Christina walked out of the bathroom in her satin negligee that barely reached the middle of her thigh, to find Dean lay in bed reading from the day's newspaper. Walking over to her dressing table, she picked up her lotion and applied some to her arms before placing the bottle back down and rubbing the liquid into her skin.

"Is there anything interesting?" She asked referring to what he'd read while she'd been going through her nightly bathroom regime.

Being alerted to her company, he dropped the paper to the floor beside the bed. "Nothing that isn't normal."

She found herself smiling as she climbed into bed. No case would mean he wouldn't be leaving. She always feared him picking up the local rag or going on the computer to check news because of what he might find. But no case meant another day of them living as a family and it was hard for her to be sad about that.

She leaned toward him and planted a kiss on his lips. "Good night."

= X=

Alastair stood over the road from Christina's apartment hidden by shadows and watched as she walked in front of the window of her bedroom. With a disappointed sigh, he grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and called her number.

"The possession didn't work." He stated as soon as the call was answered.

"How do you know?" The little girl's voice asked the other end.

"Well Ruby said she has to step over a devil's trap to get in her apartment and I'm watching her walk around inside."

"Then, if you knew about the devil's trap, why did you try the possession?" She asked, angered.

"I didn't find out until after I'd let her go."

"Then I suggest you find another way around it Alastair or going back to the pit will be the least of your worries." She threatened, hanging up.

= X =

As Christina got comfortable on her side of the bed, Dean scooted down into a lying position and turned off the lamp on the bedside table. But something about his demeanour as he lay looking up at the ceiling told her he wasn't going to be dropping to sleep any time soon. She shifted closer to him and draped her arm across his body as she placed her head on his chest. Her action caused him to wrap his arm around her and rest it at the small of her back.

"You wanna talk about it?" She asked listening to the sound of his heart beating.

He gently rubbed his thumb across her back, "You don't need to worry about it CJ."

She lifted her head to look up at him as best as she could in the darkened room. "You haven't had a proper night's sleep since that siren case Dean. You need to get whatever it is off your chest."

"I will. Just not tonight."

She sighed placing her head back down, knowing not to push him. She was tired, and in no mood for a fight. Feeling safe and secure in his embrace, Christina closed her eyes but as she started to settle into a stupor Alastair appeared – as he had done every night since she'd returned home. She tried to push him out, concentrating on Dean's arm around her, but she couldn't get rid of his face invading her mind.

Dean, seemingly sensing her tension, broke the silence of the bedroom, "You OK?" He asked a little quieter than his usual volume.

Not wanting to worry him she lied, "I'm fine."

She knew he was worried – and she was happy he cared enough to check on her – but she'd been asked the same question more than ten times that day and it was getting pretty tiring having to assure him, even though this time she really wasn't.

"You think I don't know by now when you're lying?"

"I can't talk about it."

"Maybe you need to take your own advice and get it off your chest."

"I don't want to talk about Alastair any more than you want to talk about Sam. So will you just let it go?"

The room filled with silence for a while before Dean spoke again, "He won't hurt you as long as I'm here CJ."

"And when you're gone?" She asked, not meaning it to sound like a guilt trip even though that's how it came across.

He took a second to consider his answer. "Do you seriously think your Dad is going to leave you at risk if I'm not here?"

She propped herself up on her elbow so she could look down on him now her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the room. "But I can't spend my life with a babysitter in case Alastair comes after me again. That's just ludicrous. Not to mention impractical."

He reached up to brush her fringe from her face, "If that's what it takes for you to feel safe, then that's what we've got to do."

"Yeah, you say that now, but what happens when I start to drive you all insane?"

"Well that's when we lock you in your Dad's panic room." He joked with a small laugh.

"Laugh now, but I think by the end of this pregnancy that's exactly where I'll be." She said laying her head back down on his chest.

"And I'll love you regardless."

She couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips in the darkness; no matter how many times he said it or why she always loved hearing it. "I love you too."

