kk...so this is another one...based off the part in The Burning Bridge when Will, Horace and Gilan are going to Celtica and Gilan is teaching them the double knife defense.....TOTALLY love this part of the book so I rewrote it...this chappie holds a dear part in my heart as this is the original Ranger's Redone..if you dont like RR then blame this chappie for as myself and friend were talking about personalities Gilan being emo was the first we came up with and this is really the idea we came up with... :D

Will = gangsta

Horace = hillbillie

Gilan = emo

Horace didn't quite work as well as I hoped but oh well....I'll write another one later for him...


Jump Off

Ruefully, Horace rummaged in his pack for his sharpening steel and, sitting down on the hard-packed sand, began to draw it along the edge of his sword.

"Yo brooh," Will said to Gilan. "I've been thinken, foh shizzle ma nizzle..."

Gilan raised his eyebrows to heaven in mock despair. Again, the expression reminded Will forcefully of Halt.

"That just sucks," said the Ranger. "What did you think of? Life? No, of course not. Death and despair..."

"Well," began Will slowly, "this fooken two knife stuff is down and whatever...but don't it be all good if I just whoop the fookas down with a couple of them nice arrows we got before da guy got close enough to smash ya?"

"Of course Will. It definitely would be much better, but what a terrible thing it would be if your bowstring just happened to break?"

"I'd run me little arse into da bushes."

"What if there just happened to be not a single place to hide? What a shame it would be if you were against a sheer cliff. Nowhere to go. Your bowstring conveniently broken and a really pissed off bloke coming at you. What then?"

Will shook his head. "Then, I reckon I'd hafta fight the fooka."

"That's my point." Gilan said knowingly. "We avoid close combat if possible. But if the time does happen to come when there's no other choice, it's the best idea to be prepared."

"I guess foh shizzle ma nizzle."

Then Horace chimed in with a question.

"What 'bout a axeman?" Gilan looked at him, nonplussed for a moment.

"An axeman?"

"Yearh. What bout you're facin' a enemy with a battleaxe? Do your sharpies work then?"

"I wouldn't advise it."

"So then what do I fooken do?" Will asked.

"Shoot him." Will shook his head grinning.

"Can't. Me bowstring's broken, foh shizzle ma nizzle."

"Run and hide then."

"But there's a cliff," Horace pointed out. "A biiiiiggggg drop behind you and a angry axeman comin' at you."

Gilan took a breath. He was emo. It was a well known thing and these two boys were asking him what to do in this situation. Isn't it obvious? He thought.

He looked both of them in the eye, one after the other.

"Jump. Off. The. Cliff......duh."

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