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Conspiracy in the Classroom

Hermione Granger, part of the Golden Trio, decided to complete her seventh year at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And with a fair amount of bossing, cajoling, and finally bringing out a little bit of bribery against her two best friends, she convinced them to attend as well.

But now, the professor had gone too far. While before, the potions master had favored Slytherin, it was no holds barred for any house , and he was especially cruel to both Slytherin and Gryffindor. You would think with his freedom from the Dark Lord, he would lighten up.

Not! It was like throwing gasoline on a fire. The bat of the dungeons was out to get anyone, no matter what. It was after he evensio'd a perfect potion and giving her a failing grade that she decided enough was enough.

She entered the Great Hall and sat down next to Harry and Ron in a huff. She started cursing the potions master in a most colorful way.

"That son of a bitch!" she seethed "Damn that mother…."

"Whoa Hermione!" Harry replied as he put his arm around her. "Who got your knickers in a twist today?"

"Professor Snape that's who!" She sniffed. "You both saw that my potion was perfect. Then he went on about the "Oh, Gryffindor!" line of bullshit!" I am of age now, and I am not going to put up with it any longer!"

Ron thought a moment. "Hermione, you need a good grades in Potions if you ever hope to apprentice in it."" Ron stated in an afterthought "You are still a student, even if of age. You always admonished us for referring to him in any way except professor"

"Things change! Besides If Snape keeps giving me failing grades, how can I accomplish it? I swear that wizard has a vendetta against me for some reason." She had a sinking feeling that is was because she saved his life after that dreadful snake bit him. She couldn't help it, she loved him. No one knew except for him and her.

She glanced up at the head table, and noticed Snape smirking down at her. That was the final straw! It was time for a change.

The professor pulled from her mind as she turned away. So, she loved him. He suspected her of having some feelings for him, and that was why he kept at her, to push him away. Her future was better of without him in it.

"Hermione…" Ron stated " You have always told us to be respectful towards him, and now you are calling the kettle black!"

"I know." She sighed. "I always hoped there would be redemption when he was freed of his two masters" vaguely referring to Dumbledore and Voldemort. Still Harry and Ron caught on.

She glanced over at the Slytherin table. Out of the four houses, they were just as abused, if not more along with Gryffindor. There were very few 7th years in Salazaar's house. The war was not kind on them, as most fought along side the Dark Lord and died.

Hermione noticed Draco Malfoy stood up to leave. She knew he had a free period, and was more than likely headed up to the Head Boy/Girl chambers.

"Excuse me, boys. I just remembered a detail I needed to discuss with the Head Boy." She quickly departed.

Harry and Ron rolled their eyes. They knew Hermione was up to something.


Hermione entered her and Draco's chambers and sat down to observed Draco silently. He had changed much after the battle, never referring to her as a mudblood. Of course he was now a Lord, as both his parents had fallen during the battle while he chose to fight for the Light.

"What is it Hermione?" questioned Draco. "Or am I just window dressing to be admired?" He smirked as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"Actually, it is about Professor Snape……"

"Really?" He drawled.

"You are as abused as I am in your potions grade, and I think it is high time for a change!"

"I see your eyes Granger, and you have a plan to resolve this? I 'm all ears"

She quickly told him of her hastily made up plan.


Three weeks later…………………

Professor Snape stood up from his desk as his double 7th year Slytherin/Gryfifndor students entered the classroom. Since the war, he always looked forward to breaking them. And the best thing, his status prevented the little darlings from doing anything back. Life was good.

He noticed the looks amongst the students. They glanced sideways at one another. His spy senses were tingling. He noticed a unity among the snakes and lions. Ah, a conspiracy!

Sassy the house elf appeared with his normal goblet of juice and placed it on the table and disappeared.

He would get to the bottom of this.

"Class!" He snarled. "Please review yesterday's notes and prepare for a pop quiz! I feel you are lacking in studying! I will be right back with the test parchments."