Her eyes were heavy, so she closed them and Alastair was still there. She didn't want to see him, but he had a power over her she didn't like to admit. He controlled her at night when she was most vulnerable and she had no way of blocking him out. It meant she didn't sleep very well, and as a pregnant woman she needed all the sleep she could get. She yawned. Lifting her head she kissed Dean on the lips and shifted onto her side of the bed. She was exhausted and ready for her forty winks. Her body became weightless and she sunk into the depths behind her eyes.

= X =

Dean's slumber was interrupted when he heard Christina shout Alastair's name out in her sleep. But as he reached out to gently coax her awake, he was thrown and pinned against the nearest wall of the bedroom. He could feel her strength overpowering him and he was scared he wasn't going to survive her nightmare. His voice was his only defence so he called out her name. Her grasp on him tightened, but she didn't wake up so he shouted as loud as his throat would allow.

Suddenly she jolted awake and Dean dropped into a heap on the floor below where he'd been suspended with a groan. Christina frowned, "What are you doing over there?"

He coughed as he got to his feet, "You threw me in your sleep."

"What?" She asked groggily rubbing a hand over her face.

"I heard you scream out for Alastair to stop and the next thing I knew I was pinned against the wall."

The frown on her face held, "I haven't been able to do that since…" Then realisation hit her, "Since the last time I was pregnant." She sighed, "Maybe I gave Alastair too much credit. Maybe he didn't do anything to me and all this stuff is a result of carrying this baby."

Dean climbed on the bed beside her and reached for her hand, "Then we may have a problem because I'm getting the feeling that the baby doesn't like me."

"The baby likes you fine. I think it was the dream about Alastair that made it manifest my powers. It was nothing personal."

"Let's hope not because I really want to live to see my next birthday."

"I guess the fear of Alastair just brought out my telekinesis. I don't actually think the baby's got it in for you."

Suddenly a vision hit her. She grabbed her head with a blood curdling scream as she dropped back on the bed. Her eyes rolled back in her sockets and her body convulsed repeatedly as the images started to play.

Finally managing to beat through the door, Dean rushed inside and headed toward Ruby. Without thinking Sam grabbed her arms from behind and held her still as Dean plunged her own knife into her gut. Her insides flashed as the demon inside the body took its last breath. Then she was dead.

= X =

Sam turned over in bed to find Jessica lying beside him. He knew he was dreaming, but he didn't care. Jessica always made him remember a time when he wasn't hunting. She was home to him.

She turned toward him, "So, this is your life now?" She reached up to stroke the left side of his face with her hand. "Think you can just live forever with your head buried in the sand?"

"I love you Jess." He said with a sigh before removing the sheets and sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to her. She sat up, giving him all her attention. "God knows how much I miss you too. But you're wrong. People can change. There is reason for hope."

She reached forward and brushed some of his hair over his ear, "No Sam, there isn't." She said. But as she paused for breath, her face manifested and she wasn't Jessica anymore.

"How can you be so sure?" Sam asked, not seeing the change.

"Because you freed me." The man now sat in place of his deceased girlfriend responded.

Sam looked over his shoulder when the voice he knew didn't match the one that met his ears and got to his feet, keeping his eyes on the stranger as he backed away from the bed.

"That's right." The man said, shuffling to the edge of the bed but staying seated. "You know who I am?"

"Lucifer." He snarled.

"You are a hard one to find Sam, harder than most humans. I don't suppose you'd tell me where you are."

"What do you want with me?" He asked with hatred in his voice.

"Thanks to you I walk the earth. I wanna give you a gift. I wanna give you everything."

"I don't want anything from you."

"I'm so sorry Sam, I really am, but Nick here is just an improvisation – plan B. He can barely contain me without spontaneously combusting."

"What are you talking about?"

Lucifer got to his feet and took a step toward him, "Why do you think you were in that chapel?" He asked taking a few more steps. "You're the one Sam. You're my vessel. My true vessel."

