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Conspiracy In The Classroom: Epilogue

Newly appointed Headmaster Snape walked the halls of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, making sure that everything was in order for the start of term tomorrow. Headmistress McGonnnagal had unexpectedly announced her retirement and the Board of Governor's selected him for her replacement.

He soon found himself in the Great Hall and looked it over and deemed it was acceptable. Snape pulled out his time piece and looked to it and noticed that it was close to the time for the first staff meeting of the year. He had asked who was selected to take over Potions but all Minerva would say that the person was highly qualified and would fill the role admirably. Snape demanded that she provide a list of the staff, but all she would say was a list would arrive in time for the start of term.

Suddenly an owl flew over and dropped a parchment at the table next to where he was standing and continued to fly away. He noticed the neat script of Minerva's hand-writing as he read the envelope.

"Staff Listing For The Term"

He picked up the envelope and hurried to the staff room, opening the envelope to read the contents as he walked. His hand froze on the handle of the door when his eyes locked on the name for potions academics.

"Potions: Potions Mistress Hermione Jane Granger"

Six Years Earlier……….

Professor Snape stood looking bored among his fellow staff members, suffering through yet another graduation. He smirked inwardly. Finally to be free of the Golden Trio! And maybe, just maybe he could put all that behind him now, last reminders of the Final Battle.

Head Girl Hermione Granger gently grasped Professor Snape's offered hand and looked knowingly into black obsidian eyes. "So it is graduation Professor Snape." She breathed.

Snape looked to her. "So it is Miss. Granger. I hope you look forward to your future. I have secured for you an apprenticeship to Gemelda Goss, top Potion's Mistress in the Wizarding world at this time. Accept it, or otherwise you will be holding the hands of Potter and Weasley for the rest of your life." He sneered to her.

Hermione looked to him and lightly laughed. "Thank you for the obtaining the apprenticeship Professor Snape. I will gladly accept and will see you later." She winked at him as she continued shaking the hands of the remaining professors.

And she did indeed visit him later and they had spent a night in passionate sex as she moaned that she could not get enough of him. It went rather well until she decided to come clean about the incident in Hagrid's hut.

He angrily kicked her out of his bed and forced her out into the hallway barely dressed. Hermione just looked to him and murmured that she would see him around some day.

He cursed. Out Slytherined by a Gryffindor! Once he got his anger in control, Snape had to chuckle. Only she could have done it.


Headmaster Snape pushed his memories back and entered the staff room, seeing the expectant eyes of his staff and began the meeting, looking into the nervous eyes of Professor Granger as he began the meeting.

He finished the staff meeting and addressed Professor Granger. "I am sure you remember the way to your classroom and to your chambers, Professor Granger?" Snape looked to her knowingly.

"Yes Headmaster, I am sure there will be no problems." Hermione meekly replied as she hurriedly left the room. She was not sure if he still held a grudge. After all, he had kicked her out into the halls practically naked on her graduation night. Still, it was worth it.

Snape watched as his newly appointed professor depart, eyes narrowed. He had some planning to do.


Headmaster Snape announced Professor Granger as the new potion's mistress and cheers sounded from across the hall during the opening speech of the Welcoming Feast. "Head Boy and Girl and the Seventh year Prefects will meet with me at my office after the Feast so that I can tell you what is expected of you." He nodded his head as the students politely clapped at the end of his speech.

Soon the Welcoming feast was completed and the Head Boy and girl and Prefects met him in his office. He gave the standard speech that Minerva had outlined for him and the students left to attend to their House. "Seventh Year Slytherin and Gryffindor Prefects, stay a moment." He commanded.


Hermione hurried down the halls to her classroom, late for her first Slytherin/Gryffindor Advanced Potion's class. She had been called to the Headmaster's office for a pep talk. God's, she helped defeat Voldemort for Circe's sake! And Snape giving a pep talk?!

Hermione remembered the volatile nature of Slytherin and Gryffindor combined together in a classroom. She entered her classroom warily and was pleasantly surprised that the snakes and lions were mixed together. Maybe things had changed after all.

"Welcome to Advanced Potions." Hermione greeted the students. She took a sip of pumpkin juice that was at her desk, silently thanking the attentiveness of the house elves as she pointed her wand at the chalkboard, listing the ingredients of the Skele-Grow potion. Quidditch season was beginning soon and she wanted a starting stock and assess her students. "Complete this so I can evaluate whether you should be in this class or not." Hermione watched them intently as the class began to brew. It was the perfect potion as it required more than the basic skills of a brewer.

Headmaster Snape stood outside Professor Granger's classroom looking into the charmed mirror, watching for the perfect time to make his entrance. It looked like Professor Granger was using up the last minutes of her class by having a question and answer session while sipping out of her goblet.

