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Title: Starry-Eyed Child

Warnings: Does NOT follow any of the story lines from Fire Emblem or Kirby; also look for yaoi (though no sexual stuff), maybe some cursing, and fluffiness (though we'll try not to veer towards OOC-ness.) Oh, and this is NOT an MPREG (male pregnancy). In fact, there's no pregnancy at all. That's why this is so weird.

Pairings: Meta Knight x Marth

Rating: PG-13 to be safe

Genre: Romance/Family

Summary: When a Star Warrior meets his kindred soul, a spark is sent out into the cosmos. This spark combines with the energy of the stars and becomes a child. This was how Kirby came to be, but what about his "parents"?

Notes: This is a weird one. It ties in with the Kirby anime and with Super Smash Bros., but doesn't have much to do with the Fire Emblem story. In other words, don't expect accuracy. This fic was actually inspired by "You'll Be in My Heart" and "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins. Well, enjoy!

Chapter One: The Baby from Space

Marth sighed into the breeze as he walked along the beach. The surf was warm on his feet as they sunk pleasantly into the sand, and he felt refreshed by the silence. All day he had done nothing but listen to his advisors babbling on about nothing. All day he had heard his father ordering the servants, and his sister clucking about her impending marriage to a nearby kingdom's prince. He was tired, and the lonely stretch of shore soothed him.

The lake was calm that evening, and it was easy for Marth to fall into memories of a night long before. It had been a similar evening, where the stars had shone brighter than ever and the smooth surface of the water mirrored the bright moon. He had been walking along the shore, as he usually did, until something rose out of the lake.

He had turned to get a good look at it, and then stepped back in surprise. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. A shining purple tentacle, covered in small suction cups, was wriggling next to a bulbous mass in the water. Two more tentacles appeared, and the creature began to move towards Marth.

He drew his sword and dodged just as a slimy tentacle slammed into the sand near him. The creature rose out of the water and roared. It looked like an octopus with a round mouth and eight tentacles. Marth dodged another attack and charged. His sword glanced off of the monster's flesh, and he leapt back before it could counter. He lunged again, and this time his sword penetrated and stuck. The creature roared again, and lifted its tentacle into the air. Still gripping Falchion, Marth was lifted as well. The sword was stuck fast, but Marth could not fight the monster unarmed.

As he struggled to free his sword, the monster flicked its tentacle. The blade came loose, and Marth was thrown down to the beach. He hit the sand hard, but rolled and recovered his battle stance. He was too late, though. Just as he got his footing, the octopus monster slammed him to the side with another tentacle. The blow dazed him, and another hit sent him sprawling on the shore. Falchion had flown from his hand, and lay a few feet away.

Before Marth could leap up to retrieve his sword, something zoomed across his field of vision and stopped the monster's tentacle from slamming him again. Marth took that chance to recover his sword, but something else was fighting the monster. A billowing cape and the golden flash of a sword in the moonlight were all he saw of the other fighter.

However, there was no time to ask questions. Marth leapt at another tentacle and began slashing. The creature, overwhelmed by the two attackers, fell back into the water. Marth ran along one slick tentacle until he reached the large mass that formed the body. Uttering a cry, he began to strike it with his sword, trying to avoid burying it too deeply to get it out again. The other fighter was slashing with lightning speed, and then there was a blinding flash. A beam came from the fighter's sword, and the beast fell back with a roar. Marth leapt backwards and landed on the soft sand. The fighter landed next to him, and they both watched as the monster vanished.

Marth stood there staring at the rippling waves for a moment, and then turned towards the other swordsman. Or at least, he assumed it was a swordsman. The short round thing was of a species that Marth had never seen. It was just as strange as the monster. Surprisingly, though, the masked fighter's voice was very deep as he asked, "Are you all right?"

"…Yes… Thanks to you…" Marth replied, feeling like he was in a strange dream. Since when did beach balls wield swords and talk? "Forgive my rudeness, but I must ask who you are."

"I am Meta Knight," the warrior said, putting away his sword and wrapping his cape firmly around him with his stubby arms. "I was sent here to dispose of that monster. You see, I am a knight in the service of King Dedede. That monster escaped from his castle."

"…You are of no species that I have ever encountered…" Marth said.

"Yes, this planet is many light years away from my own."

"Oh… Well, forgive me. I am Prince Marth."

