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Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
But you've already chosen a different path

(Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou by DBSK)

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou

He wondered what he was doing here. Hadn't he told himself that it's over? Hadn't he told himself to move on? Hadn't he experienced enough pain? Wasn't it enough already? Why was he here? To crush what little left of his broken heart? To diminish the hopes that wouldn't die despite the time and distance that separated them? To say goodbye once and for all? To taunt himself with the fantasy he would never live, the fantasy that kept him alive and devastated him?

The guests clapped their hands when the newlywed entered the hall. He could hear murmurs of awe, of approval, of everything he would not have nor provide for the other. What a perfect couple, they said. What a beautiful bride. What a handsome groom. What a lovely pair.

Tezuka wished he could deny. He wished he could lie to himself. He wished he could convince himself that this was nothing but con. He wished he could believe this was all right.

But Tezuka could not turn a blind eye to the gentleness in the usually unreadable face. He could not overlook the genuine smile splayed on those lips, the smile he never earned. Those blue eyes were soft where they had always been hidden from him. The gestures spoke of affection he always craved, dreamt of but could never own, would never own now.

Blue eyes suddenly met brown ones. Tezuka searched frantically, desperately, hopefully for something he might have missed, for a reason to hope and dream. His mind returned to those days long passed, to those conversations after tennis matches, to the days they walked home together, to the time when silence seemed to be their private language. Surely Fuji's attention to him was more than that to a friend. Surely they were more than mere companions… Right? Tezuka searched in vain and his heart clenched painfully when undeniable reality sank in.

Their love was real. Tezuka could feel it pierce his fragile soul. Their love was real. As real as his own for him. Their love was real. There would never be a place for him.

Tezuka fought back tears that stung his eyes, pain that crushed his heart. His hands clenched into fists, nails digging painfully into his palms to wake him from the blissful dreams and bring him back into meaningless reality. Fuji shouldn't see him break down. What was the point? Fuji mustn't see him cry. Wasn't he supposed to wish for his happiness? Fuji must never know the love that broke him; his heart, his life, his soul. Wasn't that what a good friend should do?

So Tezuka nodded even though he was dying inside, even though his heart broke to pieces, even though he knew he would never love anyone as he loved Fuji. Because even though it hurt him, it was enough to see Fuji happy, content, find where he belonged, have everything he could never give.

"Omedettou." Tezuka mouthed from the distance that would never decrease. It's over. The dream was shattered. It's over. He must move on, live in reality without Fuji. Somehow.

But still, even if I'm nowhere near you anymore
I'm praying that you
May be happy for eternity
No matter how much that would make me lonely (no matter how lonely)

(Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou by DBSK)


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