He quietly entered his old classroom as he slipped his mirror into his robes and sat at the rear of the classroom as Hermione turned to her desk to hand out a syllabus listing what they would cover until the holiday break. "Class, this is what I expect you to know. I advise you to study it well for you will be……" She stopped, noticing the Headmaster sitting at the rear of her class and felt the strongest lust she had ever experienced surge within her as his eyes met hers.

"Headmaster, what a pleasant surprise." She spoke in her normal voice. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Continue Professor Granger. I always check on new staff after their first class."

"Thank you Headmaster." She replied as she silently reminded herself "I can fight this, I am no longer a hormonal teenager!"

Hermione finished handing out her syllabus. "As I was saying, you will be tested extensively on this just before you depart for the Christmas break."

Hermione sat back down at her desk, eyeing her empty goblet. She then realized that Snape had held a grudge after all. She looked to her students and noticed the Gryffindor and Slytherin Prefects looking at her with more than a casual interest.

The bell rang and Hermione called out. "You will find that I can be even more of a taskmaster then your previous professor if you push me. Class dismissed! Mr. Greengrass, Mr. Finnigan, a word please!" She called out.

The two students looked at one another as they remained at their table and then glanced back to the Headmaster.

Hermione watched as the students left her class, followed by the Headmaster. She looked to Mr. Finigan and silently used Legilemens on him, rules be damned. Ah, so the Headmaster promised points to them to spike her juice. How very Slytherin of him!

"You know, I could call the Aurours now and get you sent to Azkaban." She casually told them.

"Professor Granger, the Headmaster assured us that the potion was harmless and that you would understand!" Mr. Finnigan quickly told her as he looked up to her hopefully as Mr. Greengrass elbowed him.

"You are lucky that I do understand but you should know better. It would be useless to take points away from you as I am sure that they would just be gained back. So, you will have detention with me on the day of your first Hogsmeade visit!" She snarled at them, frustrated that the tables had been turned on her and that she was at the receiving end of a lust potion given by students. "Now go before I change my mind about calling the Aurours!"

The students hurriedly left the classroom, glad to be let off with a detention and not Azkaban.

Hermione walked to her stores knowing that the antidote would be missing. She sighed as she noted that it was indeed missing. Thankfully her second period was free as she plopped down on the chair at her desk, mind racing. She did not bother to contact Madame Pomphrey as she was sure her antidote was missing as well.

Professor Granger was a mature witch, and the thoughts that raced within her mind involving a certain Headmaster reflected it. She suddenly stood up and went to her chambers, hoping that she could tame the lust on her own.


Headmaster Snape walked to dinner, amazed at the control of Professor Granger. She did not exhibit any signs of being under a lust potion and had managed to teach all of her classes without any problems. He sat down at the Headmaster's chair and smirked. He was going to turn up the heat with Professor Granger.

Hermione entered the Great Hall and looked to the Head Table, noticing the only free spot was next to the Headmaster. Fuck all! She thought to herself as she sat down beside him.

Snape looked to her. "Professor Granger, how did your first day go?" He asked her.

Hermione silently cursed as she became wet at the deep timbre of his voice. "Very well Headmaster." She answered in the brightest schoolgirl voice that she could muster, knowing that it irritated him when she was a student. "Shame though that I had to give detention to the Seventh year Prefects in my first class. It seemed that they were ill advised about when they should administer potions without consent. I quickly corrected them on that matter." She told him.

"Well done Professor Granger! I remember giving the same speech six years ago to certain students. Potions can be so trying at times." He dryly remarked as he discreetly placed his hand on her thigh.

Bastard! She thought as she jumped at his touch. She silently tried to remember that she was not a hormonal teenager.

Snape leaned over and whispered into her ear. "That concoction you drank was specifically designed at Voldemort's order. There is only one cure Professor Granger, and that is me. No other antidote will work." He chuckled to her as he began to eat.

Hermione suddenly stood up and left the Great hall as her fellow professors watched her depart.

"First day stress for our new professor." He absently replied to his staff noticing their questioning looks as he continued to eat. The other professors nodded in understanding, remembering their first day of classes.

He finished his meal and stood up. "I believe I will visit Professor Granger and see if she is well. She will need a mentor to ease her transition into her role as a professor. Please discuss it amongst yourselves and let me know who will be fulfilling that role." Nodding to his staff as he left.

He walked down to his old chambers, acknowledging the greetings from the students as he passed them. He chuckled inwardly. Just a few years ago he would have never said a word. But being a Headmaster, it was expected.

Snape knocked on Professor Granger's door and it opened revealing a very flushed Hermione Granger. "Headmaster, please come in." She sweetly asked him as she desperately fought within herself to keep the lust in check.

