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Chapter Three: A Rivalry Revived

In the deepest region of space, a small figure stood on a balcony staring out into the blackness. "What do you want?" the figure flinched at the shrieking voice that echoed all around.

"I was just going to let you know that another Star Warrior has been born," said the figure on the balcony, "What do you want me to do?"

"Huh. Another Star Warrior? So what?" the voice cackled, "I wiped most of them out centuries ago! How is one more going to make a difference?"

"Well, you see, this is supposedly the one who was predicted to destroy you. You have heard the prophecies, right?"

"Ha! Do you really think I believe that? What can this one do to me that the others can't?"

"Well, he is said to have the power to create…"

"Don't say it. The Star Wand, right? I've heard it before, and I don't believe a word of it."

"But this really could be Kirby. This Star Warrior is the child of Meta Knight and a prince from another galaxy, just like the legends say."

"Hmm… Are you sure? Is it truly Meta Knight's heir?"

"Yes. My sources confirmed this. Just like in the legend, Meta Knight's soul mate is a human prince from the land of Altea. It has to be Kirby."

"…Do you know where it is?"

"We tracked its pod to Altea."

"And what about the prince?"

"We assume that the prince received the child. As for Meta Knight, we do not know. Our sources say that he is still on Popstar."

"In that case, send a monster to kill Kirby and the prince. We will deal with Meta Knight when the time comes, but it would be best to eliminate this new threat."

"Very well," with that, the figure left.


As the sun set over the mountains, Marth lit a fire for warmth and light. Three days had passed since he had left Altea, and he and Kirby were beginning to form a bond. "Here, Kirby, look what I've found for you," he said as he lifted the puffball out of his makeshift cradle. Setting him down on a pile of blankets, he lifted a watermelon out of his pack. Kirby's eyes grew large and he began making happy noises. Marth smiled at him and held up the watermelon. Fwoosh! It flew straight into Kirby's mouth. "That should fill you up for a while," Marth said, and took the baby back into his arms.

For now, the two were camped in a cave that overlooked the forest. Marth didn't dare to take Kirby into the city, and he doubted that he could keep him quiet enough to stay in an inn. A cave would have to do. Besides, it was easy to find food. The forest was bountiful this time of year, and there was a town nearby in case he needed to buy something.

Kirby gazed up at Marth, his blue eyes sparkling. The prince couldn't help but smile back at him. He lifted him in his arms and hugged him, making Kirby coo in delight. "We'll just have to stay here until I can figure out what to do," Marth said to the baby, lifting him into the air and making him laugh, "We need to find Meta Knight, don't we?" he lowered Kirby until they were face-to-face, and then began bouncing him lightly, "But if we can't, I'll just have to raise you here. Is that all right?" Kirby giggled and reached for Marth, and the prince cuddled him to his chest, "You like it here, don't you? It has a very nice view." Kirby seemed to agree. With a soft coo, he nuzzled into the fabric of Marth's tunic and settled down to sleep.


Meta Knight's ship landed on grassy terrain, and he emerged warily. There was no sign of another living being, so Meta Knight began walking. He wasn't worried about being seen; he was pretty sure that most of the creatures in this world were weirder than he could ever be.

As he waddled along the path, he saw a group of humans coming towards him. He sighed in annoyance as they all stopped and stared at him. The one with the baseball cap pulled out a little red thing. "What kind of Pokemon is THAT?" one of them asked.

"I am no Pokemon," Meta Knight sighed again as he walked over to them, "I am Meta Knight, from Dreamland."

"Uhh… Dreamland?" the girl said.

"Yes, Dreamland of the planet Popstar. I am looking for someone. Do you know a Pokemon that goes by the name of Lucario?"

"Uhh, yeah, we just met him…" the boy in the hat looked sad, "But… he's gone now."