"Good to meet you."

"Again, thank you for helping me fend off that monster. I am in your debt."

"…Prince Marth, there may never come a time when we meet again," the warrior said after a pause, "Do not think of debts. I must depart for my own world. However, I will always remember meeting you, for you are as strange to me as I must be to you."

With that, the mysterious knight had left. His cape had turned into large bat-like wings, and he had flown into the forest before Marth could stop him. Truth be told, he was sad to see him go. Something about the knight intrigued him, and he liked him. He couldn't help but wonder what he looked like beneath the mask. Did he have an animal-like appearance? He just didn't know.

Now, as he trekked along the shore, he looked up at the stars. Somewhere beyond them was the knight. He wondered what he was doing then, and if he had a family. Suddenly Marth felt very lonely, but he couldn't understand his feelings. His encounter with the other swordsman had been weeks ago, and they had only exchanged polite greetings and farewells. But ever since that night, Marth had thought of him. Sometimes he had even imagined the knight appearing again, flying through the window and speaking to him. His fantasies were often about them just talking, when the knight would tell him of the other worlds he had been to.

Marth shook his head. He was being foolish. He stopped walking and stared up at the sky for a while, trying to clear his head of ridiculous thoughts of his knight in shining armor. The stars flickered, and they reminded him of how the knight's sword had flashed in the moonlight…

But one star was flickering more than the others. Marth's gaze drifted across it without noticing, until the flickering became a shining light. A small spark of fire appeared in the sky where the star was, and Marth stared at it curiously.

The light was growing brighter all the time, and Marth thought he could see it getting bigger. Impossible, he thought. Stars don't get bigger in an instant. Something was coming from the sky. It looked round, and as it got closer it seemed very small and smooth. Marth took a few steps back as it fell towards the ground, and finally it landed in the sand with a minor tremor.

Marth stared at it for a minute or two, unsure of what to do. It was perhaps two yards in front of him, and it seemed like a round yellow pod. Warily, Marth stepped towards it, only to leap back as it hissed and shifted. The yellow metal opened up and retracted, revealing a small woven basket. And inside the basket was a lump of blue blankets.

Overwhelmed by curiosity, Marth went to inspect it. The lump seemed to move, and a soft noise was coming from it. Shakily, Marth pushed at it with the hilt of his sword. The lump moved, and then a small sound like a squeak was heard. Deciding that it didn't seem too dangerous, Marth pulled at the cloth and recoiled in shock.

Laying in the basket, sound asleep, was a pink mound no bigger than a child's kickball. As Marth stared at it, it opened two bright blue eyes that shone with the light of the stars. It looked around until it saw Marth, and then it's mouth widened in a smile. Two little lumps that Marth assumed were its arms waved beside it, and two chubby feet kicked at the blankets.

After a while, the smile faded from its face. It looked pitifully at Marth, and then began to cry. Marth immediately reached for it, and when it was securely held in his arms it stopped crying. "Just what are you?" Marth asked softly as it smiled up at him. It reminded him of Meta Knight, though Marth didn't really know why. He had never seen the knight's face. He had a feeling, though, that the two were of the same species. After all, he had only seen two small, round creatures.

The pink thing yawned widely and snuggled into Marth's chest. Marth didn't know what to do. He scanned the basket for some sign of where it came from. Pinned to the inside of the basket was a note. Supporting the little ball with one arm, he reached for the piece of paper and unfolded it. Written in a curving script was a message:

Congratulations, Prince Marth and Sir Meta Knight!

As you may already know, this is your baby Star Warrior. His name is Kirby. Take good care of him. When he is ready, we will come to retrieve him to fulfill his purpose of destroying monsters. You must be so proud! Raise him to be skilled and strong.

- The Galactic Knights

Marth could only stare at the note in confusion. Kirby began to doze, but his soft sigh of contentment went unnoticed by Marth. This thing was a baby? Not only that, but it supposedly belonged to him and that strange knight he had met. In the back of his mind, Marth wondered if this was some joke played on him by the gods.

There was only one thing to do. Marth placed Kirby in the basket and walked back to the castle with the precious bundle held securely in his arms. What else could he do? He couldn't leave Kirby alone on the beach.