= X =

"Sammy, can you hear me?" Dean asked as he stood next to him in the middle of nowhere.

His brother turned to him with a stern look on his face, "You know, I tried to be nice, for Sammy's sake." He said stepping forward and grabbing Dean's jacket lapel. "But you are such a pain in my ass."

Sam threw his older sibling at the windscreen of the Impala and it fractured beneath the force. Dean groaned in pain as his brother made a move toward him. A shot rang out in the wilderness as it penetrated the right shoulder blade of the 6' 4" stature causing him to turn to face where the bullet had come from and was faced with Bobby as he pulled back the hammer on the gun and shot again, this time piercing just below his heart.

The substitute father for the Winchesters lowered the gun and Sam glanced down at the bullet wound before cutting his eyes back at the man that had put it there. Bobby exchanged a look with Dean but that was all as Sam raised his hand and flicked his wrist. The snap of Bobby's neck echoed through the woods as he dropped to the ground and Dean screamed out his protest.

= X =

Dean paced back and forth at the bedroom doorway with his phone pressed against his ear, "C'mon Bobby." He willed him to answer. But as the ring the other end cut to voicemail he hung up and tried again.

"Hello." A groggy Bobby greeted him.

"Bobby, thank God. I've been trying to get a hold of you."

"Why? What happened?"

"It's CJ."

He didn't see him bolt upright in bed, "Is she OK?"

"I don't know. She had a nightmare. I snapped her out of it but now she's having a vision and she's not coming out of it."


"It's bad Bobby. This isn't like any of her other visions. She's convulsing and her eyes are rolled back in her head." He stopped pacing and looked over at her lying on the bed. "It's been ten minutes and she's still going. What if she doesn't snap out of it?"

"I'll be right there." He said hanging up.

= X =

As Sam repeatedly punched his brother in the face, he caught sight of the toy soldier in the ashtray of the Impala and he stopped hitting. The memory of him and Dean as boys playing in the backseat flashed before his eyes as well as so many other memories they'd had along the way. Then the images stopped on one - his big brother holding him in a hug. Suddenly his fist relaxed and he released Dean as he stumbled backwards gasping for breath. He looked down at his brother with a look of horror etched on his features.

"It's OK Dean. It's gonna be OK." He assured him. "I got him."

= X =

Dean opened his eyes. It had been a year since Sam had jumped into Hell to save the world from Lucifer and he'd made a promise to live some normal apple pie life with Christina and their son. He had kept his promise not to look for a way to bring Sam back and get on with normal as best as he could. He was awake a minute before the alarm started to ring out throughout the bedroom and hit the button to stop it almost as soon as it had started. Christina groaned as she was startled awake and turned toward him as he lay staring up at the ceiling.

"Are you OK?" She asked placing her hand on his chest.

He grabbed her hand and held it in his, "Yeah, I'm good."

Leaning forward she placed a kiss on his lips. "I better get DJ ready for school."

But he pulled her back, "No, you stay here. I'll give him breakfast." He said lifting himself off the mattress and kissing her as he climbed from beneath the sheets.

Suddenly a toddler came running in the room, "Mommy! Mommy! Get up."

The little girl caused Christina to smile, "Well, it looks like I'm getting up."

"I got her." Dean said lifting the girl into his arms. "Let's leave Mommy in bed for a little while."

"Can I have pancakes for breakfast Daddy?"

"You can have anything you want."

She grinned from ear to ear, "Then can I have a puppy?"

"We talked about this."

"But Daddy, you said I could have anything I wanted."

"A puppy is a big deal and you're not ready for that responsibility yet."

"Am too."

"Samantha Bobby Winchester." Her mother said.

"Uh-oh, Mommy used all my names. That means I'm in trouble."

Dean raised his eyebrows, "Then let's get you dressed and eating breakfast quickly." He said carrying the child out of the bedroom. "DJ, time to get up."