"A drink, Headmaster?" She politely asked as she indicated he should sit down at one of the chairs placed in her study.

"I doubt that someone as "innocent" as you would have a decent fire whiskey in her study." He told her with a mocking tone.

She snorted as she poured two tumblers with a generous portion and handed one to Snape. "I am not the girl you remember Snape."

He conceded the point. "No Professor Granger you certainly are not." Snape looked over her. She had filled out nicely over the years growing into her womanhood.

Hermione sat down in the chair next to his and sipped her fire whiskey, focusing on the middle buttons of his robe, not daring to look into his eyes, for that would be her undoing. "Why, after all these years?"

Snape looked to her and genuinely chuckled. Gods he missed the cat and mouse games of old times!

"Because Professor Granger you used me for your own aims under an illusion that you were under a lust potion. I admit that I was never going to let anything happen to you as I wanted you for my own." He looked to her appraisingly. "That is why I selected Hagrid for you. He would run before he did anything remotely immoral. But then, you had to let me know that you bested me. I have had years to think about it, and I think that it is fitting justice that you succumb to the lust that your friends did. It satisfies my Slytherin morals."

He grinned evilly at her. "Besides, Mr. Potter still visits Minerva and Mr. Malfoy still visits Mr. Filch from time to time."

"But they are married!" Hermione protested.

Snape ignored her remark as he continued on. "Voldemort used this potion to get witches immediately under his control for his more baser acts. None ever fought the lust. I wonder how long you will last professor?" He mocked her.

Hermione looked to him in defiance. "I will fight this! Imbibed potions decrease in efficiency over time. I will just ride it out." She stated

Snape finished his drink and sat the glass down on the table. "Of that I have no doubt Gryffindor." He stood up to leave. "Unlike six years ago, the potion I gave you makes the lust grows stronger and stronger until it obsesses you. It increases over time. I give you one week."

He walked to the door. "Once we get this revenge business out of the way, I am sure we will have a very amicable relationship and be able to pursue what was started six years ago." Snape walked to the door and turned to her. "Try not to satisfy yourself Professor Granger, as that only makes it worse. The password to my office is "The Little Death"." He chuckled as he heard her growl of frustration as he left her chambers.

Hermione sat back down in her chair and sighed. She had not missed the meaning of the Headmaster's password.


Nine days later Hermione stood in front of the gargoyle that that led to the Headmaster's office. She cursed. It was what Snape had said. The last two days she had been unfocused and six second years had to be rushed to the hospital ward to recover from cauldron explosions. She could not afford to fight the lust any longer.

Hermione gathered her courage and stated "The Little Death!" The gargoyle leaping aside to admit her entrance. She climbed the stairs and walked into Headmaster Snape's office.

"Professor Granger…." Snape silkily replied. "How may I help you so late at night? Surely you could have waited for a more reasonable time to address me?" He asked.

She looked pointedly at the portraits in the office pretending to sleep and looked back to him.

Snape rose up from his desk and walked over to the door of his chambers and opened it. "After you, Professor Granger."

He followed her inside as he removed his outer robes and sat on his bed. "Come to me Professor Granger." He commanded.

"It's Hermione." She breathlessly replied as she walked to him.

"So it is Hermione." Snape chuckled as she next to him. He divesto'ed their clothes as he took her up into his arms. "I remember six years ago Hermione, and while I know you are under the effects of a lust potion I assure you that you will be screaming my given name when I am through with you. And you will scream it again after the lust potion wears off, of that I am sure. "

"Don't impress yourself Snape." Hermione spat at him. " I am only here…"

Snape pushed her down onto his bed and growled "Less talking and more action Professor!" Silencing her words with a kiss, running his hands over her body.

Hermione moaned as she finally succumbbed to the lust and allowed Snape to have his way with her.

Several hours later they looked to each other completely sated. "You are not the teenager that I remember Hermione." He told her as he wrapped his arms around her, feeling the heat from her body. Snape looked at her and smirked. "I told you that would be shouting my given name after the lust potion wore off."

"Yes Severus, and I am glad that you have fulfilled your Slytherin sense of morals. Unfortunate for you as now my Gryffindor sense of justice is kicking in. I would be wary for the next few weeks if I were you." She replied with a light chuckle.

He grumbled as he pulled her tight against him. "I hope that this is a beginning of an amicable relationship Professor Granger?"

"Amicable and more if you allow it Headmaster Snape," Hermione sleepily replied as she moved closer against him.

Severus looked to her, sure that she was plotting her revenge. The witch would definitely keep him wary. He could finally begin to live his life on his own terms, and he was sure that Hermione would be up to the challenge.