite all this, Conan calmly walked to his seat and sat down. A quick glance at Haibara only made her face flush more, but the message behind it clear.

'Two can play at this game.'

Looking down, Haibara saw a small piece of paper on top of her magazine. She opens it to find a small sentence scribbled. 'You're weaving a story of rumors with me and you, so it looks like you're stuck with me and I'll just have to watch over you. Promise not broken yet, right?'

Haibara folded the note and put it in her magazine. 'Stupid detective…'

(A/N): Somewhat alive. Some things to note:

(1) We're assuming that it's been seven years since a 10-year-old Conan and Haibara watched the B.O. get exposed. Assuming that this started when they were both seven, that timeline would be three years.

(2) Logically, 17+3=20+7=27. We're assuming the Heiji is 27.

(3) Kansai-ben is quite literally one of those accents that I haven't yet quite thought up an American-English (Bostonian might be the closest thing, honestly) counterpart to. Having said that, it makes it more impossible to type in a conversation.

(4) Yes, the plot setup weird right now, but rest-assured that I have something figured out to merge all this together. I originally didn't want to make some sort of plot, as I like the mental battle better… but you can't escape that in this place, it seems.