= X =

Christina walked into the kitchen and was met with the vision of her family sat around the table eating breakfast. It made her smile. It always did. Seeing them together and having a normal family life with Dean was exactly what she'd pictured it would be, even if his brother had to go to Hell for her to get it.

Dean saw her watching them and got up from his seat, "Hey, what are you doing up? I told you to stay in bed." He said taking the few steps toward her and giving her a kiss.

"Watching you at breakfast with our kids is the best part of my day." She said wrapping her arms around his neck.

He allowed her another kiss before he pulled away, "Then let me get you some breakfast."

= X =

Dean got out of the Impala and slammed the door closed behind him outside the school. He liked the routine he had of getting his kids ready for their day, dropping DJ at school and then fetching him at the end of his day. It was different to the life he had before. The life he had with Sam.

He walked up to the school gates and watched as DJ emerged from inside. With a smile he waved in his direction and the young boy ran over to him. Dean braced himself for the impact of his son jumping into his arms and his smile stayed on his face.

"Hey bubby, what did you do at school today?" He asked as he carried him back to his vehicle.

"We learned numbers. Today we counted to ten." DJ replied.

"Well, how about we get you home and you can show me and your Mom how to count that high."

"Yeah." The boy excitedly called out.

Dean bounced him in his arms, "Yeah."

= X=

Bobby rushed into the apartment using the key his daughter had cut for him not long after she'd moved in. "Dean!" He called out trying to find where he was.

Dean stepped into view from the bedroom, "Bobby, thank God." He said, leading the way back to Christina. "She still hasn't woken up."

"What triggered it?"

He frowned, "She doesn't have a trigger."

"Not usually. But she hasn't had a vision for months so something has had to set her off."

"I'm more worried that she's not coming out of it."

"Did you call Sam?"

Dean dropped his head, "No. We can deal with this."

The older man sighed, "You've got to forgive him at some point."


"You know you both said stuff you didn't mean…"

"Please, let's just deal with this before you start lecturing me on fixing things with my brother."

"Right, your brother, keep that in mind." He said sitting on the bed beside her and gently shaking her. "CJ, wake up baby."

Dean watched him and his brow furrowed again, "I've tried that. She's out of it."

Suddenly her father reached out and slapped her around the face, "Wake up!" He ordered her.

Her boyfriend was shocked, "Bobby!"

He stood and slapped her again, slightly harder than the time before, "CJ!"

"Stop it!"

"She needs to be snapped out of it."

"And your answer is to beat her?"

"I'm trying to shock her." He said slapping her again, "Come on. Wake up."

Dean grabbed him and pulled him away from her, "You can't do that. I'm sure you can't bring someone out of something like this by beating them out of it. We've just got to wait."

"We can't wait. We don't know how long she's going to be like this."

"But hitting her isn't going to bring her out of it any faster."

"You don't know that it won't."

"I know that it's unlikely."

"You a doctor now?"

"I just don't think hitting her around the head is going to help."

"Then why'd you call me here?"

He shrugged, "Moral support?"

= X =

Sam opened the double doors in the old run down house and entered the room with Dean following closely behind. He wasn't sure why they were there but he was sure his brother was about to clue him in. His confusion stayed etched on his brow as they reached a table at the back of the room. There were three people there.

The woman approached him, "Hey." She greeted him sticking out her hand in his direction.

Dean reached for it, "Hi."

Squinting, she leaned toward him a touch, "My God, you have delicate features for a hunter."

"Excuse me?" He asked, his brow furrowing deeper.

That's when Sam jumped in, "Dean, Gwen Campbell."

"Good to finally meet you, Sam's gone on and on."

"And this is Christian." He continued introducing the first male who gave him a two-fingered salute before pointing at the other. "And Mark." Dean raised his eyebrows as Sam added, "Campbell."

Christian leaned forward slightly and opened up his hand to greet the eldest brother. Dean took his hand with a perplexed, "Hi." But that's when he heard the surname repeat in his ears. "Campbell like…"

"Like your Mom." Christian confirmed.