"Gone?" Meta Knight cursed inwardly, "I assume you mean dead…"

"Yeah… See, it's kind of a long story…"

"Tell it to me as quickly as you can," Meta Knight demanded, and they told him that they had come from the Tree of Beginning. There had been a terrible disturbance, and Lucario had given up his Aura to save it. They relayed in great detail how Mew had revived Ash and the others, and how they had found out that Sir Aaron, Lucario's friend and teacher, had sacrificed himself hundreds of years before. Meta Knight listened patiently as each of the children broke in with different parts of the story.

When they were finished, Meta Knight thanked them and began walking towards the tree. The kids watched him go with mixed expressions. "That was sure strange… Hey, Ash, do you think I should try to catch him? Just to see if he really ISN'T a Pokemon?" Meta Knight sighed and unfurled his cape, taking to the air just as a poke ball whizzed past him.

It took him some time to reach the tree, and even more time to find the chamber at its heart. When he did, he wondered what he would do then. The kids had said that Lucario's body was somewhere in the chamber… Either way, he had a plan. He just hoped that he could find this 'Mew' thing.

"Mew!" he called, "Come out! I demand that you appear!" At first nothing happened. He looked around the room and called again, but there was no answer. "Please appear before me," he said, "I pray that you will come out now!" It wasn't working, though. With a deep sigh, he slumped and muttered, "Where could that damned thing be? They said it was here!" he shook his head, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty…"

Almost instantly, a pink cat-like monster floated down from the ceiling. "Mew?" it wondered, floating in front of Meta Knight.

"Ah!" he exclaimed as the strange cat hovered in mid-air, "At last you appear. I am Meta Knight of Dreamland. I come to you in dire need of assistance. You see, there are two people who I absolutely must find… their lives may be in danger… To find them, I need the help of one who has died here. I need the help of Lucario. Can you please revive him, as you have for others before?"

Mew seemed to listen to his speech, and then she mewled and floated towards the ceiling. Closing her eyes, she began to glow red like the crystals around her. Down from the ceiling came a blue body. It landed on the floor and groaned, and Meta Knight walked over to Lucario.

"Welcome to life," he said as the jackal-like Pokemon opened his eyes and sat up groggily. "There is not much time. I need your help."

"Uh… Sir Aaron?" Lucario looked around, "Wait… You… It's Meta Knight?!"

"Correct," Meta Knight said as Lucario leapt to his feet.

"You!" the Pokemon growled, "YOU did this?! How DARE you? I was HAPPY! I was with Sir Aaron! WHY did you do this?!"

"I was about to tell you. But what did I do?"

"Oh, you forget so easily!" Lucario scoffed, "Do you not remember why I hate you in the first place? Sir Aaron was my master. Centuries ago, he and I lived happily, serving our queen."

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm getting to that. Back then, we often participated in battles. That day that you crash-landed here, we were supposed to fight in a very important one that the queen herself had scheduled."

"Ah, yes. I remember. You agreed to help me fix my ship."

"Exactly. I helped you, but because of you I was late."

"And I offered to take you there in my ship."

"Yes, and you crashed again!"

"Well, I WAS just a young Star Warrior… I had not gotten used to the ship's controls yet…"

"You caused me to miss the competition completely! Sir Aaron was the laughing stock of the whole town, and he worried about me for weeks thereafter because I could not tell him where I had been!"

"Ah, so you did not tell after all?"

"Why would I? He would have believed me insane! And just now, I was finally with him in the afterlife. We were so happy… Until YOU came along!"

"Why do you not ask that Mew creature to revive him?"

"He has been gone for centuries!" Lucario hung his head, and tears began to fall from his eyes, "There is no way to revive him…"

Just then, Mew drifted towards them. "Mew!" she said. Lucario looked up in surprise.

"What?" he asked incredulously, "What do you mean, he can?"


"But… But why did you not do that in the first place?" he asked.

"Mew mew-mew!"

"I… did not ask?" Lucario blinked, dumbfounded (A/N: Well, they DIDN'T ask in the movie! They just assumed that it couldn't be done…), "Well then… Could you?"