However, problems were already arising. Sneaking past the guards was simple for the stealthy prince, but to do it with a sleeping alien baby would be quite another. First, there was the question of the wall. Normally it was easy for him to climb it. Deciding to try it anyway, Marth fashioned a strap from his belt and his vest. He tied the basket to his back. Making sure that it was secure, he began to climb. The ascent was easier than he had feared; the baby and basket were light. He reached the top of the wall without incident, and then began climbing down the other side.

Unfortunately, baby Kirby was waking up. When Marth was half way down the wall, the puffball opened his eyes. Unable to see Marth, he began to whimper. Marth stopped dead on the wall. The whimpering became louder, until Marth was afraid that a guard would hear it.

"Sssh," he tried to soothe the baby, "I'm here. It's all right." Hearing his voice, Kirby stopped whimpering and instead began to make inquisitive sounds. "Sssh…" Marth pleaded, and continued climbing. Kirby apparently liked the rocking motion of Marth's shoulders moving, and he began to laugh.

"Oh, no, please…" Marth begged, and finally he felt the ground beneath his feet. He ducked into the bushes and untied the strap. Holding Kirby to his chest, he tried to quiet the cooing baby. He could hear the guards talking to each other, wondering what that sound was. Kirby laughed louder, and Marth heard the heavy clanking of an armored guard coming towards them.

"No… Oh, no…" he muttered. Kirby stopped laughing and nuzzled Marth's chest. "Poyo!" he chirped, "Poyo!" Marth clutched him tightly, hoping to soothe him, and he finally fell silent as he began to doze again. The guard stopped near the bush. There was a tense silence, and then he walked back to his post, shouting "All clear!" to his fellows.

Marth breathed a sigh of relief. Holding Kirby gently, he watched the puffball sleep. He wondered if Meta Knight looked like him? He had such cute eyes, though the color looked just like his own. He sighed again, waiting for the guards to move on before he would rush back to the castle and to his own room.

Sitting in the foliage, he began to think about what this meant. He couldn't show Kirby to anyone--they might try to contain or even kill him. People were very superstitious, and if they saw something strange they always assumed that it was bad. Marth mused that he would probably be outcast for contributing to Kirby's appearance, even though he had no idea how he had done so. Not even his father would let him be. If he told the truth, then his father would become angry and insist that Marth not waste his time and compassion on such a strange being. He could try to hide Kirby, but with so many people vying for his time that would be impossible, even with his sister's help. Still unsure of what to do, he wondered where Meta Knight was, and if he could reach him in some way. Surely he would be able to explain this…


On the planet Pop Star, it was a bright and sunny day. Days like this didn't suit Meta Knight. He preferred a moonlit night on which he could be mysterious and contemplative. Besides, moonlit nights reminded him of the beautiful prince he had met many weeks ago. He could still picture the scene in his mind: the shocked expression on the prince's face as the monster rose out of the lake, the way his blue eyes shone in the moonlight. So deep, yet they shone like stars.

He heard footsteps coming down the corridor, and he was glad to be awakened from his daydream. He didn't like to dwell on his feelings, and he felt sad when he thought of the prince. They would probably never meet again…

Suddenly, Blade Knight and Sword Knight came into the room. "A letter for you, sir," Blade Knight said, and held out a pink envelope. Meta Knight took it, but was utterly confounded to see that it read "It's a boy!" on the front of the envelope. He opened the letter and read it as his two followers waited curiously.

Sir Meta Knight,

As your fellow Star Warriors, we are pleased to inform you that your baby has just been born. However, we found it very confusing that you and your soul mate are in different galaxies. We have sent your son, Kirby, to Prince Marth with every hope that you two will reunite soon. We have high hopes for Kirby--after all, you are one of our most distinguished members. Good luck; he's a handful!

- Your fellows from the Galactic Knights

Meta Knight stared dumbfounded at the letter. It took a long while for this information to sink in, and when it did he could only sigh. How could this have happened? He had been afraid that it would. A part of him had known it as soon as he had seen Marth. Ever since his return to Dream Land, he had tried to think of ways to get the king's permission to go back to the other galaxy. He had even thought of loosing a monster just so he could go to "contain" it and find a way to disappear to Marth's world again. But this…

"Well, what's it say?" Blade Knight asked excitedly. Meta Knight turned and walked past them, down the hallway. "Never mind," he said as they stared after him in confusion, "Just return to your posts. I must speak with King Dedede…"


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