Sam pointed at the man who'd just spoken, "Third cousin…" Then at Gwen. "Third cousin." And then at Mark. "Something something twice removed. They grew up in the life. Like Mom; like us."

Dean turned to his brother, "I thought all of Mom's relatives were gone." He paused. "And I'm sorry it's just, you know, why didn't we know about any of you."

"Because they didn't know about you." A voice to his right contributed.

Dean's eyes moved in the direction of the new addition to the room and he could barely believe the sight before him.

"Not until I brought you all together." He continued walking toward him.

"Samuel." He managed as his grandfather embraced him. But the Winchester broke the connection. Having travelled back in time to 1973, he'd seen Samuel die after being killed and possessed by the Yellow-Eyed demon so it just wasn't possible that what he was seeing was actually real.

His grandfather turned to the people in the room, "Guys, give me a second with my grandson's here please."

Everyone took their orders and left the room, leaving Samuel with Dean and Sam. "A lot of resurrections in your face today, it's alright, take a minute." The eldest man said to Dean.

"It's gonna take a little more than a minute." He stated. "I mean what the hell? How did this happen?"

"We're guessing whatever pulled Sam up pulled me down." Samuel was honest.

"So whatever this is we're both a part of it." Sam added.

"But you don't know what that is?" Dean asked still reeling.

"Bingo." Samuel countered.

"And you have no leads? Nothing?" His grandparent gave him a slight shake of the head. Dean turned away from both men in the room, "Well this is… uh." He ran a hand down his face and over his mouth trying to process the information he'd gotten since walking into the building. "There's no more doornails coming out of that door is there?"

"As far as we know it's Samuel and it's me." His brother answered.

Dean took a minute before he spoke again, "Am I the only one here that thinks that this can't all just be fine?"

"Believe me, you're not."

= X =

Bobby watched as the Winchester's walked out of the motel room and glanced at the hip flask he'd attached his spirit to. It had been his and Dean had adopted it as his own since his death so he'd been able to watch over the young men he loved like his own sons from beyond the grave. But he'd rushed from the room and forgotten it, leaving his behind.

It was hard to watch them living without his to turn to when they hit a brick wall on a case and needed help. It was ever harder to watch his daughter with his grand-children. She'd taken his death hard but he found comfort in the fact that she had Sam and Dean to help her through it. They were the support she needed to face each new day without him. They were the glue that kept her fighting to keep going when she didn't know why she should. They were all she had left now and he was so grateful that they all had each other to depend on. If he was snatched from existence completely he could go happy in the knowledge that they were all going to be OK.

Suddenly Dean walked back in through the door and seemed to look straight at him, "There you are." He said walking toward him and right at the point when Bobby expected a warm welcome, the young man reached past him for the flask.

"I'm right here, you idjit." The spirit cursed as the living man turned and walked right back out the room. "BALLS!"

= X =

Sam and Dean walked into the creepy old hotel to find Bobby sat on the floor. He gave them a greeting, thinking it would go unheard but was surprised when it didn't.

"Bobby." His name fell out of Dean's mouth before he had much chance to stop it.

The deceased man was taken aback, "Wait… you can see me?" He got to his feet but still neither of the Winchesters spoke, and he couldn't bring himself to find the words he'd wanted to say to each of them since he'd died. They stood in a stand off fashion for what felt like hours before Bobby actually mustered up something to say, "You're staring you know." He pointed out the obvious. "Annie's here too by the way."

"Hi Annie." They said simultaneously into the air not knowing where to look.

Bobby pointed over his right shoulder as the female greeted them back, "Hi guys."

"She says you both look uglier than she remembers." He jested, causing Annie to give him a playful nudge.

Sam exhaled quickly, "Bobby, how'd you stay here?"

"Yeah well um…" He started before going to a desk drawer, removing his hip flask and throwing it at its new owner.