Mew glowed red again, and this time a human's body fell from the ceiling. Lucario rushed forward and fell to his knees at Aaron's side. Meta Knight rolled his eyes as Lucario cradled the human's head in his arms. "Sir Aaron…" he smiled when the man opened his eyes.

"Lucario?" Aaron blinked and looked around, a bit confused, "Where are we?"

Meta Knight watched this emotional scene with mixed thoughts. He wanted to get his quest started, but he felt reluctant to interrupt them… However, his reluctance wasn't too pressing. He coughed loudly and stepped towards the pair.

"What?" Lucario glared at him, "You are lucky that Sir Aaron and I have been reunited again. I would have torn you apart otherwise!"

"I'm sure you would have. But I am in dire need of help. Please…" he knelt then, stooping to a level that he had never had to before.

"Lucario," Aaron gasped as he sat up, "What sort of Pokemon is this?"


The moon was bright that night. Inside the cave, Marth slept deeply after having no sleep for several nights. In his arms, wide awake, was Kirby. The baby was having a hard time settling down after sleeping all day, and the bright moonlight that came in through the opening of the cave distracted him. A slight breeze drifted in from outside, and somewhere a wolf howled. To Kirby, all of these things were a major attraction.

Wriggling so he could escape the blankets that encased him, he finally stood propped against Marth's side. He was a bit wobbly on his feet, but being as round as he was gave him an advantage. He took one step, and then another, until he thought he had gotten the hang of walking.

"Poyoo!" he cheered, waving his arms around. He turned to Marth, expecting a reassuring smile, but the prince was still fast asleep. Kirby waddled over to him and tapped him. "Poyo?" he wondered why he didn't move. Oh, well, he thought; there were plenty of other things to do. He waddled towards the cave entrance, curious and eager to see the trees again.

Just when Kirby reached the mouth of the cave, though, his foot caught a rock and he tipped over. "Poyoo!" he cried as he tumbled head-over-heels down the gentle slope, gaining speed all the while. He rolled past trees and over branches, until he was dizzy from the constant spinning motion. "Poooyoooo!" he cried, hoping that his parent would hear him, but his voice wasn't loud enough to wake Marth.

Finally, he began to slow down. He came to a stop at the foot of the mountain when he bumped against a tree. Still dizzy, he lay there for a while until he could see straight again. Then he rolled onto his feet and looked around.

He couldn't see the cave any more, and it seemed like a long way up the slope. He turned around and saw that there was a stream running past the forest. Curious, he waddled to the bank and looked into the water. He couldn't see much, except for some rocks and twigs, but the flowing water interested him. He reached out to touch it…

Back at the cave, Marth was having uneasy dreams. He dreamed that a monster came and took Kirby away from him. Awakening in a panic, his arms sought Kirby… but the baby was not there. Quickly panicking, Marth stood and searched the cave, calling for Kirby. Suddenly, over the loud thrumming of his heart in his ears, he heard a yell.

Dashing out of the cave, Marth ran at full speed down the slope until he came to a stream. By the time he reached its banks, though, Kirby was just a pink blob off in the distance, bobbing on the current. "Kirby!" Marth screamed and ran towards him, but the flowing water was horribly fast. Kirby was crying, just as panicked as Marth. The water was cold, and sometimes he bobbed beneath the surface and got water in his mouth. All in all, he was NOT having a good time, and he hollered and cried as he was carried farther from Marth.

Finally Kirby was too far away to be seen. He had gone over a short waterfall before being carried into a tunnel that went into the mountain. "NO! Kirby!!" Marth cried, throwing himself into the water and desperately trying to wriggle into the tunnel. There was just enough room for him to squeeze past, but he soon got stuck and had to turn back.

For a long time he sat on the ground and stared blankly into the water. Tears welled up in his eyes and fell down his face as he thought of the poor child all alone in Goddess-knew-where. He knew that he had to search for him. Determined, he ran as fast as he could back to the cave to gather his supplies. Once he was ready, he hurried back to the place where Kirby had disappeared, and he began to climb over the mountain, hoping that he could get to Kirby before anything else could…


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