The class rolled their eyes. Typical.

Proffessor Snape exited the classroom.

He went to his study and grabbed the magical mirror from his desk that was attuned to the potions classroom. He sat in his chair to see what would develop.

The students gathered around Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Draco.

Harry started. "I'm not sure this is a good idea, Hermione."

"Of course it is! Did you steal all of the antidote from Snape's stores?"

"Yes I did." Harry replied, "And it was not easy!"

"Malfoy?" She questioned.

"Of course! I had the easier assignment of breaking into the infirmary stores, way too easy, I might add!"

"Good!" Hermione replied as she pulled out a lilac colored potion in a vial. She unstoppered it and added her own hair. It went immediately clear and dumped the contents in Professor Snape's goblet.

"Now we wait!" She merrily replied, gesturing the students back to their places as a loud bang of the door announced the return of their dreaded potions master.

Professor Snape passed the parchments out and sat back down at his desk to observe his

students. He recognized the lust potion and immediately realized their plans. They were out to get him terminated.

He laughed inwardly. He had long developed an immunity towards lust and love potions while in the service of the Dark Lord.

He made a big show of drinking from his goblet.

"I've changed my mid!" He bellowed. " Let us discuss the slipping of potions to unsuspecting witches and wizards, and the consequences."

Draco looked worriedly toward Hermione. He knew his godfather well enough that the plot had been discovered.

Snape whispered a heating charm on his body to simulate the flushed looks of the potion. He then grabbed a chair and placed it down next to Miss Granger and continued lecturing on the sentences of potions used on unsuspecting witches and wizards. He made a dramatic show of unbuttoning his high collar and looking pointedly at her. He heard a faint laughter amongst his students.

Soon, it was close to the bell. Professor Snape stood up and walked back to his desk, face still flushed. "Miss Granger! He snarled. "You will meet me after class." Hermione blushed as all sorts of pent up fantasies went through her mind.

The bell rang and he noticed her at her desk as her cohorts in crime slowly make it to the exit. As they got to the door, he flicked his wand and it slammed shut in front of them. He snarled at all of them to stand before his desk.

"Well, well, well" Professor Snape hissed. "I must admit that was an ingenious way to get me fired, setting me upon poor Miss Granger. Hand over the antidote that you stole."

Harry and Draco handed them back, looking down.

"Now, you have a choice. I just told you the consequences of poisoning an unsuspecting wizard…Silence!" He roared at Draco, Harry, and Ron's protest.

He sneered as he placed 4 goblets on his desk. "You will either drink this, or go to Azkaban. Your choice." He watched as the students downed the contents of their goblets.

Snape actually had a smile on his face. "My potion will work when you come in contact with the target. Now leave me!"

He pointed to Hermione "Stay a moment!"

The wizards left the room as Hermione stayed put, terrified in front of his desk.

Professor Snape approached her. "I'm impressed Miss Granger, inciting a unity between two house that could never do it." He leaned down and brushed his lips on hers. "But if you desire me, approach me after graduation. You will find me much more open then."

He then snarled at her to get out of his presence. Gryffindors should never try Slytherin tactics.


Madam Pomfrey was at her wits end. Someone had slipped four unsuspecting students a targeted lust potion, and all of her antidote was missing.

She rushed down to the dungeons to ask Professor Snape for help.

He made a show of his stores closet and announced his was gone as well. "Poppy, who are the students? Severus inquired.

The medi witch replied "Miss Granger to Hagrid, Mr Potter to McGonagal, Mr Malfoy to Filch and Mr. Weasley to Professor Flitwick. It really has upset the balance of things." She moaned.

He tsked. "Poppy, only thing to do is to take the students to St Mungo's. It would take me three days to brew an antidote." He smirked. "And Merlin knows what would happen to the afflicted parties before then."

She sighed, as she exited his office, calling the house elves to help her in taking the students to St. Mungo's.

Professor Snape watched her exit. He could not wait for graduation.

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