= X =

Christina sat on the grass with her daughter, Sammy watching Dean and Sam throw the football around with their son. This had been the closest thing to normal they'd had since her father had died. She hadn't been up to much since she'd lost her Dad, despite Dean's best intentions to help her with her grief. The children kept her functioning while he worked a menial job at the local garage. All he knew was cars so mechanic seemed like the right path to take when he finally had to get a job to support his family. It was pretty much the same thing every day but he got weekends off and that suited him because it meant they got to spend time together as a family. It was important to Christina, and today was the first day she had stepped outside of the house they'd moved to before their second child had been born.

Dean glanced over as he fell to the floor and heard her laugh echo off the wilderness surrounding them. He'd missed that sound and he was glad he was the one that brought it out in her. "Are you enjoying this?" He shouted across to her.

She smiled and nodded, "You're terrible at sport." She shouted back.

He got to his feet and brushed himself off, "I'd like to see you do any better."

"Oh no, I'm much better with spirits and demons. But at least I admit it."

= X =

Dean paced the bedroom impatiently and glanced over at Christina lying on their bed intermittently. She'd been in the same stagnated state for an hour now and showed no signs of coming out of it. He'd been worried about her forty minutes ago, by now he was going out of his mind. He had no idea if she was going to snap out of it because her visions had never had this affect on her before. Usually she came out of it in minutes, so this was new. He had no idea what to do to help her, and it wasn't like he had many options.

"Maybe we should take her to the hospital." He suggested to her father.

"And tell them what?" He countered.

"No idea. But maybe they can help her."

"And how exactly do you suppose we explain this?"

"I don't know, but I can't just sit here. I need to do something."

"Waiting was your suggestion."

"Now I'm done waiting. It's been too long Bobby, something isn't right."

Her father sighed, "I'll get the boy. You get CJ." He said removing himself from the room.

Dean stood over his girlfriend's body and took a few deep breaths. He had no idea if taking her to the hospital was the right move to make, but he had to try something and he couldn't think of anything else. As he bent down to scoop her up in his arms, her eyes shot open and she lunged into an upright position gasping for breath.

"Bobby!" He called out. "She's awake."

= X =

Dean walked back into the lounge with a glass of water and passed it to his girlfriend, who was sat on the couch. They'd given her time to adjust to consciousness but both of them were curious to know what she'd seen during her vision.

She took a sip from the tumbler and rubbed her brow, "I feel like I was hit by a truck. How long was I out?"

"About an hour." Her boyfriend answered.

"Did I hit my face on something because it feels like my cheek is bruised to hell?" She asked with a frown as she rubbed it.

Dean looked at her father, who was sat next to her, "No. That was your Dad's idea of snapping you out of it."

But she didn't react to the information instead she was trying to make sense of everything she'd seen; "We had a house." She said, before she looked up at her partner. "You were a mechanic."

He raised his eyebrows, "A mechanic?"

"Yeah, and we were normal."

"That's it? That's all you saw?" Her father asked.

"No. Um, I saw Dean kill Ruby."

Dean smiled, "Hallelujah."

"Uh, Lucifer was free and he told Sam he was his vessel." Suddenly she sucked in a breath. "He killed…" Slowly her eyes shifted to Bobby. "Sam snaps your neck." She looked back at her boyfriend. "Why would he do that?"

Dean shrugged, "No idea."

"Wait." She said with a shake of her head. "He wasn't Sam, he was Lucifer." She frowned to try and clarify what she'd actually seen in her vision. "He jumps into Hell, but he comes back."

"Lucifer?" Bobby asked.

"No, Sam… and your granddad is alive."

"Samuel?" Dean asked wearing a frown of his own.

"Maybe I'm broken because none of this makes sense. None of this can actually happen. I mean none of its possible, right?" She asked with panic in her voice and tears in her eyes.

"I guess we won't know unless it happens." He said with a sympathetic softness as he sat next to her and grabbed her hand. "Tell me what you saw of our life together."

"I'm going to leave you two to talk." Bobby said getting to his feet and bending down to kiss her on her forehead, "I'm glad you're awake. I'll see you in the morning."